The Beckwiths

Transcriber’s Notes:

Posting this copy of “The Beckwiths”, a genealogical book from 1891 by Paul Beckwith. The book documents a detailed genealogical record of descendants of the Beckwith (originally “de Malebisse”) male lineage from England to America.

I would note that like any large genealogical projects there is the high likelihood of inaccuracies in some parts of the book. However, after carefully reviewing the content, it is my belief that Paul’s intention was sincere and the book is an accurate document of what he believed to be true.

The main doubt I have is with respect to the assertion that the progenitor of the lineage, Hugh de Malebisse, who was alive at the time of the Domesday book in the year 1066. While it seems likely this person existing and was indeed the likely progenitor, the author implies that de Malebisse granted lands as part of the invasion of England by William the Conqueror. To date, I have found no evidence of that, so I would tend to believe that its possible de Malebisse was simply a land owner in York for any number of possible reasons.

Additionally I have personally found no evidence of de Malebisse / Malbis / Maltby (or similar) in the archive of the Domesday Book itself, however this could be due to my lack of ability to read ancient English text 🙂 I have however seen reference to the de Malebisse lineage an several other books on English lineages.

The text below is transcribed from the online Yale archive of the book. Originally converted via OCR and scrubbed for OCR errors and formatting by me. This book, being published over 96 years ago, is public domain, meaning the material is free to copy and use with out restriction.

Note: the text below is incomplete – I am still working on the Appendix section which includes the “Roll of Honor”, passages from source material and an Index. Once complete I plan to make this available in e-reader format for kindle etc, for easier consumption.

– Matt Schardt

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There are but two biographers who can tell the story of a man’s life. One, the person himself, the other, the Recording Angel. The autobiographer cannot be trusted to tell all the truth, though he may tell nothing but the truth, and the Recording Angel never allows his book to leave his own hands.








In thanking those who have so kindly responded to my letters of inquiry, I would say that I shall continue the “History of the American Beckwiths,” and to that end request that I may be informed of all genealogical events that may take place in your families. Also I request biographical sketches of yourselves, your parents, grandparents, etc.



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Obverse, the area filled with planetary characters with this inscription, “In Deo confideo revertentur inimici meo retrosum.” Reverse, these symbols and in conjunction in with the inscription “A pavis inimici custodi vitam meam oh tu Jehova.” (Ducatus Leodensis, Thursby).




Ar. a chevron gu. fretty or., between 3 hinds’ heads erased, of the second. On a chief engrailled gu. a saltier engrailled between 2 roses or, in pale, and on a chief joined to the dexter and sinister sides a demy fleur-de-lis paleways or.


Sa. on a chevron az. between 3 griffens’ heads erased or. a boar’s head couped, between 2 pheons gu.

Aldborough in Yorkshire.

Ar. a chevron, between 3 hinds’ heads erased gu.


Trimden in Durham.

Ar. a chevron between 3 hinds’ heads couped gu.

Clynton in Yorkshire.

Or. on a fess az. 3 fleur-des-lis of the field.



Beckwith or Bickwith. A stag’s head erased.

Beckwith. An antelope ppr.

Beckwith. William of Thurcroft in York, and Trimden in Durham. An antelope ppr. in mouth a branch vert. Motto “Jouir en bien.”

Beckwith. A dove az. in mouth 3 ears of wheat vert, all ppr.

Beckwith of Durham. A roebuck’s head couped sa.

Beckwith of Aldborough, York and Durham. A stag’s head couped sa.

Beckwdth of York. A stag’s head quarterly per fess, indented or. and gu.

Beckwith of York. A stag’s ” head quarterly per fess, indented or. and az.

Beckwith or Beckworth of York. An eagle’s head or. depressed with two bends vert, wings one arg., the other gu.





The Beckwiths.




“Sir Hugh de Malebisse, held lands, time of William the Conqueror,” is all that Domesday Book tells us of this valiant old Norman knight, for valiant he must have been, or few broad acres would he have possessed in those days, when men encased themselves in iron shells, and struck hard with sword, lance and club. When arms and armor hung conveniently near, for outside one’s own castle gate there generally was a chance for blows; and if we would know the men of those days we must look for them under helmet and shield, founders of a feudalism felt even unto our day. Their lands, acquired at the sword’s point, were held only as a price of valor in the service of their sovereign.

At the time of the invasion England, the Normans had lost all traces in language and manners of their northern or Danish origin, and though but little love existed between them and their French neighbors, still it was in Normandy that the French language had acquired its greatest polish and elegance. As the more essential attributes of body and mind are not so easily shaken off as language and conventional manners, the Normans were distinguished from the other natives of France by their stature, fair complexion, abstemiousness and moral qualities; we can, therefore, well imagine Sir Hugh, tall of stature and fair of complexion, a type that distinguishes so many of his descendants even unto our day, as he stood in 1066 upon the shores of England, eight hundred and twenty-four years ago, and with his warrior companions, vowed by the aid of Madame St. Mary (the patroness of Norman chivalry) to carve with his good sword an Earldom or a narrow resting place, which even England could not refuse her valiant invaders.

Toward the end of the eleventh century, wild times as they were, a glimpse of an approaching civilization was seen in the erection by the nobles of frowning castles and costly abbeys. William the Conqueror, who with a single frown made England tremble, rebuilt at his own expense, the superb Abbey of Jumieges, where the Cleric found learning and the poor man bread, on condition that the church should be under the invocation of the Mother of God. He assisted in person, with the Duchess Matilda, all his great Norman Barons and their retinues, at the dedication July 1st, 1068, and who knows but that Sir Hugh may have been a spectator, and may have accompanied the Conquer some years later when he crossed the Sea to Normandy, in order to be present at the dedication of the Church of “Our Lady of Bayeau.” It was at this time, probably, that the Duchess Matilda paid homage to Saint Mary of Bayeau, by presenting that celebrated tapestry in which her patient needle had invoked the great epoch of the conquest of England. This drapery, ”embroidered with figures and inscription,” was hung the whole length “of the nave of the church,” says an inventory of the treasures of our Lady of Bayeau, drawn up in 1476. The tapestry of Bayeau enables us to see in battle and in camp these rough and rugged warriors, pioneers of a dawning civilization.

The work, even of the needle, was rude in those days, still we can see there the men who fought at Hastings, and here we find Sir Hugh, in a “leather coat of tough Bull hide,” covered with metal rings, sewn upon it, touching at their circumference, not interlaced, as in chain mail, for chain mail was as yet unknown. The coat and breeches one piece with a flap at the breast to admit the wearer, a casque of steel, gilded and painted, shoes and gloves of leather, legs protected by sheepskins fastened with leather straps, armed with an embossed shield bound with iron and covered with leather, upon which the arms were painted, a long spear and broad-bladed sword, and so appeared Sir Hugh, and his warrior companions.

Sir Hugh de Malebisse had three sons. Richard, the eldest, was witness to the charter of Albert de Rainville. Galfred, the youngest, willed all his lands to God, Madame St. Mary and the Monastery of Newbo, in 1142, and became the first Prior. Sir Hugh, the second son, married twice; through his second marriage he became Lord of Kynveton; his first wife, Emma, daughter of William de Percy, one of the great and powerful Norman barons (ancestor of Harry Hotspur). Sir Hugh lived in the reign of King Stephen, 1138, and had issue, four sons and one daughter, as follows: Hugo, Richard, Sir William, Sir Simon and Matilda. Hugo, the eldest, was Chief Justice of County York, and married twice; his second wife was Lady Beatrice, Lady of the Manor of Wykes, County Cambridge; she founded the Priory of Spinney, during the reign of Henry the Third, and died without issue, his lands passing to his brother, Richard de Malebisse, Lord of Ancaster, Knyveton and other estates. He lived during the time of Richard, the Lion Hearted, and possibly accompanied him to the Holy Land. He was Chief Forester of Galles, Derwent and Wonerdale; Chief Justice of County York during the fourth year of the reign of King John. In the second year of the reign of Richard the First, he paid 20 pounds to be Forester, as he had been in the time of King Henry. He paid, first year of King John, 5 pounds for the farm of Gueltres, and founded in 1198 the Monastery of Newbo, in Lincolnshire, of the Order of Praemonstatensis, and “gave to God, Madame St. Mary and the Abbey of Newbo,” of which his uncle Galfred was Prior, all his lands in the village of Newbo, with the Churches of Ancaster and Knyveton, and, also, other lands. He had three sons. Robertus, the eldest, whose line became extinct in the second generation; Richard, Lord of Beningworth, the youngest, died without issue; John, the second son, confirmed the grants his father, Richard, had received from Morton Grange to the Abbey of Newbo in the fourteenth year of the reign of King John.

John de Malebisse founded the de Malebisse branch of our family, which became extinct in the eleventh generation, on the marriage of Elizabeth de Malebisse to Adam Beckwith, Lord of Clint, in 1379.

The de Malebisse family, if we are to judge from munificent gifts to abbeys and monasteries, were wealthy and prominent, connected by marriage with many of the noble families of England. Many were High Sheriffs and Chief Justices, in those days offices of high importance, filled only by the more prominent nobles of the county. They were Lords of several manors or estates.

Sir Walter de Malebisse mortgaged his Manor of Scalton Castle to William Fairfax, on going to the Holy Land, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre, as was the habit of the nobles of those days, in fulfillment of certain vows; he made Richard Fairfax, son of William, his heir in case he did not return; this Richard Fairfax, son of William, married the daughter of Sir Thomas de Malebisse, brother of Sir Walter, and, as Richard Fairfax afterward appeared on the records of Yorkshire as seized of the lands and Castle of Scalton, it is to be presumed that Sir Walter never returned from his pious pilgrimage.

Sir Simon de Malebisse, Lord of Cowton in Craven, fourth son of Sir Hugo de Malebisse, married the daughter of John Lord de Methly. It was his son, Sir Hercules de Malebisse, who, in 1226, married Lady Dame Beckwdth Bruce, daughter of Sir William Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, which lordship and other lands he had inherited from his ancestor, Sir Robert Bruce, of Skelton Castle, the progenitor of the Royal Bruces of Scotland. It is from this marriage that we derive our name. Lady Beckwith Bruce possessed, by inheritance, an estate or manor of land called “Beckwith,” in the old Anglo-Saxon “Beckworth,” from ”Beck” a brook and “Worth” an estate. With a view, evidently, to the perpetuation of the name, required her husband, by a marriage contract dated 1226, to assume the name of Beckwith.

Sir Hercules de Malebisse was Lord of Cowton in Craven, inherited from his great-grandfather, Sir Hugh the Norman, Lord of Clint, and by his marriage with Lady Beckwith Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, and of the Manors of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw. He was succeeded by his son, Sir Hercules de Beckwith de Clint, who married the daughter of Sir John Ferrars, of Tamworth Castle, who by marriage into the House of Marmion inherited by tenure of the Castle of Tamworth the high office of Champion of England.

Hamon Beckwith, grandson of Sir Hercules, was seized of the Lordships of Clint and Uglebarby, and the Manors of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw, took upon himself the coat of arms of John Lord de Malebisse, in 1339, in proof of descent, presented to the Earl Marshall of England the marriage contract of his great-grandfather, Sir Hercules de Malebisse to the Lady Beckwith Bruce. The decision of the Earl Marshall, dated 1339, is still to be seen (1868) in the Herald’s Office. The marriage contract reads as follows:

“Be it known to all Nobles, where this present writing shall come, be seen, or heard; whereas Hamon Beckwith, son and heir of Nicholas Beckwith, was named by the Earl Marshall of England, by a process that was datied from the aforesaid Marshals Manor of Reayssing Castle, in the Connty of Norfolk, Jan. 18th, in the tenth year of our Sovereign Lord, the King, in the year of our Lord, 1339. That the said Hamon Beckwith, should usurp and take unto him a coat of arms, which was appertaining unto John Lord de Malebisse, for which better use by virtue of this process, we charge you, that you will appear at the new Mansion House of Saymore, before us and bring with you all such evidence and records of arms, that we may allow, grant, and set our hands to your teste and posterity forever, and also that your appearence will be the 14th day of October, next coming, in the aforesaid year above written. And the said Orator did appear at the said day appointed, and did bring with him such evidence, whereof one piece dated from the 10th year of Henry the 3rd., which was in the year of our Lord 1226, from one Hercules de Malbie, the son of Simon de Malbie, Knight, who married the Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce, one of the daughters of Sir William Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, and certain other lands in Pickering, that the said Hercules de Malbie, should change his name, or else his coat, and his posterity forever; and so it was what the said Hercules de Malbie changed his name from de Malbie to Beckwith, and did hold his coat, whereof I the said Earl Marshall Peter Mawlam, Lord od de Luke, Lord Chamberlain to our Sovereing Lord, King Edward 3rd, and Henry Lord Percy, Sir Robert Boynton, Knt., and Sir William Acton, did see and allow it in proof, and the said coat to be his own lineally descended, whereof we have our hands and seals, to the aforesaid teste, the day and year above written, in the presence of many.”

Sir Hamon Beckwith had numerous issue, three sons and four daughters. William, his heir, was seized of the Manors of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw, in the 38th year of the reign of King Edward the 3d, and married the daughter of Sir Girard Urfleet, Knight of Wighill, in Co. York, who commanded a Knight’s retinue at the battle of Agincourt in France. Of Thomas, the second son, nothing is now known; probably he died young. John, the fourth son of Hamon, purchased lands in Scough; his line became extinct in the next generation, on the marriage of his daughter Ann to George Rowdon, Esq., of Rowdon and other fair possessions. John Beckwith was a stout man-at-arms, and was with King Henry in his French wars; he was at the siege of Harfleur and at the battle of Agincourt, his name with those of other gentlemen, in the list of men-at-arms under Sir Girard Urfleet, at the battle of Agincourt. From the following document, this worthy scion of our family received 24 cents a day for his military services: “The awards to be made by King Henry, to those who are to accompany him into France, to serve one year, and that they should receive, every Duke 13sh. 4d., every Earl 6sh., 8d.; every Baron 4sh.; every Knight 3sh, a day if the voyage extended into France, every Esquire and man-at-arms (gentlemen who served under the orders of a Knight), was to receive for his wages, 12 pence (24 cents), and every archer 6 pence a day, and for every thirty men-at-arms, a reward of one hundred marks a quarter, and if the voyage extended to Guienne, each Duke, Earl and Baron, and Knight, was to receive as above, every man-at-arms forty marks, every archer twenty marks.” Doubtless this doughty warrior fought noble, and with the rest of the English army, before the battle of Agincourt, kneeling, asked the blessing of the Almighty on their arms, and stooping placed in their mouths a morsel of earth, in remembrance, it is conjectured, of their mortality, as a contemporary has it.

William Beckwith was succeeded by his son Thomas of Clint, in the fourth year of the reign of Richard the Second; he held the Manors of Magna Otringer and Huxley near Thursk, and married the daughter of John Sawley of Saxton. Thomas Beckwith was succeeded by his son Adam Beckwith of Clint, who married Elizabeth de Malebisse, and thus reunited the two branches of the Malebisse family, after a separation of over three hundred years. Sir William, the eldest son of Adam Beckwith, married a daughter of Sir John Baskerville, and was succeeded by his son Thomas Beckwith of Clint, who by marriage with the daughter and co-heiress of Wm. Haslerton, became Lord of the Manors of Filey, Muston and Thorp, which his wife had inherited from Havisia, the daughter and co-heiress of Ralph de Neville. Thomas Beckwith of Clint had five sons; Thomas, the eldest, and Adam, the fourth, died without issue. Sir William, Knight, of Clint, the second son, married twice; by his first wife, daughter of Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton, had issue, but his line became extinct in the next generation. Robert Beckwith, the fifth son. married the daughter of Lowenthorp of Lowenthorp, and was the founder of the greater portion of the Beckwith family in England. Many of his descendants have filled important public offices, and whose names figure prominently in the military, judicial and civil history of England; space will not allow a more extended reference to these branches of our family, other than to refer to the body of this work.

John Beckwith, third son of Thomas of Clint, married the daughter of Thomas Radcliff of Mulgrave, and was succeeded by his only son, Robert Beckwith of Broxholme, in the 8th year of the reign of Edward 4th. He, in his turn, was succeeded by an only son, John, who inherited the Manors of Clint and Thorp, and lived in the 8th year of the reign of King Edward the 4th; he left an only son, Robert Beckwith of Clint and Thorp, whose will was dated Oct. 16th, 1536. and proved Mch. 24th, 1537; he married Jennet and had issue. Robert, the eldest son, died young; Marmaduke of Dacre and Clint, the second son, sold the Manor of Clint that had been in the family since 1226, and bought the Manors of Featherstone and Acton, Yorkshire; he married twice; by his first wife, Ann, daughter of Dynley of Bramhope, had eleven children; Thomas, the eldest, inherited Acton and married Frances, daughter and heiress of William Frost of Acton; he had three sons, Thomas, the eldest, of Acton, to whom we will presently return; William, the second son, was baptized at Featherstone Castle in 1571, emigrated to America in 1607, landing at Jamestown, Va., with Captain John Smith from the ship “Phœnix;” he married in 1616, and had but the one son (and a daughter), Henry who was born about 1619, and who settled in Dorchester Co., Maryland, there founded a family, many of whose members have been prominent in the political, civil and military history of that county, and whose descendants are still living on the old homestead.

To return to Thomas Beckwith of Acton (son of Thomas), he married Barbara, daughter of John Millburn of Hinderskelf, Co. York; he had numerous issue; of Thomas his eldest son, his line became extinct in the second generation; of the next five children nothing is now known; his seventh son, George Beckwith, was baptized at Featherstone Mch. 29th, 1610, and emigrated to Maryland in the year 1648, in company with Secretary John Hatton and others. He landed at St. Marys. George Beckwith represented in the line of primogeniture the Beckwith family, as far as known, and the author of this work, in the line of primogeniture, is his last male descendent.

We must now return to Marmaduke Beckwith of Clint and Dacre, and find mention of Mathew Beckwith, who is possibly the Mathew Beckwith who is first recorded at Saybrook Point, Conn., in 1635, and the ancestor of by far the largest, numerically, of the American Beckwiths and whose descendants are to be found in every State of the Union, Canada and the Sandwich Islands.

We will return once more to Marmaduke Beckwith of Clint and Dacre, whose third son, Roger Beckwith of Northcot and Aldborough, married twice; by his second wife, Susannah, daughter of Brackenbury of Tellahay, he was succeeded by his son, Author Beckwith of Aldborough, a captain in the Parliamentary Army, killed 1642 in battle; his eldest son, Roger Beckwith, was knighted and created a Baronet of England by Charles the 2d in 1681. He married twice, and died in 1700; by his second wife Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Jennings, he had two sons; the second son, Marmaduke, emigrated to Virginia about the time of his father’s death, and eventually succeeded to the title; he was then living in Virginia.






“Sir Hugh De Malebisse, 1, held lands time with William the Conqueror,” is all that is now known of this valiant old knight. Born in Normandy as were all the followers of the Conqueror.

2. Richard de Malebisse was a witness to the charter of Albert de Rainville.

3. Hugo de Malebisse.

4. Galfred de Malebisse, who, in 1142, gave all his lands to the Monastery of Newbo and became the first Prior.


Hugo de Malebisse, 3, living in 1138; his will was proven in the third year of King Stephen; he married twice; his second wife was Maude, daughter of Knyveton of Knyveton, By his first wife Emma, daughter of William de Percy and Adalaid de Tonbridge, he had the following children:

5. Hugo de Malebisse, chief justice assizi County York; married twice; his first wife was Constancia; his second, Beatrice, Lady of the Manor of Wykes, Co, Cambridge; he founded the Priory of Spinney, during the reign of Henry the 3d, and died without issue.

6. Richard de Malebisse.

7. Sir William de Malebisse, built the chapel of Newbo 1215, was Lord of the Manor in 1206.

8. Sir Simon de Malebisse, Lord of Cowton in Craven.

9. Matilda de Malebisse; married Richard de Berri, Lord of Tolliston; they conferred grants to the Priory there, time of Henry 2d.


Richard de Malebisse, 6, lived time of Richard the 1st, was chief forester of Galles and Derwent and Wonerdale, chief justice assizi time of John the 4th; he founded the Monastery of Newbo, Lincoln Co., in 1198.

10. Robertus de Malebisse of Benningworth, had a son Ricardus, 13, who married Alicia, daughter of Sir Skipwith, knight, and died without issue.

11. John de Malebisse.

12. Richard de Malebisse de Beningworth.


John de Malebisse, 11, confirmed the grants his father Richard had from Morton Grange, to the Abbey of Newbo, in the year of the reign of King John the 4th.

14. William de Malebisse.


William de Malebisse, 14, gave lands to the Priory of Bridlington, 51st year of Henry 3d, He married Matilda, daughter and heiress of Ralph de Neville.

15. Richard de Malebisse, Richard de Malebisse, 15, of Miles, 15th year of Edward 2d.

16. John de Malebisse.


John, Lord de Malebisse, 16, de Miles, Vice-comes, Co, York, High Sheriff 1314, 8th year Edward 2d.

17. William de Malebisse, de Miles, living time Edward 3d, married daughter of John Lampson of Miles.

18. Margarette de Malebisse married Thomas Viscount Fairfax.

19. Walter de Malebisse, on going to the Holy Land, mortgaged Scalton Castle to William Fairfax, making Richard, his son, his heir, if he did not return. He probably died in Palestine.

20. Thomas de Malebisse.


Thomas de Malebisse de Miles, 20, de Ancaster-Malebisse, 38th year of Edward the 3d, married Mary, daughter of Francis Palmer, Esq, of Naburn.

21. Margaret de Malebisse, co-heiress, married Richard Fairfax.

22. Elizabeth de Malebisse, co-heiress; married, first, John Herringe, 38th year Edward 2d; for her second husband she married Adam Beckwith of Clint, in the 4th year of Richard 2d.


Sir Simon de Malebisse, 8, Lord of Cowton in Craven, married the daughter of John, Lord of Methley.

23. Sir Hercules de Malebisse.


Sir Hercules de Malebisse, 23, who changed his name to Beckwith, on his marriage in 1226, Lord of Uglebarby, by deed shown the Lord Marshall in 1339; he married Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce, daughter of Sir William Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, derived from Sir Robert Bruce, of Skelton in Cleveland, progenitor of the Royal Bruces of Scotland.

24. Sir Hercules Beckwith.


Sir Hercules Beckwith, 24, married daughter of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle.

25. Nicholas.


Nicholas Beckwith de Clint, 25, married the daughter of Sir John Chaworth.

26. Hamon.


Hamon Beckwith, 26, “who took upon him in 1339, coat of arms of John, Lord de Malebisse,” was seized of the Lordship of Clint, bounding on the north side of Niddjuxta, Hampswaite and of Uglebarby in Whitby Strand, Pickering and Roxby Manor of Beckwith and Beckwithshaw, 12th year of Edward 3d, 1339; he married the daughter of Sir Philip Tynley, Kt.

27. William.

28. Thomas.

29. John Beckwith of Scough; his line became extinct in the next generation.

30. _______; married Sir John Filliert, Knt.

31. _______; married Sir William Calthorp, Knt.

32. Anne; married William Treville.

33. _______; married William Constable.


William Beckwith, 27, seized of the Manor of Beckwithshaw, 38th year of Edward 3d, 1364, married a daughter of Sir Girard Urfleet.

34. Thomas.

35. Hercules; married daughter of William Walgrave.

36. John; married daughter of Sir John Ratcliff, Knt. of Cressell.


Thomas Beckwith, 34, of Clint and Manors of Magna Otrigen and Housley, near Thursby, 4, Richard 2d, which lands were holden of John Lord Mowbray, as his Manor of Thursk. He married the daughter of John Sawly of Saxton.

37. Adam.


Adam Beckwith de Clint, 37, married Elizabeth de Malebisse, 4, Richard 2d.

38. Sir William.

39. John.

40. Margaret; married Richard Hulse, Esq.

41. Anne; married John Chesney, Esq.

42. Amye; married John Lawton, Esq.


Sir William Beckwith, 38, de Clint, Knight, married the daughter of Sir John Baskerville.

43. Thomas.


Thomas Beckwith of Clint, 43, Lord of a one-third part of Fily, Muston and Thorp; he died 10th year of Henry 7th; he married the daughter and heiress of William Heslerton, heiress of a one-third part of the manors of Filey, Muston and Thorp, inherited from Havisia, daughter and heiress of Ralph Neville, above mentioned.

44. Thomas of Clint; married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ingleby, of Ripley; died without issue.

45. Sir William.

46. John.

47. Adam; married Amye, daughter of William Redman of Harewood Castle.

48. Robert.

49. Ellen; married J. Vavasour of Weston, Co, York.

50. Joan; married Falkner, Esq.


Sir William Beckwith, 45, of Clint; Knight in 1481; married twice; his second wife was the daughter of Sir John Rattcliff, K. G.; by his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Plumpton, he had the following children:

51. Thomas; died unmarried.

52. Jennet; married William Gascoigne of Laringcroft.


John Beckwith, 46, married the daughter of Thomas Radcliff of Mulgrave.

53. Thomas of Clint.

54. Robert of Broxholme.


Thomas Beckwith of Clint, 53, heir to his uncle, Sir William Beckwith of Clint, married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Pudsey of Bassford and Bolton, Richmondshire.

55. William of Clint.

56. Thomas of Clint; died before his nephew, Thomas; he married Elizabeth, daughter of W. Tyrell of South Ockinden, Co. Essex, and died without issue.

57. Henry.

58. Lambert.

59. Agabus.

60. Ambrose.

61. John.

62. _______.

63. _______.


William Beckwith of Clint, 55, married twice; his second wife was the daughter of Sir John Mallony of Studley; by his first wife, Anne, daughter of Sir John Lancaster of Co. Westmoreland, Knt., he had the following children:

64. Thomas of Clint.

65. William of Rawcliff.

66. Francis.

67. _______.

68. _______.


Thomas Beckwith of Clint, 64, was buried at Ripley, November 29th, 1575; he married twice; his second wife was Catherine, daughter of William Tancred of Borobridge; she was buried at Ripley, April 25th, 1598; will dated April 7th, 1598, His first wife was Maud, daughter of Brian Palmer of Lindsey, by whom he had the following children:

69. William of Clint:

70. Roger.

71. Francis; married Chas, Clapham of Beamley.

72. Elizabeth; married Hercules Clapham of Beamley.


William Beckwith of Clint, 69, commonly called ” Captain,” was buried at Ripley, March 6th, 1607; he married twice; by his first wife, Anne, daughter of William Tancred (sister of his father’s second wife), he had the following children, who all died young:

73. William.

74. Elizabeth.

75. Anne.


William Beckwith of Clint, 69; his second wife was Mary, daughter of Anthony Soloman, of Annersley Woodhouse, Notts Co., York; buried at Ripley, January 6th, 1601, by whom he had the following children:

76. Huntington of Clint; married daughter of Thomas Mesing of Mesing, Notts Co., York; he was buried at Ripley, August, 1655.

77. William; baptized at Ripley, March, 1583.

78. Henry; baptized at Ripley, May, 1583.

79. Catherine.

80. Isabell; baptized at Ripley, January, 1582.


William Beckwith of Rawcliff, 65; married Anne, daughter of Hugh Currer of Harightwaitwill; she died September 18th, 1611.

81. Francis.

82. Parmeno.

83. Catherine.

84. Elizabeth.

85. Ellen; living 1611.

86. Prudence.

87. Priscilla; living 1611.

88. Paulina; living 1611.


Francis Beckwith, 81; aged 20 in 1585; married Margarette.

89. William; living 1641; married daughter of Thomas Winchester.

90. Joseph of Rawcliff; married Mercy; his will was dated March 15th, 1641.


Robert Beckwith of Broxholme, 54; living in the eighth year of King Edward the Fourth.

91. John.


John Beckwith, 91, of Clint and Thorp; eighth year of Edward 4th.

92. Robert.


Robert Beckwith, 92, of Clint and Thorp; will dated October 6th, and proved March 24th, 1536; married Jennet.

93. Robert; died young.

94. Marmaduke.


Marmaduke Beckwith, 94, of Dacre and Clint; he sold his lands in Clint 1597, and bought Featherstone and Acton; his second wife was Ellen, widow of William Style of Haddockon, Co. York; by his first wife, Anne, daughter of Dynly of Bramhope, Co. York, he had the following children:

95. Thomas.

96. William.

97. Roger.

98. Symon of Pontefract; married at Featherstone, in 1585, to Catharine Austwicke of Pontefract; no children.

99. Jane; married John Thorp, 1635.

100. Alice; married Robert Bannister.

101. Grace; married John Norield.

102. Anne.

103. Mathew.

104. Catherine; married Pudsey of Barford.


Thomas Beckwith, 95, of Acton, married Frances, daughter and heiress of William Frost of Acton; he was buried at Acton.

105. Thomas of Acton.

106. William; baptized at Featherstone.

107. Marmaduke; baptized in 1573.

108. Alice; married Richard Nelson of Altoftes.


Thomas Beckwith, 105, of Acton, age 43 in 1612, buried at Featherstone, Jan. 12th, 1615; married Barbarra, daughter of John Milburn of Hinderskelf, buried at Featherstone in 1644.

109. Thomas of Acton.

110. John.

111. Henry; baptized 1606.

112. William; baptized at Featherstone in 1604.

113. Samuel; baptized 1605.

114. Richard; baptized 1609.

115. George.

116. Robert; baptized 1611; buried 1615.

117. Edward; baptized Feb. 6th, 1613.

118. Frances; married Ralph Rascine.

119. Mary; baptized 1596; married Ed. Ashton of Methley.

120. Jane; married J. Thorp.

121. Frances; baptized 1602; married Richard Foster.

122. Ellen; baptized 1607; died unmarried.


Thomas Beckwith, 109, of Acton, which he sold, was buried at Featherstone, in 1652. He married twice; by his first wife, Priscilla, who was buried at Featherstone, September 30th, 1638, he had the following child:

123. Priscilla; buried at Featherstone, March 8th, 1638.


Thomas Beckwith, 109, of Acton; his second marriage was with Muriele, daughter of William Wandersford of Pickhill.

124. Thomas; buried at Featherstone, July 30th, 1636; as he died unmarried, the elder line of the Beckwith family became extinct, and the line of primogeniture became invested in the next oldest branch, represented by his uncle, George Beckwith, No. 115.

125. Isabelle; married N. Fairfax, brother to Thomas Viscount Fairfax.

126. Barbara; married J. Lockwood of County York.


George Beckwith, 115, born at Featherstone Castle, Yorkshire; baptized there March 29th, 1606; he emigrated to Maryland in 1648; and was a merchant and planter at his manor of land called ” St. Joseph,” situated at Point Patience on the Patuxent river, Calvert County, Maryland, inherited by his wife from her father. He, with other Protestant gentlemen of Maryland, was a signer of a declaration commending the liberal administration of Lord Baltimore, in allowing the Protestants undisturbed worship of their religion. As a follower of Lord Baltimore’s party he participated in the battle of Ann Arundell; after their defeat, with the Catholic party took refuge in Virginia, where he remained two years, returning to Maryland in 1657. In 1676 he went to England on business, and falling ill, died in the city of London, November, 1676. Married Frances, daughter and heiress of Nicholas Hervy, Lord of the Manor of ” St. Joseph ” and member of the House of Burgesses, who emigrated to Maryland, from London, in 1641. She died, about the time of her husband’s death, at the manor home in Maryland, leaving their children all minors.

127. Mary; married John Miles of Calvert Co. previous to 1676.

128. Elizabeth; married Elias Nuttall of Calvert Co., previous to 1676.

129. Charles.

130. Barbara; a minor in 1676.

131. Margarette; a minor in 1676.


Charles Beckwith, 129, born in Calvert Co., Md., about 1669. Sold his Manor of St. Joseph’s in that county and bought a part of Hawley’s Manor, called “St. Jerome’s Manor” in St. Mary’s County. He finally settled in Prince George County, where he died September 18th, 1712. Married Anne, October 9th, 1702, who, after her husband’s death, married John Miller, a planter of that county, and died October 17th, 1746. On November 8th, 1746, John Miller renounced his right to administer on his wife’s estate, when, on the 20th of that month, letters of administration on her estate were granted to Basil and George Beckwith, with John and Gabriel Claggett, planters, as their sureties, in the sum of 500 pounds sterling.

132. Basil.

133. William.

134. George.


Basil Beckwith, 132, born in Prince George Co., April 9th, 1703; planter; married Volinda Claggett, October 7th, 1741; she died April 17th, 1798; she was the daughter of Jonathan Claggett, planter, son of Thomas Claggett of St. Leonard’s Creek, Md., who emigrated to Maryland in 1671; on his mother’s side he was descended from Sir Thomas Adams, Lord Mayor of London and a Cavalier of Charles the 2nd; on his father’s side he was descended from a Mayor of Canterbury.

135. John.

136. Anne; born in Montgomery Co., June 10th, 1748; married Charles Williams, and moved to Bullitt Co., Ky.

137. George; born in Prince George Co., September 26th, 1745; he was a captain in the Continental Army in 1776 in Col. Bailey’s Regiment; and was killed in battle.

138. Basil; born in Montgomery Co., April 4th, 1743; died in Frederick Co., Md., November, 1767; unmarried.


John Beckwith, 135; born in Prince George Co., Md., October 7th, 1752; planter; he enlisted in the Continental Army in 1776, serving until 1778; was sergeant in Post’s Company, Hazen’s Regiment; in 1800 he moved to Bullitt Co., Ky., where he purchased lands and became a farmer; he died there August 8th, 1825; he married Martha Williams of Prince George Co., Md., August 18th, 1773; she was a daughter of Joseph and Prudence Williams, who were born and married in Wales; emigrated to Maryland in 1740; she was sister to General Otho and Colonel Eliu Williams of the Continental Army.

139. Volinda; born in Prince George Co., Md., July 4th, 1774, and died in Bullitt Co., Ky.; she married the Hon. Ben. Summers, born in Montgomery Co., Md.; and moved to Bullitt Co., Ky., about 1800, was county clerk for many years. Children: George W., married Mariah Hill; Rufus K., married E. Carpenter; Martha S., married Mathew Wilson; Sarah E., married S. Bealmear; Frank, married L. C. Moremer; Mary, married Sam Williams; Patsy, married Abram Fry; Basil B., married Bettie Bealmear; Susan, married J. Sanders; John B., married A. Meerfield and J. Kirkpatrick.

140. Elianor; born in Prince George Co., Md., May 31st, 1776; she died of apoplexy at Nashville, Tenn., in 1826; she married Richard Winn of Nashville, son of Gen. Winn of the Continental Army; Richard Winn was elected to the National Congress, but died en-route to Washington City; her second husband was Anthony Foster, uncle of Ephraim Foster, Governor of Tennessee.

141. Basil Beckwith; born in Montgomery Co., Md., May, 1778; returning home to Ken tucky, on horseback, with gold and silver money in his saddle-bags, proceeds of the sale of a plantation in Maryland, was struck by lightning and killed.

142. Sarah; born in 1780; died unmarried in 1834.

143. John Williams.

144. Upton; born in Prince George, Md., June 8th, 1750; died at Louisville, Ky., December, 1818; married Betsey, daughter of Judge L. Laws; they had one child, Anne Uptonia, who married Mr. Reaugh of Louisville; her son, Upton B. Reaugh, was a colonel in the U. S. Volunteer Service, 1861 to 1865, and a prominent civil engineer; was living in Louisville in 1886.

145. Marthew; born in Montgomery Co., Md., August 27th, 1795; married Thomas Yeatman of Nashville, Tenn.; after her death he married a sister of Henry Irwin, son-in-law of Henry Clay, who married, after Yeatman’s death, John Bell, candidate to the Presidency of the United States.

146. Anne; born August 8th, 1788; died unmarried.


John Williams Beckwith, 143, born in Montgomery Co., Md., July 18th, 1781; planter; died at Shepardsville, Bullitt Co., Ky., October 23d, 1828; he married Floyd Smith, October 12th, 1808; she was born on Bears’ Grass Creek, near Louisville, in 1785, and died in Illinois in 1872; her father, Thomas Smith, was born in Virginia, of the line of Revolutionary Smiths of that State; his brother William was United States Senator from Alabama in 1816; her mother, Abigail Floyd, born in Virginia, was sister of Col. John Floyd, pioneer of Kentucky, whose son and, also, his grandsons, John and John B., were Governors of Virginia; the latter was Secretary of War in 1861, and afterward a Major-General in the Confederate Army; her grandmother, Abigail Davis, wife of William Floyd of Accomac Co., Va., was a descendant of Pocahontas; her brother, Samuel Davis, was grandfather of Jefferson Davis, President of the Southern States during the Rebellion.

147. Mary; married James Bucklin, a civil engineer, son of Simion Bucklin, the first mayor of Louisville; their children were James, a railroad official Having in Bristol, Ind.; Mary, who married George Keating, now a widow, living in Greencastle, Ind., with her daughter, Georgia.

148. Minerva, noted for her beauty; married Alfred Bullitt of Bullitt Co., Ky., son of William and nephew of Alexander Bullitt, who had several daughters; one married General Atkinson, U. S. Army, and after the General’s death, married Major Steward, U. S. Army; the second daughter, Diana, married General Phil Kearney, U. S. Army; and another daughter married the Count de Kanza, a Swedish nobleman, and is now living in Sweden, The children of Minerva and Alfred Bullitt were Mary, who married her cousin, Lewis Chouteau Smith of St, Louis, Mo.; William, who married Belle Luckett of St. Charles Co., Mo.; Ada, who married Dexter Crosby of St, Louis, Mo.

149. Frederick William.

150. Basil; born in Bullitt Co., Ky.; studied for the law; at the completion of his studies he went west, and was never heard from.


Frederick William Beckwith, 149, born in Shepardsville, Bullitt Co., Ky., October the 8th, 1813; studied for the Methodist ministry; owing to throat troubles he relinquished his studies and, in 1840, moved to St. Louis, Mo , where he engaged in business; he died there December 30th, 1854; he married Tullia Clementia Paul, May 5th, 1842; she was born in St. Louis, Mo., December 11th, 1821, and is now living in Washington, D. C.; daughter of Col. Réné Paul, son of Étiènne Paul, Admiral in the French Navy and Amélie, daughter of Sieur Massée, French Governor of the Island of St. Domingo; Col, Réné Paul was born on the Island of St Domingo, in 1783; during the negro insurrection his father and brother were massacred by the negroes; he escaped to France, where he was placed in the École Politechuique, at Paris; the year before graduation the students were removed, by order of the Emperor Napoleon, and given rank in the army; Col, Paul received the rank of captain of engineers, and rose to the rank of colonel of engineers; participated in the campaigns of Italy and Spain, though an engineer officer; was on board the Admiral’s vessel at the naval battle of Trafalgar, where he was severely wounded; upon recovering from his wounds he came to America, and was commissioned by President Monroe to examine the frontier posts; he visited St, Louis, Mo., where he married Eulalie, daughter of Col. August Chouteau, the founder of that city; he died May 5th, 1851; Col. Paul was the first city surveyor of St. Louis; and established the grades of the first paved streets of that city.

151. Frederick William, Jr.; born St. Louis, March 22d, 1842; died at Alton, Ill., June 10th, 1863; married Alice, daughter of Dr, Samuels of St, Louis; they had one child, Frederika, who died young; his widow married again and died in Texas.

152. Minerva Eulalie; born in St. Louis, December 29th, 1845; died in 1872; married W. L. Hull, June 20th, 1871, a merchant of that city.

153. Mary Amelia; born St, Louis, Sept. 21st, 1846; died 1852.

154. Paul Edmond Smith; born St. Louis, September 22d, 1848; student at the St. Louis University; in August, 1861, he ran away from home and joined General Fremont’s command, after serving one month he was sent back to St. Louis, and shortly afterward was taken to Europe, to be kept out of the army; he was placed at the Jesuit college at Feldkirch in the Austrian Voralberg, near Lac Constance; after mastering the German language, he went to Bonn Am Rhine, Prussia, where he matriculated at the university of that city, in civil and mining engineering. In 1867, at the breaking out of hostilities between Pope Pius IX and Victor Emanuel, he went to Rome and enlisted in the Papal army, serving in that world-known corps, the “Pontifical Zouaves” participating in the battles of Monte Rotondo and Mentana where the Zouaves so signally defeated the Italians under General Garibaldi. He returned to America in 1869; was U. S. Indian agent 1875, living among the Sioux for one year, when he resigned, and going to Colorado, followed his profession of civil and mining engineering, until, in 1886, his health failing he came to Washington, D. C. where he entered the Government service; married Martha B., daughter of Samuel and Lydia Chord, in 1872; she died in 1879; their children were Paul, died in infancy; Chord, died in infancy; Hattie Eulalie, born Oct. 15th, 1874; Aimée, born November 5th, 1876.


William Beckwith, 133, born in Prince George Co., Md., about 1706; moved to Stafford Co., Va.; returned to Md. and settled in Montgomery Co. in 1728; died prior to 1738; will proved March 26th, 1742; he married Elizabeth, who was living in Montgomery Co, in 1742.

155. Lucy.

156. Ann.

157. Mary.

158. William.


William Beckwith, 158, born in Prince George Co., Md., in that portion from which was erected Frederick county; he enlisted in the Continental Army in 1776, was appointed head captain of the 16th Reg., Maryland State troops, June 18th, 1794, and was promoted to rank of major of the same regiment, October 13th, 1794; he married Lucy Watson of Montgomery Co., Maryland.

159. Watson; born in Montgomery Co.; died there in 1794, unmarried.

160. Altha; born 1770; died 1862.

161. Benedict.

162. Sykes.


Benedict Beckwith, 161, born Frederick Co., Md., in 1776; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, moved to Ky, about 1816; there married his second wife, a Miss H. Pumphreys; by his first wife, Elizabeth White of Montgomery Co , Md., license to marry dated Rockville, Md., August 8th, 1800, he had the following children:

163. John Greenbury; moved to Lexington, Ky., about 1816, and there married the sister of his father’s second wife.

164. Samuel.

165. Elbert.

166. Sirena.


Samuel Beckwith, 164, born Montgomery Co., Md., about 1798; died at Taylorsville, Md., in 1890; license to marry Sarah Samones dated Rockville, Md., March 22d, 1826.

167. Stanley, of Fairland, Montgomery Co., Md., in 1888.


Elbert Beckwith, 165, born Montgomery Co., Md., married Susan Burgess.

168. Elizabeth; married B. Bassett; children, Elbert, Susie married W. Roby, Isabella.

169. Emily; living D. C. in 1888.

170. Sue.

171. Jane; married McCloud of the D. C., in 1888; children, John, William, Frank.

172. Martha.

173. Helen; married G. Ryan of Olney, Md.

174. Zachariah.

175. Benedict.

176. Thomas; born Montgomery Co., Md.; farmer; married M. Ryan, living Fairland, Md., in 1888.


Benedict Beckwith, 175, born Montgomery Co., Md., 1836; farmer, living in Bethesda, Md., in 1888; married Mary Williams in 1868; she was born in 1841, and died in 1885.

177. Charles W.; born 1868.

178. Eugene; born 1871.

179. Mary; born 1873.

180. Birdie; born 1881.

181. Eliza; born 1876.

182. Benjamin; born 1878.

183. Sarah; born 1878.


Sykes Beckwith, 162, born Frederick Co., Md.; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1776; was wounded at the battle of Cowpens; died in Montgomery Co., Md., 1822; license to marry second wife dated Rockville, Md., January 26th, 1820; by his first wife, Kissiah Adamson, whom he married January 26th, 1801; died 1816; he had the following children:

184. William W.; died unmarried.

185. Lucy; married and moved to Tenn.

186. Nancy; married J. B. Belt of Montgomery Co., Md..; children, H. I., J. B., Rufus, Walt, Lizzie.

187. Parmelia; married in lllinois.

188. John A.

189. Henry Sykes; born 1812; living near Rockville, Md., in 1889.

190. Rupert O.


John A. Beckwith, 188, married E. Ricketts of Montgomery Co., Md., March 10th, 1834.

191. Greenbury C.

192. Columbus.

193. Waters.

194. John W.; living in Montgomery Co., Md., in 1888.


Rubert O. Beckwith, 190, of Montgomery Co., Md.; married Dianna Belt of that county.

195. Joseph.

196. Fannie; living in Montgomery Co., Md., in 1888.


George Beckwith, 134, born in Prince George Co., Md., about 1710; settled in Frederick Co., Md., and died there in 1760.

197. Charles.

198. Basil.

199. Nicholas.

200. Benjamin.

201. William.

202. Lorena.

203. Nancy.

204. Eleanor.


Charles Beckwith, 197, born in Frederick Co., Md., April, 1799, married Casandra, who was living in 1813.

205. George.

206. Rescine; born Montgomery Co., Md.; married Mary Hopkins, March 31st, 1798, Rockville, Md., Records.

207. ______.

208. ______.

209. Nicholas; license to marry Mary Butt, August 10th, 1799, Rockville Records.


George Beckwith, 205, born Montgomery Co., Md., May 16th, 1760; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army December 13th, 1776, for two years; was a sergeant in Captain George Beckwith’s company, Col. Bailey’s regiment, Maryland line; he died in 1849; married Ann Clarkson in 1792; she died in 1855.

210. Martha.

211. Ann; married ______ Rifle.

212. Mary; married ______ Cronin.

213. Charles.

214. Vincent; born Montgomery Co., Md.

215. William.

216. Singleton.


Charles Beckwith, 213, born in Montgomery Co., Md.; farmer; died May 7th, 1816; married Mary Rabbitt of Rockville, Md., July 21st, 1819; she died there December 24th, 1877.

217. Mary E.; born May 1st, 1823; married A. F. Boswell of Rockville, Md., October 30th, 1845; their children are: John C., born November 18th, 1846; Mary E., born October 6th, 1848; Franklin M., born March 15th, 1850; Charles E., born January 15th, 1852; James W., born December 25th, 1853.

218. Martha A.; born April 3d, 1825; married Hoskinson of Rockville, Md., November 2d, 1847; their children are: Charles H., born July 6th, 1848; John T., born September 26th, 1849; Mary E., born February 9th, 1851; William G., born September 29th, 1852; Andrew C. born July 2d, 1854; James A. born July 15th, 1857; Ann R., born April 15th, 1859; Martha E., born March 14th, 1860; Henry A. J., born September 16th, 1862; R. E. L., born March 29th, 1866.

219. Ann M.; married J. W. Campbell of Rockville, Md., June 10th, 1845; their children are: Charles W., born April 14th, 1846; Susan M., born August 8th, 1847; William B., born October 20th, 1849; Mary E., born December 6th, 1850; Charles A., born July 18th, 1852; Ann R., born March 29th, 1855; Libby E., born February 28th, 1858; Harriet A., born October 16th, 1860; James F., born January 21st, 1865.

220. Elizabeth E.; born December 22d, 1821; married W. F. Fisher of Rockville, Md., January 10th, 1843; their children are: Thomas P., born August 24th, 1844; Celestia V., born February 28th, 1846; William A., born January 18th, 1847.

221. Rebecca G.; born February 2d, 1830; married Mathew Field of Rockville, December 30th, 1850; he was editor of the Montgomery Co. Sentinel; their children are: Mary M., born November 13th, 1851; Charles W., born November 27th, 1853; Henry C. born April 12th, 1856; John W. A., born December 19th, 1859; Albert S. J., born September 27th, 1863; Kate R., born March 16th, 1868.

222. John A.; born Montgomery Co., Md., July 23d, 1833; died in Maryland.

223. William G.; born Rockville, Md., April 19th, 1827.

224. Celest.


Vincent Beckwith, 214, born Montgomery Co., Md.; married Martha; she was born in the District of Columbia, and died in Montgomery Co., Md.

225. Lizzie; born in Montgomery Co., Md.; married William Shufforth of Albany, N. Y.

226. Burgess; living in 1889; unmarried.

227. Joseph; living in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1889; unmarried.


Benjamin Beckwith, 200, born Frederick Co., Md., about 1760; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, 1776; moved to Morgan Co., Ohio, about 1819; school teacher and surveyor; died and was buried with military honors near Malta, Ohio; he married twice; by his first wife, Livonia Crum, he had the following children:

228. William.

229. Benjamin; born Frederick Co., Md.; settled in Richland Co., Ohio, and died there; he married Dorcas Turner.

230. Elizabeth; born Frederick Co., Md.; married J. W. Johnson of Morgan Co., Ohio; died September 29th, 1844; children: Livonia, married John McCann; Stephen; Martha married Loyd McBee; living Malta, Ohio, 1889; Philamon, died; William; Martha; John W., of Philadelphia.

231. Mary; married ______ Tice of Frederick Co., Md.; died there.

232. Lenox; born Frederick Co., Md.; married Rebecca Turner, and remained in Maryland.


William Beckwith, 228, born in Frederick Co., Md., 1799; married ______ Ogden of West Virginia; removed to Indiana; he died November 5th, 1877; she was born in October 25th, 1806, and died in 1855.

233. Dr. I. O., born in Wardensville, W. Va., July 13th, 1826; physician and M. D.; settled at Lewis, Vigo Co., Ind.; his first wife was Martha Rogers, died in Hampshire Co., W. Va., 1865; his second wife was Kate Drysart of Richland Co., Ohio; no children.

234. Benjamin F.

235. Catherine; born November 5th, 1834; married A. Vignessy, born France; living Kansas City, Mo., in 1889.

236. Adaline; born March 10th, 1830; married J. M. Johnson; living at Danville, Ind., in 1888.


Benjamin F. Beckwith, 234, born Wardensville, W. Va., March 5th, 1828; settled at Greencastle, Ind.; living there 1888; contractor and builder; enlisted in the U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-5; serving in the 99th Ind. Reg. 1 5th Army Corps, throughout the war, and marched to the sea with General Sherman, and was mustered out of service with his regiment, in Washington city, in 1865; he married Susan Hopwood, who was born in Ky., July 4th, 1835.

237. Addie; born 1854; died in 1884.

238. Lillie; born 1860; died 1861.

239. Laura; born 1856; married A.B.Phillips; living Clearwater, Kansas, in 1888; one son, Orion; born June 18th, 1886.

240. Orion; born March 19th, 1858; train dispatcher with Indianapolis and St. Louis Ry. Co.; living in St. Louis, Mo., in 1889; unmarried.

241. Luella; living Greencastle, Ind., in 1888.

242. Emma; living Greencastle, Ind., in 1888.

243. Allie; living Greencastle, Ind., in 1888.


Benjamin Beckwith, 200, his second wife was Martha, widow of John Rogers of Hampshire Co., Va., she died at Malta, Ohio, October 7th, 1841; they had the following children:

244. Lorena; born Alleghany Co., Md., September 1st, 1800; married Thomas Osborn of Morgan Co., Ohio; left children as follows: Eliza Wiseman, Rebecca Patterson, living McConnelsville, Ohio, Mary Scott, Martha Arnold, living York, Neb., William, living Hawleysville, Iowa, Wesley, living Hawleysville, Iowa, George, at Malta, Ohio.

245. Livonia; born August, 1802, in Alleghany Co., Md.; married Charles Kinsel of Morgan Co., Ohio; left children: Matilda Geiger at Eaglesport, Ohio, Elizabeth, at Eaglesport, Mary Deaver, at Eaglesport.

246. Matilda; born Muskingum Co., Ohio, January 25th, 1805; died 1865; unmarried.

247. George; born Muskingum Co., Ohio, 1808 died 1828.

248. Solomon.

249. David J.

250. Rosanna; born Muskingum Co., Ohio, December 2nd, 1815; married Samuel Bone of Morgan Co., Ohio, March 25th, 1847; he died September 16th, 1873; she was living in McConnelsville, Ohio, in 1889; their children are: Mary, born April 7th, 1848; married F. M. Christy; living Muskingum Co. in 1889; Martha, born June 24th, 1850; died young; Lorena, born July 6th, 1851; died young; Cynthia, born April 3d, 1853; married L. B. Porter 1878; Henry J., born September 29th, 1864; married S. Eva Gregg 1877; Emma, born March 29th, 1859; married Ed. Trimble 1887.


Solomon C. Beckwith, 248, born Newton township, Muskingum, Ohio, April 22d, 1812; farmer; died at Malta, Ohio, August 12th, 1887, of cancer; when he was 8 years old his parents moved to Malta; he was noted for his remarkable memory; was a member of the M. E. church and a prominent abolitionist and whig, assisting annually 15 slaves to escape north and to freedom; in all he personally assisted 300 slaves to their freedom, and was one of the founders of the underground railway. He filled many places of trust and prominence, and was for 20 years collector of tolls on the river, a State appointment, Illustrating his sterling worth; before his death he left to each of his children a card inscribed “Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God hath given thee.” He married Ann McBee of Harper’s Ferry, Va., July 2d, 1834.

251. Rosanna Debornh; born Morgan Co., Ohio, January 13th, 1836; married Dr, E. G. Tracy of Malta, Ohio, March 30th, 1858; their children are: Charles A. born November I7th, 1859; Rosie, born May 18th, 1867.

252. James Hinin; born June 8th, 1833; died August 26th, 1839.

253. George Alvah.

254. Martha A.; born May 6th, 1843; died January 2d, 1868; married W. J. Byers, March 5th, 1865; left one daughter, who married W. A. Hutchins; living at McConnelsville, Ohio.

255. “Massa Jane;” born 1845; died 1846.

256. Emma M.; living Malta, Ohio, in 1888; unmarried.

257. Mary E.; born 1847; died 1848.

258. Matilda E.; born February 9th, 1849.

259. Sarefta E.; born March 12th, 1851; married W. A. Bask; living Malta, Ohio, in 1889.

260. Lorena Charlotte; born 1854; died 1879.

261. Charles Sumner; born Malta, Ohio, October 22d, 1856; living there in 1889; unmarried; clerk Malta National Bank.


George Alvah Beckwith, 253, born Malta, Ohio, October 10th, 1841; married Sarah L. Naylor, June 17th, 1863; she was born in Pennsville, Ohio, Nov. 17th 1834; living Malta, Ohio, in 1889.

263. Grosvenor R.; born Pennsville, Ohio, August 20th, 1864; living at Wolton, Kansas in 1888.

264. Fannie S.; born McConnelsville, Ohio, May 12th, 1866; living at Wolton, Kansas, in 1889.

265. Jennie M. C.; born Malta, Ohio, September 19th, 1868; Living at Wolton, Kansas, in 1889.

266. Charles Franklin; born McConnelsville, Ohio, July 22d, 1870; living at Malta, Ohio, in 1889.

267. Mary Evaline; born Pennsville, Ohio, August 13th, 1872; Living at Malta in 1889.

268. Leonard; born Malta, Ohio, September 14th, 1876; living at Malta, Ohio, in 1889.


David T. Beckwith, 249, born Muskingum Co., Ohio, March 14th, 1810; farmer; he died at Malta, Ohio, September 20th, 1860; married twice; his first wife Mary A., daughter of Martin and Mary Saunders, May 8th, 1834, was born February 14th, 1816 and died October 15th, 1847.

269. George Wm.; born August 29th, 1835 died November 2d, 1835.

270. William Martin; born March 2d, 1847 died December 2d, 1847.

271. Loyd; born September 12th, 1839; died March 7th, 1853.

272. Solomon.

273. Martha Rachel; born August 31st, 1841; died December 28th, 1878; married Homer A. Alderman; he was living in Washing ton, D. C. 1889; their children are as follows: Zenas, married and living in Washington; Jennie, married and Living in Washington; Josie, living in Malta; Allita, living in Washington, D. C. 1889.

274. Laban.


Solomon Beckwith, 272, born January 30th, 1837; enlisted in the U. S. Vol. Service, serving in Co. B. 161st Reg., Ohio, 1861-65; died at Malta, Ohio, December 8th, 1867; he married Mary E. Parsons of Malta, December 8th, 1859; she was Living there in 1889.

275. James Z.; born Malta, Ohio, May 30th, 1861; living there in 1889.


Laban Beckwith, 274, born Morgan Co., Ohio, July 12th, 1844; enlisted in the U. S. Vol. Service, in 1861; was sunstruck during the war and, in consequence of this disability, was honorably discharged; farmer; living at Rokeby, Morgan Co., Ohio, in 1889; he married Armeda McClintick, December 11th, 1871; she was born, Morgan Co., Ohio, August 7th, 1846.

276. Clara; born September 16th, 1873.

277. Clarence; born July 19th, 1876; living Rokeby, Morgan Co., Ohio, in 1889.

278. Joe E.; born August 30th, 1880.


David T. Beckwith, 249; his second wife was Amelia Saunders, sister of his first wife; born September 8th, 1823; died March 10th, 1882.

279. Charies O.; born Malta, May 30th, 1850; Living there 1889.

280. Lucy M.; born February 6th, 1856; married George Black; he died, and she was Living in Malta in 1889.

281. Albert; born September 20th, 1860; died November 21st, 1878.


William Beckwith, 201, born in Frederick Co., Md., 1758; enlisted in the Continental Army, in 1776, and served two years; moved to Morgan Co., Ohio, about 1819; farmer; married twice; he married his second wife, Priscella Jenkins, September 23d, 1778; no children; he married his first wife, Martha Elder; who died in Maryland; and by her had the following children:

282. Tobias.

283. Richard.

284. Rebecca.


Tobias Beckwith, 282, born Frederick Co., Md., and settled in Morgan Co., Ohio; died there January, 1823; he married Bridget Walpole, in 1818; she was born in Ireland.

284a. John; lived and died in Somerset, Perry Co., Ohio.

285. Katie.

286. Mary Ann; married Framer, and was living in Artesian City, Dak., in 1889.

287. Rebecca; born Morgan Co., Ohio, March 1st, 1823; living in New Lexington, Ohio, in 1889; married Michael Forquer, May 18th, 1841; he was born in Philadelphia, Penn., June 3, 1813; their children are: May A., born April 27th, 1842; Jane, born October 27th, 1843; Charles, born March 9th, 1849; Raymond, born December 26th, 1851; William, born January 5th, 1855; Kate, born September 8th, 1858; Dugan, born May 23d, 1861; Laura, born July 23d, 1863; John, born October 23d, 1867,


William Beckwith, 96, of Dacre, Yorkshire, Eng.

288. Thomas of Aldborough was buried in 1683.


Thomas Beckwith, 288, of Aldborough, York, was buried in 1683; he married Sarah, daughter of Simon Beckwith of Pontferact, York; she died in 1673.

289. Samuel.


Samuel Beckwith, 289, of Aldborough, and afterward of High Barton, died in 1694; he married Margarette, daughter and heiress of Rev. George Walker, who was afterward Bishop of Derry, which town he defended against King James 2d.

290. Samuel, of Burton, Secretary to the Duke of Ormond and Philip, Duke of Wharton; he married in 1699, and died in 1725.

291. Thomas.


Thomas Beckwith, 291, of High Barton and Clifton, married, in 1702, Phyllis, daughter of Pickingill of Ellerton; she died in 1710.

292. Thomas.

293. Samuel, of Raikes; married Anne, daughter and heiress of John Dent of Clifton Lodge; he died in 1773.

294. John; sold the Manor of Beckwithshaw, in 1753, that had been in the family since 1226, being a part of the estate of Lady Beckwith Bruce.


Thomas Beckwith, 292, of Clifton, married Mary, daughter of J. Winn.

295. Thomas, of Liverpool, ancestor of the Liverpool Beckwiths, many of whom were living there in 1888; he sold Clifton.


Samuel Beckwith, 293, of Raikes, married Anne, daughter and heiress of John Dent of Clifton Lodge; she died in 1773.

296. Samuel.

297. Thomas, of Liverpool.

298. Margarette; first husband, Christopher Jaques; second husband, Timon Wrather; buried in 1771.


Samuel Beckwith, 296, of London, married Jane, daughter of John Roydell of London; left several children.

299. Samuel.


Samuel Beckwith, 299, of London, married Jane, daughter of John Donewell of London.

300. Rev. Samuel; died 1846.

301. Jane Emily; died unmarried in 1866.


Roger Beckwith, 97, of Northcot and Aldborough, York, which he purchased from Sir Wm. Gee in 1597; buried at Pontferact in 1634; he married twice; his first wife was Dorothy, daughter of Currer of Leeds.

302. Thomas of Beverly; line extinct.

303. Catherine; married Thomas Norton of Everton.

304. Margarette; baptized 1607.

305. Anne; married J. Robinson of Bolton-upon-Swales.

306. Barbara; married Mathew Lockwood of Sowerby Thursk.


Roger Beckwith, 97, of Northcot and Aldborough; his second wife was Susannah, daughter of Brakenbury of Sellaby, Co. Durham; she died October, 1670, and was buried at Skellborough.

307. Arthur.

308. William of Thurcroft in Laughton; died without issue March 27th, and was buried at Laughton in 1678; devised Thurcroft to his nephew William; he married Margarette, daughter of Bernard Ellis; she was buried at Laughton, October 5th, 1676.

309. Mathew.

310. Susannah; married John Aulaby of Aulaby.

311. Judith; married Wm. Parker, M. D., of London.

312. Hester; married John Odinsell of Odinsell.


Arthur Beckwith, 307, of Aldborough, baptized 1615; captain in the Parliamentary Army; killed in battle 1642; he married Mary, daughter of Marmaduke Wyville of Constable Barton, knight and baronet.

313. Sir Roger.

314. Marmaduke; baptized at Tanfield, and died unmarried.

315. Mary; died unmarried.

316. Isabell; died unmarried.

317. Susan; died unmarried.


Sir Roger Beckwith, 313, of Aldborough; created a baronet by Charles the 2nd; patent dated April 15th, 1681; died December 5th, 1700; he married twice; his first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Christopher Clapham.

318. Arthur; died beyond seas; possibly the ancestor of the Beckwiths of the Island of Barbadoes.


Sir Roger Beckwith, 313; his second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Edmond Jennings of Ripon, Knight.

319. Sir Roger.

320. Sir Marmaduke of Virginia.


Sir Roger Beckwith, 319, of Aldborough; Baronet and High Sheriff of Co. York, 1706; Mayor of Leeds in 1705; died May, 1743; he married in October 10th, 1705, Jane, daughter and heiress of Bej. Waddington of Allerton Gladhow; she died in 1713.

321. Roger; died unmarried.

322. Edward; died unmarried.

323. Jane; sole heiress; married Bielby Thompson of Micklethwaite Grange, Co. York; she died at Bambirg in 1756.


Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 320, born at Aldborough, Yorkshire, Eng., in 1687; emigrated to Virginia in 1700; he was County Clerk of Richmond Co. from 1708 to 1748; it is probable that he died at the latter date.

324. Sir Jonathan of Virginia.

325. Mary; married Lawrence Butler, born in England and was a major in the Revolutionary Army, and who died in 1811, leaving one son, Beckwith Butler.

326. Rebecca; married Major John Belfield.

327. Marmaduke.

328. Elizabeth; married Joseph Morton, an Englishman, and had one son, William Jordon, who married Martha Pryor and had twelve children.

329. Tarpley; born in Virginia; and died in England, November 7th, 1748.


Sir Jonathan Beckwith, 324, born in Richmond Co., Va.; signer Northern Neck Declaration, protesting against the Stamp Act, in 1765; he was living in Westmoreland Co., Va., in 1835; he was a patriot and, in consequence, the title of “Sir,” which he had inherited from his father, ceased to exist upon the declaration of his patriotic sentiments; he married Rebecca Barns of Virginia.

330. Jennings.

331. Jonathan; died unmarried.

332. Penelope.

333. Elizabeth.

334. Richard Marmaduke.

335. Barnes.

336. Rebecca; born in Richmond Co., Va.; married her cousin, Marmaduke Brockinborough Beckwith, and died in Jefferson Co., Va.


Jennings Beckwith, 230, born in Richmond Co., Va., 1764; he was a great sportsman, and passed many years among the Indians of the far west, hunting; died near Bleak Hall, the country-seat of Marmaduke Beckwith, in Westmoreland Co., Va., in 1835; he married a Miss Kill.

337. Richard M. B.

338. Edwin; super-cargo of a merchant vessel that was lost at sea, supposed to have been captured by pirates, who murdered those on board.

339. Malbis; died in Frederick Co., W. Va., at the “Retreat,” his father’s country-seat.

340. T. W.

341. _______.

342. _______.


Richard Marmaduke Barnes Beckwith, 337, born in Jefferson Co., W. Va.; enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1813, and served until 1816, in Wells Co.; he died at St. Louis, Mo., in 1818, when on his way to visit his father, who was then among the Indians of the far west; he married Sarah Hite, who was born in 1796, married September 13th, 1813, and died in 1884; she was daughter of Captain George Hite, who served in the war of 1776, was wounded and pensioned; he was grand-nephew of James Madison, President of the United States.

343. Lawrence Butler.

344. George H. J.


Lawrence Butler Beckwith, 343, born Frederick Co., W. Va., 1814; died Orangeburg, Columbia Co., S. C. 1868; married Harriet Hunt, 1840; born Columbia Co., S. C.

345. Lawrence R.

346. “Bettie.”

347. Sallie F.

348. Mary H.

349. Annie L.

350. Hattie.


Lawrence Ransom Beckwith, 345, born in Orangeburg, Columbia Co., S. C., 1842; he was in the Confederate Army, serving in the “Hampton Legion,” with rank of captain; was severely wounded during the war, and married Ann Moorer in 1866; died in 1884.

351. Lawrence Henry; born in 1867.

352. John G.


George Hite J. Beckwith, 344, of Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va., born in 1816; living in 1889 at his country-seat, near Charlestown, called “Shady Side;” he married Anne, daughter of Dr. S. Scolley, in 1843, of Middling Co., Va.; she died at “Shady Side” in 1868.

353. S. S.; died 1848.

354. Harriet; died 1848.

355. Eloise; died 1878.

356. Frank.

357. Lawrence Butler; surveyor; Living in Arkansas 1888.

358. Mary Elizabeth.

359. Sallie M.; married T. G. Barlow, civil engineer; living Wood End, W. Va., in 1889; have two children, Anna L. and Robt. Matson.


Frank Beckwith, 354, of Charlestown, W. Va.; lawyer; in State Legislature 1881-2; officer on Gov. Jackson’s Staff, 1861-5; living in Charlestown, 1891; married Lucy, daughter of Angus McDonald, 1887.

360. Angus McDonald.


Richard Marmaduke Beckwith, 334; lawyer; born in Richmond Co., Va., in 1774; moved to Falmouth, Stafford Co., Va., where he practiced his profession; he died there in 1820; he married Elizabeth Scott Buchanan February 13th, 1798; she was of Stafford Co.

361. Jonathan.

362. Richard M.

363. Lawrence Butler; born at Falmouth, in Stafford Co., Va., in 1804; he served in the Capt. Hunter’s Company, 1st Reg., Ark. Vol., during the Mexican War, and died at Brown stone. Ark. in 1885; married Jennette Hill in February, 1857; she was born in 1829, and died in 1887; no children.

364. Andrew B.

365. James H.

366. Robert.

367. Hugh M.

368. Laura B.; born at Falmouth, Stafford Co., Va., March 30th, 1818; married S. P. Graves, a lawyer, June 2d, 1849; he died in 1886; she was living at Baton Rouge, La., in 1889; their children are: Mary, born September 13th, 1850, married T. B. Dupree, and died August 17th, 1883; Laura M.; Lucy E.; Samuel P.; Elizabeth B.

369. Elizabeth.

370. Mary H; married Smith; one daughter, Mary, married L. B. deMorse, merchant at Texarkana, Tex., in 1889.

371. Rebecca; married Harrison of Texarkana; one son, Richard, a merchant at Texarkana in 1889.

372. Martha.


Jonathan Beckwith, 361, born in Stafford Co., Va., 1799; M. D.; moved to Lauderdale Co., Alabama, and died there in 1856; he married Dolly, daughter of Isaac Winston of Va.

373. Alexander.

374. Isaac.

375. William.

376. Elizabeth; born in Va., and living in Florence, Ala, 1889.


Alexander Beckwith, 373, living in Athens, Tennessee; married Mary Mason.

377. ¬______.

378. ______.


Richard Marmaduke Beckwith, 362, born in Stafford Co., Va., 1804; died in Lauderdale Co., Ala.; married Priscilla, daughter of Jas. Turner of Caroline, Va.

379. William J.


William J. Beckwith, 379, living Gravelly Springs, Ala., in 1888; married his first cousin, Virginia, daughter of Robert Beckwith, No. 366.

380. Robert R.; born in 1866.

381. Florence.


Andrew Buchanan Beckwith, 364, born Stafford Co., Va., in 1805; M. D.; married Adelaide B. Carter in 1830; she was born in Fauquier Co., Va., in 1806, and died in 1836.

382. Henry C.

383. Virginia; married Hutchinson.

384. Marmaduke C.; living in Lynchburg, Va., in 1891.

385. Minnie; living in Mobile, Ala., in 1889.


Henry C. Beckwith, 382, living in Lynchburg, Va., in 1889; he married Ada Le Baron of Pensacola, Fla.

386. ______.


James H. Beckwith, 365, born in Stafford Co., Va.; moved to Sevier, Arkansas, in 1883; was a tanner, and after the quick process of tanning was discovered he became a farmer, and died there; he married Simons of Virginia.

387. Amanda; born in 1844; married Smeadly of Ark. in 1883.

388. Rebecca; born in 1852; married three times in Ark.

389. Laura; born in 1862; married Thomas Bell of Ark.

390. James; born in 1858; Living at Brownstone, Ark, in 1889.

391. Virginia; born in 1865; living at Brownstone, Ark, in 1889.


Robert Beckwith, 366, born in Stafford Co., Va., 1813; died in Alabama in 1873; he married Sarah B. Curtiss.

392. Virginia, who married her cousin William J. Beckwith of Gravelly Springs, Ala., No 379.


Hugh Mercer Beckwith, 367, born in Stafford Co., Va., in 1817; ranchman on the Rio Grande river at Presidio, Presidio Co., Texas, in 1889; he married Refugia Rascon, a Spanish lady, December 22d, 1849; she was born in Santa Fe, N. M., August 29th, 1833.

393. Robert W.; born October 16th, 1850.

393a. John M.; born January 14th, 1853.

394. Cornelia; born March 31st, 1857.

395. Josephine; born November 24th, 1858.

396. Ellen; born May 10th, 1861.

397. Elizabeth; born December 24th, 1867.

398. Nicolas Pino; born May 17th, 1869.

399. Laura; born September 24th, 1872.


Barnes Beckwith, 335, born in Richmond Co., Va., in 1783; was a captain in the quartermaster’s department of the U. S. Army in 1812; was sheriff, justice of the peace, U. S. marshal, and member of the State Legislature of W. Va.; died in Jefferson Co., W. Va., in 1855; he married Betsy Peyton Martin of Virginia.

400. Lawrence A.

401. Barnes.

402. Mary Peyton; widow of D. Huff of W. Va.; has three children, all married.

403. Penelope S.; married B. R. Pennybacker of Belleville, W Va.; four children, all married.

404. Jane; born in 1806; living in Parkersburg; unmarried in 1886.


Lawrence Albert Beckwith, 400, born in Jefferson Co., W. Va., in 1816; living at Ravenswood, W. Va., in 1889; he married his cousin Mary E., daughter of Tapley Beckwith.

405. Lewis A; born June 13th, 1841; was a lieutenant in Co. D. of the 14th Reg. W. Va., in the U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-65; farmer, Wood Co., W. Va., in 1889.

406. Richard A.; born in 1842; county clerk of Wood Co.; farmer. Wood Co., W. Va., in 1889.

407. Tapley; born in 1847; farmer, Wood Co., W. Va., in 1889.


Barnes Beckwith, 401, born in Jefferson Co., W. Va., 1818; married Virginia, daughter of Abraham Samuels and Hannah Neal daughter of John Neal of “Border Warfare” fame.

408. Author B.

409. Rebecca; born in 1844; married R. P. Haywood; living in Dover, Mo., in 1889.

410. Elizabeth; born in 1847; married G. A. Pennybaker of W. Va.

411. Virginia; born in 1856; married C. C. Evans; living Bartlet, Ohio, in 1889.

412. John Neal; born in 1849; constable of Wood Co., W. Va., in 1889.

413. Abram S.; born in 1853; agent Adams Express Co., at Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1889.

414. George C.

414a. Lawrence A. Jr.; born in 1860.

415. William S.; born in 1860; clerk in Adams Ex, Co., at Parkersburg, in 1889.


Author B. Beckwith, 408, born in Jefferson Co., W. Va., in 1842; was county clerk, U. S. marshal of that county and chief of police of Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1869 he married Emma A. Sleoght, who was born in Germany, January 7th, 1851.

416. Helen R.; died young.

417. Walter S.; died young.

418. Charlotte V.; “Kate;” born August 1st, 1874.

419. Nellie; “Buster;” born April 14th, 1881.

420. Amly A.; “Blackbird;” born October 19th, 1852.


Marmaduke Beckwith, 327, married Sybel, daughter of Major Elsie of the Revolutionary Army.

421. Marmaduke B.

422. Tapley.

423. Newman.

424. Lucy; married Harrington.

425. Elizabeth; married Brough.

426. Mary E.

427. William; died in Prince William Co., Va., unmarried.

428. Jennings.

429. Lewis.


Marmaduke Brockinborough Beckwith, 421, married his cousin Rebecca, daughter of Sir Jonathan Beckwith.

430. Jonathan B.

431. Frank.


Jonathan Brockinborough Beckwith, 430, born 1800, in W. Va.; married Margarette, who was born in 1800, and died in 1884.

432. John; born in Wood Co., W. Va., and died there; he was a soldier in the Confederate Army, 1861-65,


Tapley Beckwith, 422, born in Richmond Co., Va., 1798; died at Ravenswood, Wood Co., W. Va.; he married Nancy Bailey, who was born in Richmond Co., Va., and died in Wood Co., W. Va.

433. Author.

434. Alfred.

435. Elizabeth.

436. Adaline.

437. Martha.

438. Tapley; living at Ravenswood, W. Va., in 1889.

439. Lewis; Living at Cottageville, W. Va., in 1889.

440. Jennings; living at Ravenswood in 1889.

441. Barnes.


Barnes Beckwith, 441, born at Ravenswood, W. Va., in 1825; died there; he married Elizabeth Lord in 1849; she was born and died at Ravenswood.

442. William; living at Ravenswood, W. Va., in 1889.

443. Ered.

444. Charles B.

445. Tapley.

446. Nancy G.

448. Leroy A.


Leroy A. Beckwith, 448, born at Ravenswood, W. Va., in 1850; merchant and lumber dealer at Ravenswood in 1889; he married Nannie F. Jarrett in 1877; she was born at Charlestown, W. Va., in 1853.

449. Evalina; born November 18th, 1878.

450. Nora; born May 5th, 1880.

451. Martha; born October 24th, 1882.

452. Roy Barnes; born November 24th, 1885.


Newman Beckwith, 423, born in Richmond Co., Va.; moved to Mississippi Co., Mo., in 1812, and died there; he married Judith A. Neal; she was born in Va. and died in Mo, in 1836; she was an aunt of the mother of General Stonewall Jackson, C. S. A.

453. Underwood; died in 1855 unmarried.

454. Richard; died unmarried.

455. Francis; died in 1857 unmarried.

456. Sabina; died unmarried.

457. Lucy; married J. Hunter and left two children; Joseph married Miss Harell and was living at Jackson, Mo., in 1889; Catherine married John Carns.

458. Quiros.

459. Marmaduke.

460. Mountain; born in Va. before 1840; married Mrs, Faulkner; no children.

461. Barnes; born in Va.; married Miss Faulkner; no children.


Quiros Beckwith, 458, born in Fairfax C. H., Va., September 25th, 1801; settled in Mississippi Co., Mo., and died September 3d, 1862; he married Susan John son, April 2d, 1839; she was born in Nashville, Tenn., October 31st, 1813.

462. Ellen; born October 15th, 1842; died at Shelbyville, Ky., June 2d, 1858.

463. Margarette; born Cinthiana, Ky., October 8th, 1844; died September 9th, 1851.

464. Mathew; born October 3d, 1846; died January ’27th, 1847.

465. Quiros.

466. Thomas.


Quiros Beckwith, 465, born in Mississippi Co., Mo., November 22d, 1847; died there February 8th, 1878; he married Susan James, August 7th, 1866; she died July 4th, 1879.

467. Quiros; born in Charlestown, Mo., April 14th, 1869; living there in 1889.

468. John Harding; born August 23d, 1867; living Charlestown, Mo., in 1889; he married Julia Winbush, December 28th, 1887.


Thomas Beckwith, 466, born in Mississippi Co., Mo., January 24th, 1840; farmer; living in Charlestown, Mo., in 1889; he married Laura Swank, March 11th, 1863; she was born in Hardin Co., Ky., December 4th, 1844.

469. Lillie May; born November 26th, 1864; Living Charlestown, Mo., in 1889.

470. Minnie Lee; born December 19th, 1866; living Charlestown, Mo., in 1889.

471. Allie; born October 10th, 1868; living Charleston, Mo., in 1889.

472. William; born 1870; died November 28th, 1882.


Marmaduke Beckwith, 459, born in Virginia, in 1805; married twice; his first wife was Griffith; the children by this marriage all died young; by his second marriage, with the daughter of Col. Hunter of Mississippi Co., Mo., he had the following children:

473. Amanda; married L. T. Medley; living Arcadia, Mo., in 1889.

474. Judith Ann; married Peas of Farmington, Mo.

475. Underwood; born in Mississippi Co., Mo.; Living at Bird’s Point, Mo., in 1889.

476. Lucy B.; born in 1842; married Dr. Travis, and was living, in 1889, at Wolf Island, Mo.


Lewis Beckwith, 429, born in Prince William Co., Va., in 1789; died in Wood Co., W. Va.; he married Matilda Carter of Prince William Co., W. Va.; she moved to Grayson Co., Ky., in 1854, and died there; by marriage she was related to George Washington’s mother, Mary Ball, who married Augustine Washington; also, to Gen. Wm. H. Harrison, President of the United States, grandfather of the present President (1889); also, to Gen. Robert E. Lee, major-general in the Confederate Army during the War of the Rebellion, through his wife, who was a Fitzhugh of Virginia.

477. Jane; died young.

478. Ann; born in Grayson Co., Ky.; married John A. Hord of Grayson Co., Ky., and died in 1851; children: Lewis B.; Mary W.; Bainton M.; Arthur A.; John W.; William T.; Frank J.

479. Arthur.


Arthur Beckwith, 479, born in Wood Co., W. Va.,September 22d, 1815; living in Grayson Co., Ky., in 1889; farmer; he moved to Grayson Co., Ky., in 1828; married Louisa Duncan, May 26th, 1842; she was born in Greenup Co., Ky., August 16th, 1818.

480. William L.; born March 5th, 1843; farmer; living in Grayson, Carter Co., Ky., in 1889.

481. Jane.

482. Mary L.

483. Sophia M.; born January 15th, 1849.

484. Lucy H.; born June 12th, 1851.

485. A. Laura; born September 1st, 1855.

486. Allen C.; born May 23d, 1858; farmer; living Grayson, Carter Co., Ky., in 1889.


Mathew Beckwith, 309, of Tanfield and Slenington; captain in the Parliamentary Army; was born in 1628; married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Buck of Filey, knight; buried at Tanfield in 1679.

487. John.

488. William.

489. Susana.

490. Mary; baptized at Tanfield in 1652.

491. Elizabeth; baptized in 1658.

492. Martha; died young.


John Beckwith of Sleningford, 487, age 14 in 1666; died in 1688; he married Castliana, daughter of Lionel Copley of Wadsworth; she died May 13th, 1700.

493. Roger; died young.

494. Castliana; died young.

495. Elizabeth; died young.


William Beckwith, 488, of Thurcroft, born November 22d, 1664; inherited Thurcroft from his uncle William Beckwith; he was buried at Laughton Co., York, October 3d, 1713; married Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Chalmer of Guisburg; she died in 1702, and was buried at Laughton.

496. William.

497. John of Dalton Hall; merchant; mayor of Beaumont; he married Miss Wyke.

498. Edward; com. of customs of Tewsham Co., Kent.

499. Mathew; merchant Marine service; died unmarried; buried at St. Paul’s, Covent Garden, London, in 1728.

500. Mary; married June 1714 to John Murray of Slade Horton.

501. Elizabeth; married twice in Lincoln Co.

502. Susana; married 1722 to Thomas Harrison of Dillern Co., Stafford.

503. Margarette; married Jno. Powers of Uttoexeter Co., Stafford.

504. Dorothy; married George Saunders, Gent. of Howden, and died October 24th, 1734.

505. Mary.

506. Elizabeth; died young.


William Beckwith, 496, of Thurcroft and Slenington; married April 28th, 1715; died at Thurcroft, April 10th, 1760, aged 74; he married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of John Wood field of Fishburn and Trimden Co., Durham; she died in 1767, aged 70.

507. Woodfield.

508. Malby; ensign in the 3d Reg. of foot (Buffs) 1775.

509. John; Lieut.-Col. in Abercrombie’s Regiment; died and buried at Bishop Middleham in 1705, aged 65.

510. William.

511. John.

512. William.

513. Author.

514. Mary.

515. Jane; married J. Welty.

516. Elizabeth; married William Horsfall, and died aged 72 in 1798.


Woodfield Beckwith, 507, of Thurcroft and Trimden, baptized at Laughton in 1719; married Maud Dorothy, daughter of C. Robinson of Eastington Co., Durham, in 1771; died 1779.

517. William.

518. Richard; died young.


William Beckwith, 517, of Thurcroft, in Yorkshire and Trimden, in Durham; died in 1847. Married Caroline, daughter of John Nesham, of Houghton-le-Spring, she died in St. Omer, Prance, in 1832.

519. William of Thurcroft and Trimden, K. H., General in the Army, and Colonel of the 14th Hussars in 1846, born in 1795, died in 1871. He married Priscella, daughter and heiress of Thomas Hopper of Silksworth House.

520. John; born in September 1803.

521. Henry.

522. Carolina; married Samuel Kentish, and died in 1867.

523. Mary; died unmarried in 1865.


Henry Beckwith, 521. In Holy Orders, Rector of Eaton, Conatantine Co., Salop, he was born in 1806; married Anne Rose, daughter of Rev. John Eaton.

524. Henry John; captain in the 23d Reg., born in 1840.

525. William Edmund; born in 1844.

526. Rose Caroline.


William Beckwith, 510, of Cary street, London, Barrister at Law.

527. William; ensign 27th Reg., died unmarried in 1776.

528. Maria.

529. Elizabeth.


Edward Beckwith, 498, commissioner of Customs, of Tewsham Co., Kent, he married twice.

530. Onslow; lieut. Royal Welsh Fusileers, 23d Foot 1771, captain in the 45th, 1776, left a daughter who died young.


Mathew Beckwith, 103, born in Ponteferact, Yorkshire Eng., about 1610, Emigrated to New England in 1635, residing for a short time at Saybrook Point 1635, Bramford 1638, Hartford among the first settlers in 1642, Lyme in 1651 he purchased large tracts of land on the Niantic river, and was left a legacy by Capt. Lyrado, his land laid practically in Lyme and New London. Mould & Art ship builders constructed especially for him the barque Endeavor, which was the first vessel launched from New London, and traded with the Barbadoes, she was sold at Barbadoes in 1666, for a cargo of sugar, Mathew was of that class known as planters, many of whom were men of means, who placed their vessels in the charge of competent mariners, who also attended to the mercantile transactions and interests of the owners, Mathew was born September 22d, 1610, and died December the 13th, 1681. “His death being sudden, and being the result of an accident, a jury was summoned, who gave their verdict, that he came to his death by mistaking his way of a dark night and falling from a cliff of rocks.” He left an estate valued at 393 pounds ($1,975) “at his death he left a wife Elizabeth.”

531. Mathew.

532. John.

533. Joseph.

534. Nathaniel.

535. Benjamin.

536. A daughter, who married Benjamin Grant.

537. A daughter, who married Robert Girard.


Mathew Beckwith, 531, born possibly at Saybrook Point, in 1637; was recorded at Waterford, where he was made a freeman in 1658; he resided first at Guildford, and was one of the founders of the church there, and died at New London, Conn., June 4th, 1727; he married twice; by his first wife, Elizabeth, he had the following children:

538. Mathew.

539. John.

540. James.

541. Jonah.

542. Prudence; born in New London, August 22d; 1676; married Roger Bart of Lyme, July 24th, 1717; children, Solomon, born April 10th, 1739; Margarette, born May 1st, 1737; Lucy, born May 10th, 1722; Ann, born May 31st, 1724; Roger, born July 14th, 1726; Richard, born December 20th, 1728; William, born December 21st, 1730; Prudence, born December 5th, 1732; Hannah, born July 25th, 1735.

543. Elizabeth; born February 4th, 1678; married James Burchard, March 17th, 1696.

544. Ruth; born March 14th, 1680.

545. Sarah; born Lyme, Ct., December 16th, 1684; died February 28th, 1773; married Joseph Leonard in 1704.


Mathew Beckwith, 531, his second wife Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew Griswold of Lyme; she married three times; her first husband was John Rogers, the founder of the sect known as “Friends, or Quakers,” and sometimes called “Rogerine Quakers,” whom she married October 17th, 1670; from him she was divorced October 18th, 1676; her second husband was Peter Pratt, whom she married August 6th, 1679; he died March 24th, 1685; in 1689 she married Mathew Beckwith, and had by him a daughter, and died at Lyme in 1737.

546. Griswold; born in 1691 at Lyme and married Eliakem Cooly at Lyme, Conn., September 14, 1706; children Eliakim, born 1707; Griswold, born 1709, died 1764 Mathew, born 1712; Jonah, born 1716 died 1778; Josiah, born 1714; died, 1715 Luke, born 1718; died 1777; Hezekiah, born 1720; died 1796; Elizabeth, born 1727; Esther, born 1729.


Mathew Beckwith, 538, born at Guilford, Ct., April 13th, 1667, and died there June 4th, 1740; married Elizabeth, February 17th, 1721; she was born at New London and died at Lyme in 1746.

547. Abiyah; born July 11th, 1722.

548. Elizabeth; born February 14th, 1723; married twice; 1st, married Joshua Champion, Oct, 14th, 1742; children, Lydia, born August 3d, 1745; Joshua, born February 3d, 1747. 2d, married to D. Peck, April 19th, 1757; children, Martin, b. 1759; Elizabeth, born 1761; Darious, born 1770; Huldah, born 1772; Simion, born 1766; Andrew, born 1768; John, b. 1770; Um, born 1774; Elisha, born 1777; Timothy, born 1779.

549. Lois; born July 11th, 1725.

550. Diadiama; born November 18th, 1728.

551. Eunice; born May 4th, 1733.

552. Sarah; born April 22d, 1737.


John Beckwith, 539, born Bramford, February 4th, 1669; he moved to New London, and there married Naomi de Wolf August 12th, 1700; she was born at Waterford 1676, and died at Lyme 1736.

553. John.

554. Elisha; born at New London 1712; died at Waterford, Ct.; married Amy Durand, October 10th, 1759; she was born at Waterford, and died there.


James Beckwith, 540, born New London, June Ist, 1671; removed to Lyme in 1692; and died there in 1719; he married Sarah Griswold, September 22d, 1693; she was born at Lyme in 1673, and died there October 10th, 1714.

555. James.

556. Martha; born August 16th, 1697; married Joseph Wait in 1715.

557. Sarah; born July 1st, 1701.

558. Elizabeth; born May 30th, 1702.

559. Mary; born June 1st, 1716; 1st husband Durant Tinker; 2d husband, married 1745 to Capt. Starling of Lyme.

560. Daniel.

561. Samuel.

562. Renald.

563. John; born October 10th, 1714.


James Beckwith, 555, born Lyme, Ct., May 11th, 1695; died there July, 1730; married Mary Lamb, July 3d, 1721; she was born at New London, 1697, and died there.

564. Sarah; born Lyme, Ct., March 20th, 1722.

565. Rebecca; born Lyme, Ct., January 20th, 1729.

566. James.


James Beckwith, 566, born at Lyme, April 1st, 1725; died at Bristol, Ct, October 12th, 1764; he married Lucy Griswold, April 10th, 1756; she was born at Lyme, Ct., September 28th, 1729.

567. Thomas; born at Lyme, Ct., 1765; re moved to Rhode Island; removed to Exeter, Otsego Co., N. Y.; he married Azubah Pinkney in 1786.

568. James.

569. Zacariah; born at Bristol, Ct., February 14th, 1761; died there May 21st, 1811; married Eunice Gaylord; she was born October 18th, 1764, and died at Bristol in 1846.


Daniel Beckwith, 560, born at Lyme, Ct., October 26th, 1704; farmer and Baptist minister; died November 10th, 1763; married Miriam Smith, November 13th, 1740; she to Marlow, N. H., in 1765, and died there March 7th, 1809; she was born in 1721.

570. Eleazor; born at Lyme, Ct., in 1741; he was a Baptist minister in good standing and, also, a farmer; he died April 16th, 1808; married Hannah Lewis, who was born in 1743, and died August 16th, 1823.

571. Mary; born October 9th, 1743, and died June 23d, 1823; married Samuel Miller of Lyme.

572. Elizabeth; married Richard Lampshire of Lyme, and died in 1814.

573. Titus; born Lyme, Ct, December 30th, 1736; farmer; died at Chelsea, N. Y., in 1802.

574. Ruel; born Lyme, Ct, August 18th, 1742; died December 11th, 1790; married Sarah Wood, December 9th, 1773.

575. Amos; born at Lyme, Ct., April 17th, 1730; removed to Marlow, N. H., in 1787; to Sutton, Vt.; Baptist minister; died at Sutton, Vt., December 6th, 1822; he married Susannah Trueman, who was born at New London, Ct, August 4th, 1760, and died at Sutton, Vt., September 21st, 1839.

576. Ira; born 1733; died January 7th, 1829; he was a farmer; married Hannah Wheelock, in 1750; she died May 22d, 1780.

577. Amon; born Lyme, Ct, 1752, and died July 28th, 1805; farmer; he removed to Marlow, N. H., and married Sarah Brown; she was born in 1763, and died June 28th, 1837.


Samuel Beckwith, 561, born at Lyme, Ct, May 14th, 1709; removed to Norwich, Ct.; had grant of land in Cornwallis, N. S., from the British Government; he died there; married Miriam Marvin, in 1740, daughter of Captain Renald Marvin, of Lyme, Ct.

578. Samuel; born Norwich, Ct; removed to Cornwallis, N. S., and settled at Halifax, N. S.; he married Rebecca Chapman, of Lyme, Ct.

579. Marvin.

580. Handley.


Renald Beckwith, 562, born at Lyme, Ct., February 6th, 1706, to Fredericton N. B., where he married Mary Handley, April 12th, 1796; she was born at Fredericton, N. B.

581. Elizabeth.

582. Mary Ann.

583. Nehemiah; born in Conn.; was drowned at Frederickton, N. B., he married Julia Le Brun, who was born in Canada, in 1790.

584. Samuel; born in New Brunswick, died at Buffalo, N. Y.; married Adelaide Le Brun, born in Canada and died at Albion, N. Y.


Jonah Beckwith, 541, born at New London, Conn., December 27th, 1673; to Lyme, Conn., Deacon of the Congregational Church of Lyme; died there in 1744; married Rebecca, July 12th, 1701; she was born at Lyme, in 1719.

585. George.

586. Benjamin.

587. Jonah.


George Beckwith, 585, born at Lyme, Conn., September 17th, 1702; graduate of Yale, ordained first pastor of the Congregational Church of Lyme, in January, 1730; died therein 1794. In 1761 was Chaplain of the 1st Regiment Conn, Volunteers; participating in the French and Indian wars, and was at Lake George, N. Y.; he was moderator of the general association of Conn., in 1762, at Marsfield, Conn., and in 1773, at Bristol, Conn.; married Sarah, December, 1744; she was born in 1705, and died in 1797.

588. George; born at Lyme, Conn., in 1733; graduate Yale College and entered the ministry, but afterward became a practicing physician at Lyme; he removed to Great Barrington, married and had children, all daughters.

589. Barzillai; born Lyme Conn., in 1736; Deacon of the Congregational Church, to East Haddam in 1765, farmer; he married Mary Butler of East Haddam, she died there.

590. Nathaniel Brown was killed in the Revolutionary War.


Benjamin Beckwith, 686, born at Lyme, Conn., October 18th, 1706.

591. Benjamin.

591a. Josiah; born at Lyme, Conn., in 1742; married Mehitable Parsons (or Piersons).

592. Silas.

592a. David.


John Beckwith, 532, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1669, one of the original Patentees of New London, to Waterford Conn. In a deposition before the county court he says that he “had lived at Niantic Ferry for the last seventy years,” as the deposition was dated in 1740, he must have been at that time one hundred and two years old.

593. John.

594. Elisha.


John Beckwith, 593, he was born at Waterford, Conn., August 12th, 1718; married Elizabeth Mayhew, October 12th, 1742.

595. Elizabeth; born May 25th, 1743.

596. Amy; born in 1745.

597. Sabra; born in 1750.

598. Noah; born 1752; married July 8th, 1773.

599. John; born 1753; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, 1775; one year quarter master’s assistant; quarter-master third lieutenant recruiting service; was taken prisoner battle Flatbush; resigned 1778.

600. Seth; born 1755; married November 14th, 1781.

601. Frederick; born 1758; married April 3d, 1783.

602. Lydia.

603. Esther; born 1762.

604. Caleb; born 1763; married in 1788.


Elisha Beckwith, 594, born and died at Waterford, Ct.; buried on the west bank of the Niantic river; his grave is unmarked.

605. Elisha; born at Waterford, Ct., in 1761; he had ten children, who all settled in the Western and Southern States.

606. Jason.

607. David; born Waterford, Ct.; removed to New York,


Jason Beckwith, 606, born Waterford, Ct, 1764; removed to New London, Ct.; ship-builder; married 1785; died New London, Ct.

608. David.

609. Ezra.

610. Amy; married Anson Smith; living Chicago, m., in 1886.

611. Sabra.

612. Betsy.

613. Elisha.

614. Jason; married Naomi Caulkins.

615. Gurdon; born New London, Ct.; enlisted in the U. S. Army, 1807-8; served under Gens. Harrison and Hull; taken prisoner Detroit; served in the 37th Conn. Reg.; married Wealthy; she was living in 1887; a son, Gurdon, living at New London, Ct., in 1889.

616. Daniel.

617. James.


James Beckwith, 617, born September 12th, 1803; died February 24th, 1875; he married ______ Caulkins, sister of his brother’s wife.

618. Cordelia.

619. James E.; married and had two daughters: Julia A., married Hon. R. W. Chapman, living Waterford, Ct, 1889; Agnes D., married Rev. F. P. Braman; she died November 30th, 1886.

620. Elisha P.; born August 17th, 1832; married; no children; living New London, Ct.; U. S. Ship Inspector in 1889.

621. Cyrus G.


Cyrus G. Beckwith, 621, born at New London, Ct; merchant there in 1888; State Senator, Connecticut Legislature, several times; married Augusta Dart, who was born at Saybrook, Ct., October 23d, 1841.

622. James Allen; born at New London, Ct, September 26th, 1868.


Joseph Beckwith, 633, born Lyme, Ct., in 1640; served in the military expedition to Wood Creek, 1708, in the old French War, where he lost his life; he married Susanna, daughter of Capt. Way of Lyme; she was born in Lyme, July 9th, 1682.

623. Sarah; born April 14th, 1677.

624. Joseph.


Joseph Beckwith, 624, born at Lyme, Ct., April 15th, 1679, was living in 1727, but died prior to 1730; he married Mary.

625. Joseph; born at Lyme, Conn., in 1700; died August 9th, 1764.

626. Thomas; born at Lyme, Conn., December 11th, 1711; living Bristol, Conn., in 1789.

627. Hezekiah.

628. Susanna.

629. Mary; born in 1709; married Mathew Marvin, 1732.

630. Lydia; born 1711; married Benjamin Huntley, April 27th, 1732; one son Curtice B., b. 1725.

631. Dorothea; born 1715.

632. Elijah.

633. Nathan.

634. Stephan; born Lyme, Conn., 1721.

635. Elizabeth; married Darius Peck, April 19, 1767.

636. Hannah; married John Griswold.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 534, born at New London, Conn., in June 1642.

637. Nathaniel.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 637, born at Lyme, Conn., May 28th, 1671; married Sarah, who was born at East Haddam, Conn.

638. Job; born at Lyme, Conn., May 22d, 1705; married Elizabeth Harvey, who was born in Mass.

639. Nathaniel; born at Lyme, Conn., January 6th, 1707.

640. Stephan.

641. Jerusha; born August 10th, 1709.

642. Sarah; born August 13th, 1712.

643. Patience.

644. Joseph; born December 10th, 1715.


Benjamin Beckwith, 535, born at New London, Conn., March 8th, 1643; he was a mariner and was lost at sea; married Azubah Brewster of Hartford, Conn.

645. Benjamin; born at New London, January 13th, 1679.

646. Elisha.

647. Samuel; drowned at Lyme about 1800; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1775, Sells Co., Parsons’ Reg., Conn. line for seven months; re-enlisted 1776 for one year; re-enlisted 1777 in the sea service; was taken prisoner during the war and exchanged; married twice; first, Polly Greenfield in 1781; born 1760; second, Mary Tinker, who died in 1836.

648. Sarah; married Ebenezer Perkins of Lyme, Conn.


Elisha Beckwith, 646, born at New London, Conn., January 13th, 1682; married Nancy Perkins of Lyme, Conn.; moved to Lyme, Conn., where they both died.

649. James; born Lyme, Conn., in 1711.

650. Elisha.

651. Prudence.

652. Huldah.


Elisha Beckwith, 650, born Lyme, Conn., 1718; he married Adelaide Carpenter, who was born at Lyme n 1724, and died there.

653. Rev. Roswell.

654. Samuel, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1755; settled at Hartford, Conn., he enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1776, and served in Sells’ Company, Parsons’ Regiment.

655. Nathan; born at Lyme, Conn., in 1747; settled at Waterford, Conn.; sailor. Enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1776; served in Sells’ company, Parsons’ regiment; he married Patience in 1774; he had a grandson Samuel, age 9 in 1847.

656. Abner; born Lyme, Conn., in 1857. Enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1776, Ely’s company. Conn. Line. Re-enlisted in 1777, on the Spy Boat, and served twenty-two months.


Rev. Roswell Beckwith, 653, born at Lyme, Conn., October 21st, 1753, was a Presbyterian minister; later joined the Baptist Church and became a preacher of that denomination; removed to Coeymans, N. Y., in 1795, Cazenovia, N. Y., in 1807; died February 2d, 1836; enlisted in the Continental Army, Sells’ Company, Parsons’ regiment, in 1775; he was taken prisoner at Fort Washington and placed in the prison ship in New York harbor; he married Lydia, daughter of George Dorr of Lyme; they were married January 13th, 1780; she died April 16th, 1834.

657. Deacon Barak.

658. Roswell; born at Lyme, Conn., October 8th, 1789; died August 8th, 1870; married Nancy Hudson, February 29th, 1820; she died July, 1832; his second wife was Olive King of Pompey, N. Y.; they were married September 3d, 1833; she died in 1865.

659. George; born at Lyme, Conn., February 20th, 1792; died 1814.

660. Elizabeth; born December 6th, 1782; married Chancy Jones of Coeymans, N. Y., February 3d, 1802; children: Allen; Living Rochelle, Ill.; Hiram; Living Penn Yan Pa.; Amos; his widow living Waukegan, Ill.; Ransom; died unmarried; Sally; died in Albany, leaving children.

661. Huldah; born at Lyme, Conn., November 14th, 1785; married Alva Hotchkins of Cazenovia, June 5th, 1809; children: Maria; married James Kent; living Palmyra, N. Y.; Susan; married Allen Scoville; living Sullivan, N. Y.; Lydia; married Charles Barnes; living Walworth, N. Y.

662. Eunice; born December 4th, 1787; married Peter Peck, January 6th, 1814; children: Lydia A.; married Joel Foster; Harriet; married William Davis; Daniel; married Betsy Foster; Betsy; married A. N. Clarke; William; married and left children.

663. James; born at Coeymans, N. Y., June 1st, 1796; married his cousin Mary A. Hyde of Lisle, N. Y., August 28th, 1826; she was born January 22d, 1799; and was living at Cazenovia in 1868. He served in the U. S. Army in the war of 1812. Enlisted in 1814, and served in Captain Underwood’s company.


Robert Beckwith, 48, born at Clint, Yorkshire, England; married Barbarra, daughter of James Lowenthorp of Lowenthorp.

664. John.

665. Mary.


John Beckwith, 664.

666. Sir Leonard.

667. Ambrose.

668. Jane; married William Allen.

669. William.


Sir Leonard Beckwith, 666, of Selby, High Sheriff County York, 4th year of Edward 6th, 1651; he served King Henry in his French wars, and served Edward 6th; from him received the Abbey of Selby, 1560; he was Seneschal of the Abbies of St. Marys, Ancaster and Stillingfleet, and Selby Abbey, County York, 1536. Lord of the Manor of Catfoss by purchase from Sir R. Gressham, in 1539; was knighted, admitted one of the council of the North. Admitted Corpus Christie, York 1529. Died May 7th, 1555, and was buried in York Minster; will dated April 15th, 1555; proven in 1558. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Rogers Cholmley, lord chief justice; she died November, 1583, aged sixty; buried at York Minster November 28th.

670. Roger, of Hardwicke Hall, sold his lands and Selby to Henry, Earl of Derby, and died in 1587; he married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Roger Cholmley of Roxby.

671. Francis; died young.

672. Elizabeth; married Wm. Vavasour of Weston, Co. York

673. Frances; daughter and co-heiress; married Sir George Harvey of Markes Tey, County Essex; lieutenant of London Tower.


Ambrose Beckwith, 667, of Stillingfleet, etc., by devise from his brother, Sir Leonard, was admitted Corpus Christie, York, 1531; in 1540 was granted site of Handale Abbey, and died March 10th, 1574; buried in church of Stillingfleet; he married daughter of Sir R. Metham of Luckton; living 1557; buried in church at Stillingfleet.

674. Leonard.

675. Roger.

676. Ann.

677. Elizabeth.

678. Isabel; married John Saltmarsh of Whitby.

679. Jane; married Miles Newton of Whixley, and died in 1604.

680. Grace; married Fairfax, and died in 1601.

681. Thomas.


Leonard Beckwith, 674, of Stillingfleet and Handale, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 1584; will dated July 24th, 1596.

682. Jane; daughter and heiress.


Roger Beckwith, 675, of Handale Abbey; married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Newark of Accomb, Co. York; formerly esquire of the body of Queen Mary; she died in July 29th, 1696.

683. Newark.

684. Philip.

685. Mary Ann.


Newark Beckwith, 683, of Handale Abbey, died 1656; married Mary, daughter of John Fisk of Laxfield, County Suffolk.

686. Leonard.

687. Mary.

688. Elizabeth; married Robert Lascelles of Eighshine, County York.


Leonard Beckwith, 686, of Handale Abbey; he was born in 1619, and married twice; his first wife was Theaphinia, daughter of Marmaduke Grimstone of Grimstone Garth; by this first marriage he had the following children:

689. Roger; age 18 in 1666.

690. William; died young.

691. Newark.

692. Leonard; age 14 in 1666.

693. Marmaduke; age 9 in 1666.

694. Ann; baptized in 1643.

695. Mary; married Philip Gemet of Dahsmill, Co. York.


Newark Beckwith, 691, age 16 in 1666.

696. John.

697. Roger.


John Beckwith, 696, lieutenant-colonel in the army; married Sarah Crook; she died in 1741.

698. John.


John Beckwith, 698, major-general, commanded the 20th Regiment at the battle of Minden, and the Brigade of Grenadiers and Highlanders during the Seven Years’ War, with very distinguished reputation; he married Janet, daughter of Dr. G. Wishart, Deacon of Chapel Royal, Edinburgh, and Anne, daughter of Sir James Campbell, of Orchard Argyleshire; she died in 1827, aged 97.

699. John.

700. Sir George, G. C. B.; adjutant, 1776; general and commander-in-chief of the Island of Barbadoes in 1798; lieutenant-general in 1805; governor of the Windward Islands in 1815; quartermaster-general to the forces in North America in 1814; colonel 89th Foot, 1818; commander of the forces in Ireland in 1819; born in 1753, and died in 1824; unmarried.

701. Ferdinand Amelia; ensign 33d Foot, 1779; lieutenant, 1780; colonel, 1802; brigadier general on His Majesty’s, and major of the 37th Foot; died in 1805, and was born in 1764.

702. William.

703. Sir Thomas.

704. Jessie; born in 1773, and died in 1776.


John Beckwith, 699, of Somerby Park, Co. York, born in 1751; lieutenant 16th Light Dragoons, 1776; lieutenant 79th Liverpool Vol., 1780; captain 23d Light Dragoons; married Mary Halliburton, sister of the supreme judge of Halifax, N. S., in 1818.

705. George; was in the navy, and died unmarried.

706. Charles; Major-General in the army.

707. Sydney; lieutenant-colonel of Rifle Brigade in 1848; captain in 1839; major in 1847; was killed in the Crimean War.

708. Henry Ferdinand; lieutenant-colonel in the Rifle Brigade; captain, 1830; major, 1840; died at Kingston, Canada.

709. Susan; married Lieut.-Col. Evart of Bath, in 1874.

710. Anne.

711. Mary.

712. Jessie.

713. Isabell.

714. Catherine.

715. Clementina.


Major-General Charles Beckwith, 706, born at Halifax, N. S., in 1789, and died at La Tour, France, in 1862; in 1807 was in the expedition against Denmark; in 1808 against Sweden; in 1809 in the War of the Spanish Peninsula; was present at Corunna; and in every action of importance until 1814, when he received the gold medal and rank of major, 3d March; Commander of the Bath in 1815; 95th Foot, acting-quartermaster; lieutenant-colonel, 1815; lost a leg at the battle of Waterloo; captain on half pay, 1820; Knight of St, Maurice and Lazarus; (see work, “General Beckwith, his life and labors among the Walden’s of Piedmont,” by J. P. Meille); he married a peasant girl of Piedmont, Italy.

716. Charlotte; posthumous and only child.


William George Henry Beckwith, 702, born in 1765, and died 1844; ensign 20th, and captain 62d Regiments; married Sophia Maria Johanna, daughter of Lieut.-Col, Robt. Ewing, son of Ewing of Borsham Towers, Dumphries; married in 1806, and died 1867.

717. John Ferdinand; born in 1824; lieut. of the Rifle Brigade in 1844.

718. Charlotte; married Rev. James Maringay.

719. Elizabeth; died unmarried.

720. Georgiana; died unmarried.

721. Jessie Henrietta.

722. Sophia.


Sir Thomas Sydney Beckwith, 703, K. C. B.; major-general in 1814; born in 1770; died in 1831 while in the command of the Bombay Army; acting governor of Bombay; he married twice; his second wife was Mary, eldest daughter of Sir William Douglas, Bart, and was sister of the second and third Marquis of Queensbury; she was married in 1817, and died in 1841; by his first wife, Clementina, daughter of Laughman, she died in Canada in 1815, he had the following children:

723. Ferdinand; died young.

724. Thomas Sydney; in the Rifle Brigade; died 1827.

725. Jessie Philadelphia; died in 1822.

726. Ann Clementina; married in 1830 to E. Wilson of Rigmaden Hall, Westmoreland.


Leonard Beckwith, 686, of Handale Abbey; married his second wife, who was Anne, daughter of John Theiry of Heward, Co. York, by whom he had the following children:

727. Albert; age 1 in 1666.

728. Helen; age 3 years in 1666.


Thomas Beckwith, 681, of Poppleton; married Isabel, daughter and heiress of Guy Franklin of Nether Poppleton; she was buried at Poppleton, May, 1613.

729. Ambrose; buried at Poppleton in 1665.

730. Leonard; buried at Poppleton in 1663.

731. Roger.

732. Henry of Nether Poppleton; buried there in 1663; unmarried.

733. Susannah; born at Poppleton in 1569.

734. Elizabeth; married John Routh of Ricall, Co. York.

735. Mary.

736. Margarette; buried at Poppleton in 1640.

737. Mary; buried at Poppleton in 1640.


Roger Beckwith, 731, buried at Poppleton in 1677; married Elizabeth, daughter of William Stiles.

738. John of Poppleton; buried there in 1689; married Mary, daughter of Henry Smithson of Brompton, Co. York; buried there.

739. Ambrose.

740. Elizabeth; born in 1644; married in 1669 to Robert Horsefield, and died soon after.


Ambrose Beckwith, 739, of Poppleton; married Anne, daughter of W. Nelson; buried at Poppleton in 1728.

741. Roger.

742. Ambrose of Poppleton.

743. John; baptized at Poppleton in 1715, and buried there in 1717.

744. William.


Roger Beckwith, 741, of Poppleton, until about 1746 when he sold his property there; died at Heningborough; buried there in September, 1787; he married Catherine, daughter of Ralph Bray of Woodhall near Herningborough.

745. Roger.

746. Ambrose.

747. William of Poppleton in 1738; buried there in 1740.

748. Thomas; baptized in 1745.

749. John; dead in 1758.

750. Elizabeth.

751. Dorothy.

752. Catherine.

753. Amabilla; died unmarried.


Rev. Roger Beckwith, 745, of Nun Monkton, Co. York; by his second wife, Dorothy, daughter of James Short of Martin’s Hall, Hasworth, Co. Notts; she died in 1789; he had the following children:

754. Rev. Thomas; born November, 1768, at Nun Monkton; in 1836 was living, unmarried.


Rev. Roger Beckwith, 745; by first wife Mary, daughter of John Comfort of Newton-on-Ouse, he had

755. Ambrose; baptized at Nun Monkton in 1758; drowned in the North Sea in 1778.

756. Hannah; buried at Nun Monkton in 1778.

757. Catherine; buried at Nun Monkton in 1768.

758. Elizabeth; buried at Newton-upon-Ouse in 1788.

759. Mary; baptized at Nun Monkton in 1760; married Thomas Wright of Richmond, in June, 1785, and was buried in Richmond, Co. York, in 1800.


Ambrose Beckwith, 746, baptized August 17th, 1713, at Poppleton; married Hannah Rhodes of Bradford.

760. Ann, or Nancy; baptized at Bradford in 1755; buried at St Olives, Co. York; age 93.


William Beckwith, 744, lieutenant, 2d Dragoon Guards; baptized at Poppleton in 1717, and buried there in 1769; married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hunt of Lyme Regis, Co. Norfolk.

761. William.

762. Ambrosia.

763. Elizabeth.


William Beckwith, 669.

764. William.

765. James.


William Beckwith, 764, merchant of York; free in 1530; chamberlain in 1540; sheriff in 1543; lord mayor in 1555; governor of the Merchants’ Company in 1555; seized at his death of the site of the Priory of the Carmelites or White Friars, York; died July 31st, 1586; buried at the Church of St. Croix; married Alicia Rose, December 7th, 1548; she died August 16th, 1598; buried in the Church of St. Croix.

766. Leonard; sheriff, Co. York, 1587; died 1615.

767. Robert

768. Christopher of St. John’s; alderman of York.

769. Mary; second wife of Alderman Hall; survived him and was buried in St, Croix, December 14th, 1622.


Robert Beckwith, 767, of York, buried April 5th, 1586.

770. John; buried August, 1566.

771. Michael; buried 1568.

772. Edith; born 1567.


James Beckwith, 765.

773. Alice; married Wm. Wyville.


William Beckwith, 106, baptized at Featherstone, Yorkshire, England, in 1571; removed to London; merchant tailor. Emigrated to Virginia in 1607, wiith Captain John Smith, in the ship ” Phoenix,” landing at Jamestown in the Virginia Colony in 1607.

774. Henry.

775. A daughter.


Henry Beckwith, 774, born possibly in Virginia; received a land grant in Maryland, dated Oct 5th, 1669, from Lord Baltimore, for “transporting himself from Virginia,” He settled in Dorchester Co., Maryland; will made 1717; proven Oct 27th, 1717.

776. Henry.

777. Nehemiah.


Henry Beckwith, 776, born in Dorchester Co., Md.; appeared in a suit against his brother in 1719; married Mary, who was born in Dorchester Co., Md.; her will was proven July 8th, 1758.

778. Nehemiah.

779. Charles.

780. Samuel; born in Dorchester Co., Md.; inherited Refuse Neck from his father; was living in 1770.

781. Mary; married Vickers, mentioned in will.

782. Elizabeth; married Taylor, mentioned in will.

783. Margarette; married Thomas Corp, mentioned in will.


Nehemiah Beckwith, 778, born in Dorchester Co., Md., about 1721; Living 1758; mentioned in will of Mary Beckwith.

784. Jeremiah.

785. Henry.

786. Nehemiah.


Jeremiah Beckwith, 784, born Neck district in Dorchester Co., Md., about 1755; died there; married Catherine Wheatly, who was born and died near Cambridge, in Dorchester Co., Md.

787. Jeremiah.

788. Mary.

789. Hennie.

790. Wheatly.


Jeremiah Beckwith, 787, born Neck district in Dorchester Co., Md., and died there; married Charlotte Childerson, December 28th, 1819; born and died in Dorchester Co., Md.

791. Aurania; married J. E. Davis.

792. William B.

793. Henry White; unmarried in 1889.


William B. Beckwith, 798, born in Dorchester Co., Md., January 11th, 1831; farmer; living there in 1889; married Annie E. Williams, April 9th, 1863; she was born February 22d, 1841.

794. Oscar C.; born February 2d, 1864.

795. Katie; born December 27th, 1865.

796. William F.; born October 7th, 1868.

797. Edward B.; born December 25th, 1870.

798. Lottie C.; born May 1st, 1873.

799. Maggie M.; born January 11th, 1876.

800. Roma; born October 16th, 1878.


Wheatly Beckwith, 790, born Vienna district, Md.; died Neck district, Dorchester Co., Md., in 1856.

801. Rev. Jeremiah H.; died unmarried, age 28;

802. Catherine; married Joe Simmons; he died; she was living in Cambridge, Md., in 1889, having several children.

803. Job W.


Job W. Beckwith, 803, born Cambridge district Md., November 19th, 1829; he resided at Airys, Md.; married Mary A. Wheeler, December 6th, 1850; she was born December 27th, 1830; he married a second time to Miss Mawbray; the following children were by his first wife:

804. Walter H.; living at Airys, Md., in 1889.

804a. Charies W.

805. Sadie W.; living at Airys, Md., in 1889.

806. William P.; born at Cambridge, Md., November 12th, 1856; in 1890 was principal of East New Market, Md., Academy; married Sallie W. Spedden, December 27th, 1882; she was born Dorchester Co., Md., August 31st 1859; no children.


Nehemiah Beckwith, 777, died in Dorchester Co., Md., prior to 1770; married Frances; her will was made June 18th, 1734, and proved August 15th, 1734.

807. Dorothy.

808. Elizabeth; married Ennals; mentioned in her mother’s will.


Henry Beckwith, 785, born in Dorchester Co., Md., about 1758; died there in 1842; married Miss Mitchell; had several children, but all died young; his second marriage was to Miss Taylor, by whom he had the following children:

809. Catherine; born in 1796; married ______ Travers; she died October 26th, 1887; her daughter Catherine married her cousin, William W. Beckwith.

810. Nehemiah; born in Md., and moved to Georgia.


Nehemiah Beckwith, 786, born in Dorchester Co., Md., in 1761; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army 1781; in the Maryland militia for four months’ service, in Captain Stapleford’s Co.; he again enlisted in 1782 for one year; married three times, and died in 1844; his third wife was Cornelia Mitchell, sister of his brother’s wife.

811. Nehemiah.

812. John M.

813. ______; married Mr. Thompson.


Nehemiah Beckwith, 811, born in Dorchester Co., Md., 1791; died there in 1878; married Mary Wheeler in 1820; she died in 1867.

814. John M.

815. Rebecca; born in 1820; died in 1870; married J. L. Radcliff of Dorchester Co.


John M. Beckwith, 814, born in Dorchester Co., October 10th, 1821; county treasurer, member State Legislature, merchant; and was postmaster of Cornersville in 1889; married Henrietta Ennals Corners in 1851, of Dorchester Co.

816. Mollie; born 1852; married Rev. Wm. E. Evans of Richmond, Va., December 29th, 1873; was pastor of a church at Richmond, Va., in 1889; they had three daughters and one son.

817. Nettie; married Dr. C. F. Newbill, in 1878, who was practicing medicine at Millenback, Va., in 1889; they have two children, daughters.

818. Samuel C.; born September 24th, 1854; married C. M. Corey, January 26th, 1882; living in New York city in 1889.

819. Robert; born in 1854.

820. J. Tripp; living in New York city, 1889.

821. Bunnie.

822. J. Ennals.


John M. Beckwith, 812, born in Dorchester Co., Md., 1801; died there in 1885; married Miss Kirby.

823. Thomas.

824. Sarah; died unmarried.

825. Nehemiah; born Dorchester Co., Md., married and had several children.


Thomas Beckwith, 823, born in Dorchester Co., Md.; married Miss Wheeler.

826. Jennie; married G. Slocum; Living Dorchester Co., Md., in 1889.


Charles Beckwith, 779, mentioned in will of Mary Beckwith; he was living in 1756.

827. Lemuel.


Lemuel Beckwith, 827, born at Cornersville, Md., about 1745; died there.

828. William.


William Beckwith, 828, born at Cornersville Md., about 1767, and died there; married Jane Childerson, in 1808.

829. Mary E.; born in 1808.

830. Sarah Jane.

831. Susan.

832. William W.

833. George W.

834. James.

835. Margarette; born at Cornersville, Md., January 28th, 1813; married John Hubbard, December 4th, 1834; living in Dorchester Co., Md., in 1889; they had children: Susan; William; Mary, born September 22d, 1840; married Wherette, December 18th, 1859; living Dorchester Co., Md., 1889; Francis, and Margarette.


William W. Beckwith, 832, born in Dorchester Co., Md., April 22d, 1820; married his cousin Miss Travers, in June, 1846, and moved to Hannibal, Mo.; was Living at Pony, Montana Territory, in 1889.

836. Thomas James; born February 2d, 1853; living in 1889, at Pony, M. T.

837. Arthur John; born October 26th, 1861; living in 1889, at St Louis, Mo.

838. William H.; born in Dorchester Co., Md., March 4th, 1857; ranchman; Pony, M. T., in 1889.

839. Kate; born September 10th, 1855; married October 4th, 1882, W. C. McGastle of Pony, M. T.; living there in 1889.

840. Mary M.; born Dorchester Co., Md., May 30th, 1850; married M. W. Medor, December 16th, 1877; and in 1889 was living at Pony.


Titus Beckwith, 573, farmer of Lyme, Conn.; married Lizzie Howard of Lyme; he died at Chelsea, N. Y., in 1802.

841. Wheeler.

842. Daniel.

843. Rufus.


Rufus Beckwith, 843, born at Chelsea, N. H., in 1764; soldier in the Continental Army in 1786, for nine months’ service; he was living in 1861; married Thankful Sadie; she was born May 12th, 1765.

844. Martha; born January 12th, 1790; married Saulsbury; she was Living in 1886; children: Reuben, Alex., Henry, Roderick, Charles, Eliz., Russel, John, Hannah, Miriame.

845. Sammie; born 1791.

846. Josiah; born 1796; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1814; participated in the battles of Plattsburg and Burlington, and was wounded at Plattsburg; married Martha Plaistiel in 1817.

847. Edward W.; born 1798.

848. Rufus, Jr.; born 1800.


Ruel Beckwith, 574, born Lyme, Conn., August 8th, 1742; by trade a mason; died December 11th, 1790; married Sarah Wood, December 9th, 1773.

849. Francis.

849a. Titus.

850. Ruel; born September 12th, 1778.

851. Nathan; born January 30th, 1781.

852. Betsy; born April 9th, 1790; died December 3d, 1790.

853. Sarah; born at Lyme, Conn., August 8th, 1787.

853a. Richard; born April 15th, 1780.


Titus Beckwith, 849a, born at Lyme, Conn., November 2d, 1776; farmer; died July 21st, 1854; married Lucy Chappel of Montville, February 11th, 1798; died March 13th, 1870.

854. Ruel.

855. William.

856. Betsy; born March 12th, 1802; died October 25th, 1848.

857. Daniel; born March 31st, 1805; died December 31st 1885.

858. Rebecca G.; born Lyme, June 1st, 1811; married J. M. Smith of East Lyme, November 26th, 1844; one child Louisa; they were living at East Lyme in 1889.

858a. Titus; born December 11th, 1806; died January 18th, 1864.

859. Sarah A.; born June 10th, 1813; died March 4th, 1886; married R. L. Chadwick of South Lyme, November 3d, 1840; one child, Sarah Ann.

859a. Lucy; born August 26th, 1808; died February 16th, 1817.

859b. Mercy; born November 5th, 1816; died September 13th, 1825.


Ruel Beckwith, 854, born Lyme, December 13th, 1800; farmer; died March 10th, 1870; married Julia A. Chappel, daughter of William Chappel of East Lyme, October 15th, 1822; died February 22d, 1883.

860. Lucy; born February 8th, 1827; married J. R. Spencer, October 16th, 1827, of East Lyme; children: Jennie, Emma and May Ella; they were all Living at Norwich, Conn., in 1889.

861. Francis F.; born June 4th, 1829.

862. Marcus N.; born 1836; died 1881.

863. William C.; born May 21st, 1840; died July 28th, 1876; married Sophia Hollenbeck, at Athens, N. Y.; left no children.


William Beckwith, 855, born Lyme, November 26th, 1803; married Carolina Champion, 1831.

864. William W.; born 1832; died 1872.

865. Hiram; born July 29th, 1834.

866. Niles C.; born April 27th, 1838.

867. Esther A; born May 11th, 1840; married J. Lamont, October 23d, 1872.

868. Rev. Osborn Thaddeus; born Lyme, October 18th, 1843; prof. Trinity College, Hartford, 1886.


Nathan Beckwith, 851, born Lyme, September 12th, 1778; removed to Oswego, N. Y., and died there; married Dalinda Appleton; she died at Oswego, N. Y.

869. Edgar.

869a. Appleton.

870. Betsy.

871. Dalinda.

872. Emily.

873. Thirsa.

874. Nathan R.


Nathan R. Beckwith, 874, born in the State of N. Y., 1800; married twice; his first wife was Phebey, who was born at Ontario, N. Y., 1806.

875. Appleton.

876. Augustus.

877. Addison.

878. Carolina.

879. Francis Jefferson.


Francis J. Beckwith, 879, born at Ontario, N. Y., in 1834; farmer; married Sarah Greenmeyer, at Steuben, Ind.; born Ohio, 1841; he was living, in 1889, at Saticoy, Cal.

880. Caroline M.; born September 20th, 1861.

881. Charles F.; born January 12th, 1863.

882. Delbert F.; born January 21st, 1869.

883. Emma G.; born October 22d, 1875.


Amos Beckwith, 576 born April 17th, 1730; died December 6th, 1822; removed to Marlow, N. H. 1787, and afterward to Sutton, Vt.; Baptist minister; soldier Continental Army, Parsons Reg. Conn, Line; married Susan Truman; born New London, August 4th, 1760; died at Sutton, Vt., September 18th, 1839.

884. Abigail; born June 8th, 1781; died Au ust 22d, 1796.

885. Daniel; born October 15th, 1783; married 1809, Sylvia Newall of Burke, Vt.; she was born January 27th, 1790; died November 11th, 1867.

886. Truman.

887. Rebecca; born March 17th, 1786; married Rufus Newall, in 1805; died March 18th, 1812; they lived at Jay, Essex Co., N. Y.; he married secondly, Betsy, daughter of Ira Beckwith, and died February, 1859.

888. John.

889. Elizabeth; born March 21st, 1789; married Truman Newall, of Sutton, May 24th, 1824; died January 24th, 1843.

890. Sylvania; born December 26th, 1795; married 1825, Arad Ball of Newark, Vt.


Truman Beckwith, 886, born October 15th, 1783; married 1st, August 5th, 1814; Alice, daughter of Isaac Brown, born January 2d, 1790; died August 19th, 1837; married 2d, November 6th, 1838, Mrs, Abbey M. Cooke, daughter of George Hall, of Newport, born October 14th, 1808; died May 2d, 1873; merchant of Providence, R. I.; by last marriage no issue.

891. Susan; born June 13th, 1815; married January 9th, 1838; died February 5th, 1851; married Arthur S. Train of Framingham, Mass.; Baptist minister.

892. Amey Brown; born April, 1817; died June 23d, 1825.

893. Henry Truman; born December 22d, 1818; living Providence, R. I., in 1889.

894. Abbey Green; born October 4th, 1820; living in Providence, R. I., in 1889.

895. Amos Newall.

896. Isaac Brown; born 1825; died 1825.


Amos Newall Beckwith, 895, born December 4th, 1822; cotton manufacturer; married November 15th, 1848, Clara C. Lippitt, daughter of Warren Lippitt, of Providence, born May 5th, 1828; died June 15th, 1879.

897. Daniel; born September 13th, 1849; Brown Uni, 1870; librarian of Prov. Atheneum since 1879; living Prov. in 1889.

898. Alice D.; born June 13th, 1852; died September 18th, 1884; married Earnest L. Oppenheim of New York, late U. S. consul.

899. Robert Lippitt

900. Truman.

901. Helen Stuart; born June 8th, died September 14th, 1861.

902. Warren Lippitt; born September 12th, 1867; Living in Chicago in 1889.


Robert Lippitt Beckwith, 899, born October 14th, 1855; manufacturer of laces and yams, at Scituate, R. I., in 1889; married Carrie, February 2d, 1887, daughter of Henry L. Joslin of Prov., R. I.

903. Amos; born August 22d, 1880.

904. Henry Truman; born March 26th, 1882.

905. William; born June 6th, 1884.

906. Alice Brown; born November 6th, 1885.

907. Daniel; born December 25th, 1888.


Truman Beckwith, 900, born August 24th, 1859; cotton manufacturer at Prov., 1889; married Harriet C. daughter of Henry L. Parsons of Prov., February 2d, 1887; born September 18th, 1860.

908. Truman; born October 10th, 1887.


John Beckwith, 888, born October 12th, 1789; died May 10th, 1874; lawyer at Sutton, Vt.; married Matilda Shaw, daughter of Jacob Shaw of Sutton; born April 12th, 1797; died March 7th, 1882.

909. Ladeska; born August 7th, 1821; Living at Sutton, Vt.; married Rufus D. Wilson of Sutton; he died 1884.

910. Corydon.

911. Amos Beckwith; born at Sutton, Vt., October 4th, 1825; graduate West Point Military Academy, in 1850; served in the Seminole war; during the Civil war as chief commissary at Washington; chief commissariat of the military division of the Mississippi; on staff of General Sherman in Atlanta campaign; after the war was chief Com. Department of the Gulf; brev. brig.-genl., U. S. A., March 13th, 1863; lt-col. on general’s staff, June 23d, 1874; commissary-general, and stationed in St. Louis, Mo., in 1889 (see Roll of Honor).

912. Laura Enos; born October 10th, 1827; married David Joy of Cambridge, Mass., July 5th, 1843; living there in 1889.

913. Daniel Newall.

914. Truman.

915. John; born June 15th, 1835; unmarried and living in St, Louis, Mo., in 1889; in the government service.

916. Henry Nehemiah; born 1838; died 1863.

917. Kate Susan; born October 10th, 1843.

918. Sarah Elizabeth; born April 20, 1840; living in Sutton, Vt., in 1889.


Hon. Corydon Beckwith, 910, born Caledonia Co., Vt, July 24, 1823; removed to Chicago, 1853; judge Illinois State Supreme Court 1863; general solicitor C. A. & S. L. R. Co., in 1864; lawyer, Chicago, Ill., in 1889; past superior judge of Illinois (Court); married Mary Ann Smith of St, Albans, Vt., in 1849; he died at Highlands, Ill., his country seat, August 18th, 1890.

919. Mary Ann; married Cutter; Living in Cincinati, Ohio, in 1889.

920. Henry W.; U. S. consul at Bermuda in 1889.

921. John William; Yale University in 1889.


Daniel Newall Beckwith, 913, born June 10th, 1830; merchant and postmaster at Ludlow, Mass., in 1889; married Mandville Colby of Burks, Vt.

922. Mary Ellen; born October 17th, 1861.

923. Henry.

924. Allce.


Truman Beckwith, 914, born December 22d, 1832; formerly surveyor-general of Iowa; living at Comancha, Iowa, in 1889; married 1st, Salinda C. Angier; died July 2d, 1868; married 2d, Violla A. Finney of Comancha, Iowa.

925. Laura May; born December 29th, 1861; married John Tong; living at Pleasant Home, Neb., in 1889.

926. Henry Truman; born January 4th, 1864; living at Vail, Iowa, unmarried.

927. Fannie Augusta; born May 24th, 1872.

928. Charles Finney; born August 25th, 1876.


Ira Beckwith, 576, born 1760; settled in Ackworth in 1801; died January 7th, 1829; farmer; married Hannah Whelock, 1789, of Marlow; born 1761; died May 22d, 1850.

929. Jared.

930. Rebecca.

931. Stephen.

932. Philinda.

934. Betsy.

935. Polly; born June 19th, 1795; died at Iona, Mich., in 1885; married and had following children: Chloe, Mary, Lucy, Betsy, Elone, Royal, Henry.

936. Annie.

937. Daniel.

938. Eunice.

939. Abigail.


Amon Beckwith, 577, born 1762; removed to Marlow, N. H.; married Sarah Brown of Alstead, N. H., born 1763; died June 28th, 1837.

940. Amos.

941. Willard.

942. Rhoda.

943. Charles.


Charles Beckwith, 943, born Marlow, N. H.; re moved to Fitchburg, N. H.; married Mindwell Alexander.

944. Alvah A.

945. Sarah L.

946. Charles L.


Alvah A. Beckwith, 944, born Fitchburg, N. H. July 4th, 1815; died November l7th, 1868; married 1st, Lucy Fairbanks, May 15th, 1841; married 2d, Sarah Goodrich, May 29th, 1855.

947. Francis A.; born Fitchburg, January 4th, 1868; living there in 1889.

947a. Charles; born November 30th, 1860; died January 25th, 1854, unmarried.

947b. Ellen; born September 27th, 1841; died July, 1851, unmarried.

947c. Maria; born January 25th, 1843; died November 5th, 1858, unmarried.

947d. Sarah; born April 16th, 1857; died September 22d, 1857, unmarried.


James Beckwith, 566, born Lyme, Ct, April 1st, 1725; died at Bristol, Conn., October 12th, 1764; married Lucy Griswold, April 10th, 1755, born Lyme, September 28th, 1729.

948. Thomas; born Lyme, Conn., 1755; removed to R. I.; to Exeter, Otsego Co., N. Y.; married Azubah Pinckney in 1786.

949. James.

950. Zachariah.


Zachariah Beckwith, 950, born at Bristol, Conn., February 14th, 1761; died there May 21st, 1811; married Eunice Gaylord, born October 18th, 1764; died at Bristol, 1846.

951. Anna.

952. Lucy; married James McKinney; children, Alice, married Ira Fish, Perry, Frank, Fred, Eva, Earnest.

953. Philander.

954. Eunice; married Rev. E. A. Atkins of Bristol.

955. Samuel G.; moved to Girard, Ala.

956. Sidney.

957. Dana.

958. Zachariah.

959. James.

960. Anson.


Dana Beckwith, 957, born Bristol, Conn., April 18th, 1793; died there July 31st, 1889; married Esther Ritchie, October 3d, 1817, born at Bristol, February 13th, 1798; died July 4th, 1888.

961. Mary C.; born 1820; died 1845.

962. George; born 1826; died 1826.

963. Lucy; born June 23d, 1827; living at Bristol in 1889.

964. Henry.


Henry Beckwith, 964, born July 28th, 1821; died November 28th, 1887; married Charlotte M. Skinner, July 14th, 1851.

965. Julia E.; born July 28th, 1872.

966. Mary C.; born June 27th, 1856; married Louis B. Brewster, October 9th, 1878; living at Bristol in 1889.


Zachariah Beckwith, 958, born Bristol, Conn., October 22d, 1795, resided in Monckton, Vt, until August, 1822, when he moved to Middlebury, Vt, and died there March 15th, 1862; married Julia Smith, November 26th, 1818, born Monckton, Vt, November 25th, 1799; died September 22d, 1886.

967. Julius A.; born February 10th, 1821; lawyer; died December 3d, 1857; married Abbey Wainwright, June 26th, 1847, born 1824; she was living in Middlebury, Vt., in 1889.

968. Julia A.; born February 9th, 1825; married W. S. Goodrich, November 18th, 1874; Living at Middlebury, Vt., in 1889.

969. Buel Smith.


Buel Smith Beckwith, 969, born Middlebury, Vt., September 24th, 1834; merchant there in 1889; married Emma Wainwright, January 16th, 1867; born Boston, March 24th, 1843.

970. Robert; born Middlebury, 1879; died 1879.

971. William; born April 28th, 1881.


James Beckwith, 959, born November 9th, 1797; removed to Smithville, Tenn., in 1820; farmer; died 1859; married Rachel B. Roulston, March 3d, 1822; born Knoxville, Tenn., October 15th, 1804.

972. Zachariah; born Smithsville; died unmarried.

973. Dana; born 1832.

974. Sidney; born 1830.

975. Olivia; born 1838; died 1860; unmarried.

976. Harriette; born Carthage, Tenn.; married G. H. Kill.

977. George.

978. James.

979. Samuel Grant; born 1834; served in the War of the Rebellion in the 54th Reg. Tenn. Inf. C. S. A., 1861-4.

980. Anson Gaylord; born 1836; sergeant 23d Reg. Tenn. Inf., C. S. A., 1861; killed at battle of Chattanooga,

981. William Devereaux.

982. Irenus.


George Beckwith, 977, born Carthage, Tenn., February 11th, 1824; farmer; at Lebanon, Tenn., in 1889; married Fannie M. Winson, May 18th, 1835; born Vicksburg, Miss.

983. Carrie; died young.

984. James; died young.

985. Harriet; died young.

986. Andrew; died young.

987. Hugh; died young.

988. Rachel; born July 29th, 1874.


James Beckwith, 978, born December 6th, 1825; farmer; Smithville, Tenn., in 1889; married Matilda Whaley, March 25th, 1849; born Liberty, Tenn., October 18th, 1832.

989. James E.; born March 16th, 1851; married Cornelia Martin, December 23d, 1886; living at Smithville in 1889.

990. Lemuel M.; born February 10th, 1868; farmer; Smithville, Tenn., in 1889; married Sarah H. Keith, October 10th, 1888.

991. William G.; born December 8th, 1854.

992. Sidney H.; born May 21st, 1864.

993. Thomas D.; born May 18th, 1866.

994. Charies E.; born June 26th, 1878.


William Devereaux Beckwith, 981, born White Co., Tenn., May 30th, 1840; farmer; at Smithville, Tenn., in 1889; married twice; his first wife, Ellen B. Rogers, September 6th, 1879, born Mt, Pleasant, Tenn., September 18th, 1855.

995. Jonathan R.; died young.

996. Mary I.; died young.


William Devereaux Beckwith, 981, his second wife, Laura Williams, married November 23d, 1884, born February 28th, 1864.

997. Berta; born August 21st, 1885.

998. Mary R.; born June 29th, 1886.

999. Thomas Fite; born December 16th, 1889.


Irenus Beckwith, 982, born February 19th, 1843; in 1889, living in Alexandria, Tenn.; farmer; his first wife, Bettie Brandon, married June 12th, 1871, born October 25th, 1843.

1000. James W.; born October 20th, 1871; clerk bank, of Alexandria, Tenn., in 1889.


Irenus Beckwith, 982, second wife, Sarah A. Barry, married April 15th, 1879, born Wilson Co., Tenn., October 27th, 1859.

1001. Henry W.; born April 17th, 1881.

1002. Mattie B.; born March 1st, 1885.

1003. Frank B.; born September 20th, 1882.

1004. Ellen; born July 19th, 1889.

1005. Benjamin McM.; born November 15th, 1886.


Samuel Beckwith, 578, born Norwich, Conn.; removed to Cornwallis, N. S., and settled at Halifax, N. S.; married Rebecca Chapman of Lyme, Conn.

1006. Marvin H.


Marvin H. Beckwith, 1006, born at Halifax, N. S., and died there; married Eunice Pinneo.

1007. George C.

1008. Rev. William; living in N. S. in 1889.


George C. Beckwith, 1007, born Halifax, N. S.; ranchman in Colorado in 1889; married Tamison Heath, born Boston, Mass.; granddaughter of Richard Heath, general in the Revolutionary Army.

1009. Rev. Loring E.

1010. Elton F.; ranchman Ula, Colo., in 1889; married Elsie, and had daughter Vellma.

1011. Edwin F.; living at Ula, Colo., in 1889.

1012. Vellma; married S. A. Ford.

1013. Edella; married S. F. Edgar; living at Woodbridge, N. J., in 1889,


Rev. Loring E. Beckwith, 1009, born Maine, February 12th, 1845; living at Cambridge, Mass., in 1889; married Alice Houghton, April 28th, 1871, born Boston, Mass.; he graduated at Harvard College in 1864; Harvard Divinity School in 1870; settled as a Unitarian minister, at Denver, Colo., Augusta, Me., Milford, N. H.; for several years has devoted himself to lecturing on English literature.

1014. Theodora M.; born Cambridge, April 13th, 1880.


Marvin Beckwith, 679, born Conn., resided at Southington; moved to Cairo, Green Co., N. Y.; died at Southington, ~N, Yr

1016. Alva.

1016. Clark

1017. James.

1018. Ira.

1019. Lorin.

1020. Dianna.

1021. Sarah.

1022. Sophia.

1023. Harriet.

1024. Andre; born 1803; living at Chester, Ohio, in 1889.


Alva Beckwith, 1015, born Cairo, N. Y., May 29th, 1787; died October 21st, 1835; married Maud Brush, October 21st, 1819, born N. Y. July 10th, 1800; he settled at Clarence Co., N. Y., and then moved to Monroe, Mich., where he bought out a tavern or stage house, which he carried on to his death, in 1835; his widow and children removed to Willoughby, Ohio, where she was still residing in 1889.

1025. Dianna; born Clarence, Mich., 1820; married and residing in Willoughby, 1889; her children: Alva C. Nutter; born 1844; Libbie; born 1840; married Astog; Ernest L.; born 1853; living in Willoughby, 1889.

1026. Anna; born Monroe, Mich., 1834; married ______ James.

1027. Elvina; born 1827; married; died 1857; left one child, Mrs. Orville Dean, living Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889.

1028. James.

1029. Marvin E.


Marvin E. Beckwith, 1029, born Clarence, N. Y., November 4th, 1823; photographer at Cleveland, Ohio; died there December 13th, 1887; married M. McLeod; born Prescott, Canada, January 6th, 1819; daughter of General McLeod, the Canadian patriot.

1030. Hattie; born Ohio in 1847; married H. Roosa of Cleveland; Living there in 1889; children: Frank E.; born 1875; died 1875; Effie B.; born 1877; Bessie M.; born 1880; died 1882.

1031. Alvira; married Ardville.

1032. Alva Donald.


Alva Donald Beckwith, 1032, born Willoughby, Ohio, September 26th, 1849; photographer at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; married Jennie A. Mark, in March, 1875; born Cleveland, November 5th, 1853.

1033. Mark E.; born Cleveland, June 4th, 1877.

1034. Henry H.; born April 5th, 1884.


Handly Beckwith, 580, born in Conn.; died at Cornwallis, N. S.; married Catherine Newcomb, in 1782, born and died in Cornwallis.

1035. John.

1036. Joseph.

1037. James E.

1038. Lavinia.

1039. Mary.

1040. Handly.

1041. Daniel.

1042. Holmes.

1043. Mayhew.


Mayhew Beckwith, 1043, born Cornwallis, N. S., in 1798; died 1871; married Eunice Rand, March 21st 1829, born N. S. 1808; he was a member of the Provincial Parliament for twenty years, from Hicks Co.

1044. Ellen; married J. E. Masters, St, Johns, N. B.

1045. Crassie; married H. Randle; living Lawrenceton, N. S., in 1889.

1046. Mary; married V. Landy; living Digby, N. S., 1889.

1047. Adelia; married Dr, Sheffield; living St, Johns, N. B., 1889.

1048. Leliah; married Wentworth of Sheffield, N. S.

1049. Edward M.

1050. Burpee, M. D. Imperial Staff of the Court at Jamaica, W. I., in 1889; married and has children.

1051. Robert Nelson.

1052. John Albert.


Robert N. Beckwith, 1051, born Cornwallis, N. S., April 2d, 1834; married Annie Graves, September 23d, 1856; born Windsor, N. S., March 1st, 1832.

1053. Horace L.; born Halifax, September 22d, 1857; lawyer there in 1889.

1054. Mayhew; born January 3d, 1860; living North West Territory in 1890.

1055. Charles E.

1056. Robert B.; born November 6th, 1862; living at Boston, Mass., in 1889.

1057. Laura E.; born October 18th, 1875.

1058. Ernest S.; born July 4th, 1867; living at Halifax, N. S., 1890.


John A. Beckwith, 1052, born at Cornwallis, N. S., in 1830; farmer; living at Middleton, N. S., in 1889; married Rebecca Barnaby, June 10th, 1852, born April 12th, 1823.

1059. William S.; born March 30th, 1853; living Victoria, B. C. in 1890.

1060. Author; born October 25th, 1854; living Missoula Co., Montana, in 1890.

1061. John L.; born March 5th, 1856; living Victoria, B. C. 1890.

1062. Herbert; born November 27th, 1861; living Portland, Oregon, 1888.

1062a. Alfred; born August 7th, 1861; living at Portland, Oregon, 1888.

1063. Henry; born April 7th, 1864, at Portland, Oregon, 1888.

1064. Norman; born June 7th, 1860.


Nehemiah Beckwith, 582, born in Conn., drowned at Frederickston, N. S.; married Julia Le Brun, born Canada in 1790.

1065. Francis M.; married Greensward.

1066. Julie; married Hart.

1067. Sophie; married J. S. Marsh.

1068. Charles.

1069. Amelia.

1070. Hon. John A.


Hon. John A. Beckwith, 1070, born Frederickston, N. S., December 18th; lawyer and member of Provincial Parliament; married A. C. Jonette.

1071. Julia A.; married J. K. Hazen.

1072. Amelia C.; Living at St. Johns, N. B., in 1889.

1073. Thomas A.


Thomas A. Beckwith, 1073, born N. B., October 10th, 1829; merchant; married Charlotte Whitesides, September 21st, 1865; living at Oronocto, N. B., in 1889.

1074. Adolphus J.; born August 5th, 1860.

1075. Eliza; born September 25th, 1868.

1076. Gertrude M.; born April 4th, 1872.

1077. George Frederick; born February 11th, 1877.

1078. Robert; born June 6th, 1877.

1079. Fannie; born September 25th, 1880.


Samuel Beckwith, 584, born N. B.; died Buffalo, N. Y.; married Adalaide Le Brun, she was born in Canada in 1798; died at Albion, N. Y., December 1st, 1873.

1080. Elizabeth.

1080a. Francis X.

1081. Mary Ann.

1081a. George L.

1082. James F.


Francis X. Beckwith, 1080, born in Maine, March 29th, 1808; removed to Scottsville, Canada; died Gates, N. Y., in 1886; married Hannah Goodhue, born at Wheatland, N. Y.; when quite young he moved to Henrietta, attended the academy, removed to Scottsville and entered the furniture business, was active in the ” Patriot War of 1837,” commanding an artillery company from Wheatland, which went to the front. He was appointed sheriff, and was jailer for many years. He was buried at Oatka cemetery, near Gate, N. Y.

1083. Adelaide.

1083a. Francis M.

1084. Mary E.; married H. H. Miller of Scottsville, N. Y.; Living there in 1889.

1085. Florence; living at Rochester, N. Y., in 1889.

1086. William L.


William L. Beckwith, 1086, born Scottsville, N. Y. April 23d, 1835; farmer; U. S. Vol. Service 134th and 140th N. Y. Inf. 1861¬-5; was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of the Wilderness, May 5th, 1864, was five months in rebel hospitals and prisons, returned to his regiment, and was present at the last campaign from Petersburg to Appomattox; living at Prescot, Iowa, in 1889; married Mary Kazebeer, October 8th, 1868, born Wapello Co., Iowa, March 29th, 1845.

1087. Anna H.; born Lucas Co., Ohio, March 10th, 1876.


George L. Beckwith, 1081a, born N. B., May 23d, 1800; removed to Vermont with his parents when nine years old; living in Henrietta, Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1889; married Sarah Winslow, August 9th, 1829, born at Dartmouth, Mass., July 7th, 1805. He was at Buffalo and witnessed the entry of Com. Perry’s fleet into that port after the battle of Lake Erie, and he piloted a boat-load of officers into the harbor. In 1815 he removed to Henrietta, then a part of Pittsford, teaching school in winter and working at farming in summer; before the opening of the Erie canal the farmers would send him to Montreal to sell their produce, returning on foot through an almost unbroken wilder ness to his home in Henrietta, In 1826 he purchased fifty acres of land, the nucleus of his farm, where he died.

1088. Warren.

1089. Samuel; living at Mt, Pleasant, Iowa, in 1889.

1090. Adolphus; U. S. Vol. Service, 8th N. Y. Cav., 1861-65.

1091. Everett; U. S. Vol. Service, 8th N. Y. Cav., 1861-66.


Warren Beckwith, 1088, born in W. Henrietta, N. Y. January 21, 1833; farmer at Mt, Pleasant, Iowa, in 1889; captain 4th Iowa Cavalry, U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-65; married Lou Porter, April, 1863, born Trenton, Iowa, November 1st, 1841.

1092. Everett; born at Mt, Pleasant, Iowa, February 1st, 1864.

1093. Orville; born February 17th, 1867.

1094. Emily; born August 8th, 1869.

1095. Florence; born April 16th, 1872.

1096. Warren W.; born August 10th, 1874.

1097. George L.; born Preston, Iowa, in 1888.


James F. Beckwith, 1082, born Vermont, July 22d, 1813; died at Albert, N. Y., May 31st, 1879; married Sarah Lawson, December 5th, 1836, born Poultney, Vt., October 13th, 1816.

1098. Charles; born Rush, N. Y., September 20th, 1839; died at Albans, N. Y., in 1888; U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-66; 4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery.

1099. James.


James Beckwith, 1099, born Scottsville, N. Y., March 2d, 1841; U. S. Vol., 1861-4, 4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery; was chief of the colored bureau war department for several years after the war; married Emily Martin, August 2d, 1866, born Pembroke, N. Y., November 18th, 1844; Living Quincy, Ill., in 1889.

1100. Frank; born Quincy, Ill., November 8th, 1869.

1101. Emma; born May 19th, 1868.


Silas Beckwith, 592, born Lyme, Ct., 1746; moved to Watertown; to Elmira; to Albany, N. Y., where he kept a public house, but was driven off by the Tories for befriending Gov. Yates; he was an officer in the Revolutionary Army, enlisted 1776, three years service, was appointed captain by Gen. Yates in 1777; died at Vincennes, Indiana, October 13th, 1835, married three times, his first wife, Anna Reeves, born Conn., died Coventry, N. Y.

1102. Richard.

1103. Daniel.

1104. Henry.


Richard Beckwith, 1102, born Watertown, Conn., in 1776; when a young man moved to Newtown, now Elmira, Chemung Co., N. Y.; farmer and sheriff of Chenango Co., N. Y.; died at Elmira, N. Y. May 8th, 1836; married Sarah Holbert died July 11, 1836.

1105. Albert Alonzo.

1106. Richard R.

1107. George.

1108. Sarah A.; born June, 1802; married David Griswold; she died January 22d, 1868.

1109. Dellia; married Gilbert Dean, and their only child Dellia married Dr. John Balls; living in 1889 at Breesport, Chemung Co., N. Y.

1110. May; died 1826.

1111. Clarissa; married E. Mather; one child May.

1112. Nancy; born March 30th, 1809; died September 19th, 1841; married John Carpenter in 1830; children: Eliza, born June 16th, 1832; married Alfred Strader in 1860; living Elmira, N. Y. in 1889; Mary, born December 9th, 1833; married A. Ostrander in 1855; Thomas, born May 16th, 1836; married La V. Whitcomb; Nancy, born May 28th, 1841; married Alonzo Whitcomb.

1113. Shelden.

1114. Elizabeth; born at Elmira.

1115. Julia A.

1116. Peter C.

1117. Timothy.

1117a. Zina Amanda; died unmarried.

1117b. David; born June 17th, 1846; died unmarried.

1117c. Mary; died unmarried.


Albert Alonzo Beckwith, 1105, born 1800; druggist, N. Y. city; removed to Ridgebury, N. Y.; to Horseheads, N. Y.; died at Elmira, N. Y., November 1st, 1843; married Hannah Griswold; she died at Horseheads, now North Elmira, N. Y., about 1843.

1118. George.

1119. Edvrin Ruthvin.

1120. Townsend.

1121. Harriet; married William S. Carpenter of Big Flatts, N. Y.; their children: Jefferson B., Charles E., Clara E., married Samuel Minner; Susan L., married Willis Leonard; Harriet M.

1122. Minerva; married Louis Fitch, living Horse heads, N. Y.; their children: Albert B., married Linnie Rockwell; Townsend, Julia, Ellia C. married Henry Foy; Roa C. Anna M.

1123. Caroline; married Louis Fitch; child: Bertha C.

1124. Julia.

1125. Jefferson.


George Beckwith, 1118, living at Elmira, N. Y., in 1889; married Charlotte Palmer.

1126. Franklin P.

1127. Harriet L.

1128. Stella I.


Edwin Ruthvin Beckwith, 1119, born Southport, Chemung Co., N. Y., September 15th, 1822; removed to Ridgebury, Pa., 1847; died August 20th, 1877; married Julia P. Burt, February 5th, 1858; born Ridgebury, Pa., January 9th, 1832; she was living at Elmira, N. Y., in 1889; when he was eleven years old his father took him to dine with the postmaster of Ridgebury, Pa., Mr. John Burt, as the two elders were busy talking, young Edwin amused himself playing with a two-year-old baby girl; he declared he had lost his heart; at the death of his parents he was only twenty-one; educated his brothers and sisters to fill responsible positions in life; he engaged in the lumbering business; and moved to N. Y. engaging in the wholesale drug business, and married the little girl to whom he had lost his heart when a boy; sold out, and buying a farm at Ridgebury, entered into fruit growing; was J. P. several years, and held other offices of public trust.

1129. Hannah E.; born Ridgebury, December 21st, 1860; Living at Wheatly Hill in 1889.

1130. Julia G.; born Ridgebury, 1863; died 1863.

1131. Edwin B.; born Ridgebury, June 8th, 1870; druggist; living at Syracuse, N. Y., in 1889.

1132. James Webb; born Ridgebury, Pa., December 1st, 1865; graduate Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, March, 1888; pharmacist, Syracuse, N. Y. in 1889.


Townsend A. Beckwith, 1120, living in Cuthbertson, Nebraska, in 1889; married Sarah Pratt.

1133. Albert A.

1134. Townsend C.


Jefferson T. Beckwith, 1125, married Helen Rutherford; he died and his widow was living in Rutherford, N. J., in 1889.

1135. Leroy W.

1136. Helen W.

1137. Clara A.


Richard Ransom Beckwith, 1106, born 1800; died December 2d, 1862; married; she was living at Smeethsport, McKena Co., Penn., in 1888.

1138. William.

1139. Amanda.

1140. Amanda.

1141. Abbey; married J. C. Huston; living Elmira, N. Y., in 1889.

1142. David; living at Mozierville, Penn., in 1889.


George Beckwith, 1107, born 1807; died May 3d, 1868; married Polly Brown.

1143. Albert Alonzo, born August 20th, 1842; living at Bradford, Penn., in 1889.


Shelden Beckwith, 1113, born February 28th, 1804; died December 29th, 1851; married Betsy McHenry, December 20th, 1821; born May 12th, 1801.

1144. Ruhamah; born September 15th, 1829; died December 21st, 1885; married Wm. Green; he was living Redford, Wayne Co., Mich., in 1889; their children were: Author, born October 22d, 1860; Ida, born September 30th, 1862; married Elenor Lyons; Dexter, born January 7th, 1865; Clarence, born November 10th, 1866; Mattie, born April 27th, 1869.

1145. Martha; born July 29th, 1836; married G. Roberts, August 28th, 1865.

1146. Clarissa; born September 7th, 1841; married Edwin Sacket, December 28th, 1862; living in Redford, Mich., in 1888; their children were: Wilbur, born November 13th, 1863; Custer, born December 4th, 1864; Fred, born January 10th, 1867; Lina, born March 21st, 1869; John, born July 2d, 1870; Bertie, born May 30th, 1872; Josie, born November 10th, 1873; Milton, born May 17th, 1875; Ansel, born October 8th, 1876; Etta, born January 15th, 1880; Archie, born October 28th, 1882.

1147. James; born July 24th, 1831; died April 4th, 1847.

1148. Henry.

1149. Richard; born August 3d, 1834.


Henry Beckwith, 1148, born July 8th, 1881; married Josie, 1867; she died July 12th, 1872; married second wife, October 1st, 1884; he moved to Redford, Wayne Co., Mich.

1150. Minnie; born September 10th, 1868.

1151. Frederick; born November 29th, 1869.

1152. Lottie L.; born July 26th, 1884.


Peter C. Beckwith, 1116, born Elmira, N. Y. in 1824; died August 11th, 1877; married Betsy Powers.

1153. Charles A.; living at Ravenna, Cal., in 1889.

1154. Eliza.

1155. Ella.


Timothy Beckwith, 1117, born Elmira, February 27th, 1826; living at Bradford, Pa, in 1886; U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-64; owner of several oil wells and an extensive owner of oil shares; married Mary Rumsey, January 20th, 1867, born August 8th, 1840.

1156. Eugenia; born North Chemung, N. Y., October 5th, 1870.

1157. Clara; born Bradford, Pa., June 30th, 1880.

1158. Jessie; born Bradford, Pa., March 11th, 1872.

1159. Frederick; born March 14th, 1874.


Daniel Beckwith, 1103, born Watertown, Conn., 1770; moved, when a young man, to Newtown, now Elmira, N. Y., and settled on the south side of the Chemung river, now called Southport; was a farmer and died at Southport; married Ann Sly, born Pa.; they had three sons and six daughters.

1160. Henry Sly.

1162. Robert; married.

1163. John.

1163a. Abuna.

1163b. Louisa.

1163c. Elizabeth.

1163d. Sarah.

1163e. Mary Ann.

1163f. Lucy.


Henry Sly Beckwith, 1160, born Elmira, N. Y. June 17th, 1805; farmer; removed to Oregon, Ill.; living there 1889; married Patiance Deans, August 28th 1828; born Westchester Co., N. Y. April 1st, 1810.

1164. Elizabeth Ann; born May 2d, 1829; married Geo. H. Beers, and was living in Elmira 1889.

1165. Francis B.; born August, 1832; married Baker.

1166. Emma G.; born April, 1848; married Gambol.


Robert Beckwith, 1162, born Elmira, N. Y.; died at Southport, N. Y.; his widow was living there in 1889; on the farm owned by her father-in-law, Silas Beckwith.

1167. Dan.; living at Southport in 1889.

1168. Seth; enlisted in U. S. Army during War of 1812, from Martinsburg, N. Y.; died 1851; married Elizabeth Battles, born 1787 at Martinsburg; she moved to Easton, Mich.

1169. Marion.


John Beckwith, 1163, born Southport; farmer; died there; his widow was living there in 1889.

1170. Guy.

1172. Ida.

1173. Judd.


Henry Beckwith, 1104, born Watertown, N. Y.; farmer; died at Elmira, N. Y., March 10th, 1850.

1174. Henry; living near Elmira in 1889.

1175. Elizabeth; married Buckbee of Elmira.


Silas Beckwith, 592, his second wife, Anna Smith, born Merford Co., N. Y.; died Chemung, N. Y. May 17th, 1857; aged ninety years.

1176. Samuel.

1177. Silas.

1178. Seth Smith.

1179. Anna Y.; born December 29th, 1783; died March 24th, 1883; married D. Hungerford, October 21st, 1802; born Watertown, Conn., 1780; moved to Coventry, N. Y., 1812; died there in 1860; their children were: Rachell, born 1805; married J. P. Goble; living Fulton city, Ill., 1889; Lavinia, married Joseph E. Snell, March 9th, 1835; died March 6th, 1849; Sally, born 1816; Annie, born 1826; married J. T. Barnum; living Minneapolis in 1889; Laura, born 1822; married R. P. Baird; living Butternuts, N. Y. in 1889; David, born 1824; married M. A. Castle; Chauncy H., married E. Shoals; Susan, married H. P. Judd; Maria, born 1803; living Coventry, N. Y., 1886; married M. Hatch 1840.

1180. Isaac.


Samuel Beckwith, 1176, born Watertown, N. Y., in 1800; removed to Painted Post, N. Y.; died at New Milford, in 1865; married in Elmira, N. Y.

1181. Seth S.; living in 1889.


Seth Smith Beckwith, 1181, was living at Canisteo, N. Y., in 1889.

1182. Anso M. Hall; living at New Milford, Pa., in 1889.

1183. Ann; married David Brown of Elmira; living there in 1889.


Silas Beckwith, 1177, born at Watertown, N. Y. in 1799; removed to Painted Post; died at Big Flats, N. Y., in 1867; he was married in Elmira.

1184. Richard H.

1185. Silas.

1186. Seth.

1187. Susannah; died young.

1188. Elizabeth; died young.

1189. Ann; married David Brown; living Elmira, N. Y., in 1889.

1190. Olive.

1191. Olinda.

1192. Mathias W.


Richard H. Beckwith, 1184, born Big Flats, N. Y. in 1820; died there in 1852; married Cornelia Judson; born Elmira; died 1884.

1193. Milton H.


Milton H. Beckwith, 1193, born Big Flats, October 27th, 1857; removed to Newark, Delaware; prof, of Entomology and Pomology in Del. State Coll. at Newark, in 1889; married Eugenia Lossie; born Elmira; he is the author of numerous scientific works on Entomology and Pomology.

1194. Gertrude; born 1877.

1195. Winnifred; born 1884.

1196. Clara J.; born 1886.


Mathias W. Beckwith, 1192, born Chemung, Chemung Co., N. Y.; died there March 16th, 1888; married Esther P. Hensell.

1197. Charles H.


Charles H. Beckwith, 1197, born Chemung, N. Y., November 20th, 1844; married Mary Donahue, October 8th, 1865; born at Phila., Pa., January 17th, 1845.

1198. Charles F.; born Elmira, October 29th, 1866; living at New Brighton, Penn., in 1889; glass cutter and finisher.

1198a. Milton; living Elmira, N. Y., in 1888.

1198b. Dan; living Elmira, N. Y., 1889.


Seth Smith Beckwith, 1178, born Watertown, N. Y. 1785; removed to Chenango Co., N. Y.; died Binghamton, N. Y., May 12th, 1865; married Hannah Yale, born 1738, at Chicago, Ill., September 18th, 1871.

1199. Charles H.

1200. Elizabeth.

1201. Sarah Evalina; born 1834; died September 12th, 1851.

1202. Augustus.

1203. Augusta.

1203a. Jane H.; born 1837; died November 30th, 1857.

1204. Hannah F.

1205. Seth S.; died young.


Charles H. Beckwith, 1199, born Chenango Co., N. Y. 1819; formerly merchant, dealer in real estate at Chicago, Ill., in 1889; married Mallissa M., daughter of Solomon W. Owen, a pensioner of the War of 1812, and Sallie Sherwood, of Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., May 20th, 1841; born Guilford, N. Y., May 9th, 1821; died at Chicago, December 5th, 1886.

1206. Franklin Henry; born Albany, N. Y. April 8th, 1846; living Chicago, 1889; married N. L. Kerfoot, October 16th, 1872.

1207. Charles Le Roy; born Greene, N. Y., March 7th, 1848; farmer in Ill., in 1889; married Alice W. Denke, July 20th, 1875.

1208. J. Carrol; born Hannibal, Mo., September 23d, 1852; artist; living in N. Y. city in 1889; married Bertha Hall of N. Y. city, June 1, 1887; from 1873 to 1878 was a student under Carolus Duran, in Paris, France; also studied at the Government Art School there; exhibited in the Salon of ’77; also in the Universal Exposition in ’78; received honorable mention at the Salon, and was recipient of the medal at the Universal Exposition of 1889; returned to America in 1878, and took studio in New York city; director. Society of American Artists; president. National Free Art League; professor. Art Schools, Cooper Institute, Metropolitan Museum, and Art Students League.


Isaac Beckwith, 1180, born Watertown, N. Y., in 1785; died Wake Co., N. C. May 20th, 1866.

1209. Green.

1210. Sion.

1211. Silas.

1212. Ira.


Silas Beckwith, 592, his third wife ______ Benjamen, who died at Vincennes, Indiana.

1213. Benjamin.


Benjamin Beckwith, 1213, born 1791; participated in the War of 1812 in Boatman’s Co., was at battle of Lundy’s Lane; removed to Cincinnati, Ohio; married Sally Gresham in 1815; died Elmira, N. Y.

1214. Dr, Beckwith; dentist at Sterling, Ill., in 1889.


Isaac Beckwith, 1180, by his second marriage.

1215. Needham.


Needham Beckwith, 1215, Wake Co., N. C. in 1822; Living at Elm Grove, N. C. in 1889; married A. E. Atkins, in 1848; born Orange Co., N. C. in 1822.

1216. Eugenia.

1217. Council.

1218. Josiah.

1219. W. H. B.

1220. Wesley.

1221. John.

1222. J. Fabius, M. D.; born Chatham Co., N. C. in 1852; living at Plymouth, Pa., in 1889; married Bessie W. Payne, November 11th, 1887; born N. C. 1863.


Barzillai Beckwith, 589, born Lyme, Conn., 1736; farmer at Ellington, Conn.; deacon Congregational Ch.; removed to East Haddam, Conn., 1735; died there February, 1818; married Mary Butler; she died there.

1223. George.

1224. Rebecca; born East Haddam, December 22d, 1767; married E. P. Cone.

1225. Mary; born December 16th, 1769; died November, 1814.

1226. Sarah; born June 3d, 1774; married L. Griffen; children: Lillia, Emily and Mary.

1227. Elizabeth; born February 23d, 1777; married Allen Griffen; daughter Betsy married John Brockway, M. D., of N. Lyme, Ct.

1228. Barzillai.

1229. Rhoda; born February 4th, 1786; married Allen Griffen.

1230. Butler.

1231. Dr. Baruch.

1232. Nathaniel Brown.

1233. Jonathan.


George Beckwith, 1223, born East Haddam, February 6th, 1764; removed to Great Barrington in 1807.

1234. Penelope; married Sandford.

1235. Patience; married Ely.

1236. Maria; married Davis.

1237. Sarah.

1238. Emily.

1239. Eliza.

1240. Erastus.

1241. Allan.

1242. Julius.

1243. George; farmer at Gt. Barrington.

1244. Baruch.


Erastus Beckwith, 1240, born Wellington, Mass.; removed to Gt. Barrington; farmer.

1245. Daniel W.

1246. Maurice.

1247. Rev. Edward.

1248. George E.

1249. Martha M.; married E. Humphreys.


Daniel W. Beckwith, 1245, born Great Barrington; farmer; married twice; 1st, to W. H. Martin; 2d, to Annice Peck; living Great Barrington, Mass., in 1889.

1250. Alice.

1251. Noble.

1252. William.

1253. Edward.


Maurice Beckwith, 1245, born Gt. Barrington; died Sandwich Islands; planter; married Sarah Mosely in 1868.

1254. Nellie; married Damon.

1255. Julia; married Walsh.

1256. Maurice; born in Sandwich Islands.


Rev. Edward G. Beckwith, 1247, born Gt. Barrington; removed to Sandwich Islands; pastor Cong, Ch., San Francisco, 1887; married Caroline P. Armstrong, born Sandwich Islands; living there in 1889.

1257. Rev. Frank A.; died December 13th, 1885.

1258. Carrie A.; born Sandwich Islands in 1865; Living in San Francisco, Cal., in 1887.


George E. Beckwith, 1248, born Gt. Barrington; re moved to the Sandwich Islands; planter; married H. Goodale of Marlboro, Mass.

1259. Mary E.

1260. Martie.


Baruch Beckwith, 1244, born Gt. Barrington; Baptist minister; removed to Gouverneur, N. Y.

1261. Julius.

1262. Henry B.; born Gouverneur, N. Y.; re moved to Chateaugay, N. Y.; living there in 1880.


Barzillai Beckwith, 1228, born East Haddam, Conn., November 19th, 1765; farmer; died there March 10th, 1812; married Silvia Griffen, born E. Haddam, October 12th, 1764; died June 14th, 1840.

1263. Norman.

1264. Frederick.

1265. Elizabeth; married M. S. Sill of Windsor.

1266. Emeline; living at E. Haddam in 1889; blind and unmarried.

1267. Edmund G.; born E. Haddam, 1796; removed to Sommers, Conn.; died there 1841.

1268. George Beckwith; born E. Haddam, 1799; died Molina, N. Y., in 1850.

1269. Barzillai.


Norman Beckwith, 1263, born E. Haddam, April 8th, 1793; carpenter; removed to Hartford, Conn.; married Francis Clark, November 3d, 1817; died November 16th, 1867.

1270. Julia E.; born September 2d, 1818; married E. G. Strand.

1271. Harriet S.; born April 3d, 1820; married C. Lee.

1272. Franklin R.; born August 21st, 1822; married M. A. Munsell, November, 1842.

1273. Henry J.; born August 24th, 1824.

1274. Norman C.; born January 20th, 1834; living at Hartford, Conn., 1868.


Frederick Beckwith, 1264, born E. Haddam, 1794; cloth dresser; married his 4th cousin, Jerusha Sill, October, 1817; born June 18th, 1794; he died 1825; she moved to Cleveland, Ohio, 1858.

1275. William E.

1276. Thomas S.

1277. Cornelia; born Lyme, 1822; married E. Sacket.

1278. George G.; born Glens Falls, N. Y., 1824; died 1826.

1279. Marie S.; born 1826; married.


William E. Beckwith, 1275, born Lyme, Conn., January 9th, 1819; married Sarah Doe in 1849; removed to Cleveland, Ohio.

1280. Frederick A.; born Cleveland, December, 1850; living there in 1889.


Thomas S. Beckwith, 1276, born Lyme, January 11th, 1821; merchant, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; married Sarah Oliphant.

1281. Mary C.; born Cleveland, 1849; died 1849.


Barzillai Beckwith, 1269, M. D., born East Haddam, 1797; settled in Monmouth, Ill., in 1846, where he resided untll 1879, when he died of heart disease; married C. M. Amsden in 1831, at Saybrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, about 1821; she was living in Chicago, Ill., in 1889.

1282. Livia A.; married A. B. Scenter, in 1867.

1283. Mary E.; living at Chicago, Ill, in 1889.

1284. Emma; married S. M. Muck; one child, Ella.

1285. Henry C.


Henry C. Beckwith, 1285, born Saybrook, Ohio, graduate Monmouth College in 1844; U. S. Vol. Service in 1861-65; removed to Clarinda, Iowa; living there 1889; married Alice P. Bowers in 1869; born Monmouth.

1286. Jennie A.

1287. Jessie; born 1872.

1288. Alice A.; born 1878.

1289. Barzillai; born 1881.


Butler Beckwith, 1230, born E. Haddam, February, 1772; married Hannah Cone of E. Haddam.

1290. Rev. George Cone, D. D., graduated at Middlebury College, Vt., and at Andover Theological Seminary, was pastor several years of Congregational Church at Lowell, Mass., but was most of his public life Secretary of the Am, Peace Society of Boston, Mass.


Dr. Baruch Beckwith, 1231; M. D.; born E. Haddam, September 6th, 1779; removed to Beekmantown, N. Y.; died there; married Lucy Mather, niece of Cotton Mather, born Lyme, Conn., November 11th, 1777; died Beekmantown, February 28th, 1833.

1291. George M.

1292. Baruch.

1293. Samuel B. M.

1293a. Lucy M.; born November 23d, 1811; married Rev. Justin Taylor, October 10th, 1827; he died in 1887; she was living at Forest, Wis., 1889; children: Mary, Lucy, Hattie, Nellie, Martha.

1293b. Mary A.; married Aug. Smith of Lyme, Conn.; she died in Ill.

1293c. Louisa W.; born June 14th, 1819; died November 6th, 1835.

1293d. Betsy; born July 13th, 1817; living at Whitehall, N. Y., in 1889; married Nathan J. Judson, January 10th, 1839; he died November 14th, 1887; children: Harriet L., born November 20th, 1843; married Hon. D. F. Dobie; Henry C. born October 4th, 1848; living Whitehall, 1889; Frederick B., born July 21st, 1854; living Whitehall, 1889.


George Mather Beckwith, 1291, born Lyme, Ct, January 27th, 1805; lawyer, county judge of Clinton Co., N. Y.; died Plattsburg, N. Y., June 24th, 1883; married Hannah Eliza Moores, February 28th, 1833, daughter of General Moores of Plattsburg.

1294. George H.

1295. Benjaman.

1296. Maggie L.; married J. Hubel, September 16th, 1856; living at Chazy, N. Y., in 1889; children: Amos M., born December 5th, 1857; married Cl. Jones; Elizabeth, born August 31st, 1859; Nelson W. Fiske; Mary C. born May 28th, 1861; married J. W. North; Julius C. born June 5th, 1863; George L., born October 18th, 1865; Margarette S., born July 18th, 1868; Mattie F., born March 11th, 1871; Lillie S., born September 17th, 1873; John S., born February 1st, 1875; Jennie C., born December 25th, 1877; Richard W., born May 30th, 1880; all the above were living in Chazy, N. Y., in 1889.

1297. Lucy M.; married M. Sowles of St Albans, N. Y.; living Plattsburg in 1889; children: Margarette B., born April 29th, 1869; died October 23d, 1872; Mary G., born April 5th, 1873; died March 16th, 1876; Elizabeth B., born October 27th, 1887.


George H. Beckwith, 1294, born Plattsburg, N. Y.; lawyer; married E. Villas of Plattsburg; living there in 1889.

1298. Harriet V.

1299. Grace.

1300. Mary.

1301. Vilas.


Benjamin M. Beckwith, 1295, born Plattsburg, August 24th, 1836; lawyer; enlisted in the U. S. Vol. Service 1861-64; died at Plattsburg, January 27th, 1887; married Lodie Mitchell, December 21st, 1858; she moved to Milwaukee, Wis., where she was Living in 1889.

1302. Sophia C.; born Greenbay, Wis., December 7th, 1859; married H. Newton in 1887; living Plattsburg, N. Y., in 1889.

1303. Elizabeth; born August 22d, 1862; died March 19th, 1879.

1304. Harriette; born January 17th, 1869.

1305. Maria L.; born September 26th, 1874; living Milwaukee in 1889.

1306. George M.; born 1861; died 1865.

1307. William M.; born January 15th, 1867; living at Milwaukee in 1889.

1308. Henry M.; born June 15th, 1867; living at Milwaukee in 1889.


Baruch Beckwith, 1292, born at Hartford, Conn., April, 1809; farmer; married Clarissa, widow of Enos P. Beckwith, at Plattsburg, N. Y., August 4, 1836.

1309. Allen G.

1310. William H.

1311. Helen; born June 21st, 1845; married J. Higgins, October 22d, 1872; living Ellenburgh, N. Y., 1886; children: George B., born Ellenburgh, December 12th, 1874; died July 30th, 1878; Chas, L., born Ellenburgh, September 12th, 1877; Lottie L., born June 22d, 1880.


Allan G. Beckwith, 1309, born Beekmantown, Vt, June 1st, 1837; book-keeper at Burlington, Vt., in 1889; married Mary Hoffnagel, December 2d, 1868, of Essex, N. Y.

1312. Frederick A; born March 2d, 1865; living at Burlington, Vt., in 1889.

1313. Bertie C.; born January 16th, 1876.


William H. Beckwith, 1310, born September l7th, 1842; married Julia E. Whitney, November 15th, 1866, born Whitehall, N. Y.; Living Keeseville, N. Y., 1889.

1314. Milton E.; born July 1st 1870; living Keeseville, N. Y., in 1889.

1315. Minnie E.; born November 4th, 1874; living Keeseville, N. Y., in 1889.

1316. Charles S.; born May 4th, 1882; living Keeseville, N. Y., in 1889.

1317. Maud S.; born August 17th, 1884; living Keeseville, N. Y. in 1889.

1318. William H.; born March 21st, 1886; living Keeseville, N. Y. in 1889.


Samuel B. M. Beckwith, 1293, born Beekmantown, April 16th, 1814; lawyer; removed to Chateaugay, N. Y.; married Mary, daughter of Daniel Beckwith of Morrisonville, N. Y., May 26th, 1842; she died July 19th, 1872; he married 2d wife, Helen; living at Chateaugay, N. Y., February 14th, 1874; by the second marriage he had no children.

1319. Mary H.; born January 24th, 1843; living at Lisle, N. Y., 1889.

1320. Emma E.; born January 13th, 1845; married H. Upson; living Winslow, Arizona, in 1889; one child: Mary B.; married Chas, Daly.

1321. Walter S.; born December 17th, 1850; married Josie Dixon; living Lowell, Mass., in 1888.

1322. Rev. Edgar C.; born August 16th, 1856; living N. Y. city 1889.

1323. Charles S.; born January 25th, 1862; married Eliza L. Leach of Wilksbarre, March 4th, 1888; living Allentown, Pa., in 1888.

1324. Dr. George M.


Dr. George M. Beckwith, 1324, M. D., born Plattsburg, N. Y., September 10th, 1853; living at Lisle, N. Y. 1889; married Carrie Kitchell, October 1st, 1877; died December 21st 1887.

1325. Mary Winnifred; born Ithaca, May 2d, 1879; living Lisle, N. Y., 1889.

1326. Bessie E.; born January 18th, 1881; Living Lisle, N. Y. 1889.

1327. Harriette G.; born December 14th, 1882; living Lisle, N. Y. 1889.


Nathaniel Brown Beckwith, 1232, born E. Haddam, September. 26th, 1781; married Betsy Lord, born E. Haddam, Conn.

1328. Nathaniel L.

1329. Barzillai.

1330. Rhoda; married W. E. Cone of E. Haddam.

1331. Gilbert.


Gilbert Beckwith, 1331, living at Libertyville, Lake Co., Ill., in 1889.

1332. Charles F.; Living at Libertyville in 1889.


Jonathan Beckwith, 1233, born E. Haddam, September 21st, 1783; died January 22d, 1857; married Nancy Lord.

1333. Nancy D.; born August 14th, 1814.

1334. Mary H.; born April 29th, 1818; living at Ledyard, Conn., 1889.

1335. Jonathan.

1336. Rev. George A; born July 6th, 1829; graduated at Amherst College in 1857; at Andover Theological Seminary in 1860; married Eliza C. daughter of Rev. Levi Bingham, of Langus, Mass., October 11th, 1861; was ordained pastor of 1st Congregational church of Manhattan, Kan., in 1862; dismissed 1867; acting pastor of Congregational church at Olathe, Kan., three years; at Neodester and Altoona three years; health failing he returned east in 1874; was pastor at Franconea, Warner, Hawsville, Alstead and Aldear Center, all in N. H., and at present is acting pastor of Congregational church of Windham, Vt.; no children.

1337. Henry E.; born July 6th, 1831; married Sarah Norcross of Monmouth, Ill.; she died in 1864; he then married Louisa Markle, at Manhattan, July 4th, 1866; living there in 1889.


Deacon Barak Beckwith, 657, born Lyme, Conn., November 3d, 1780; removed to Cazenovia, N. Y.; lawyer; judge county court; died April 12th, 1844; married Mary Kennedy, January 12th, 1804; born 1784; died October 13th, 1854.

1338. Dr. Addison K.

1339. Nelson M.

1340. George D.; born March 29th, 1809; died Macon, Ga.

1341. Roswell R.; born 1815; died 1861, at N. Y.

1342. Mary Jane; born February 24th, 1820.

1343. Catherine E.; born 1822; died 1840.

1344. William; born 1827; died 1870, at Franklin, Pa.

1345. Edward Griffen.


Addison K. Beckwith, 1338, born March 22d, 1805; M. D.; died at Palermo, N. Y., January 28th, 1856; married Amelia Kiss of Winans, 1831; she died February 10th, 1885.

1346. Thelestres A.

1347. James A.

1348. Alcestes M.

1349. Barak D.

1350. Catherine E.

1351. George.

1352. Adelaide.


Nelson M. Beckwith, 1339, born May 2d, 1807; died N. Y. city 1888; married M Forbes, in 1842; she died May 7th, 1885.

1353. Leonard P.; living at Garrisons, N. Y., 1889.

1354. Adelaide; died N. Y., 1871.

1355. Arthur; living N. Y. city 1889.

1356. Helene; born 1847; living N. Y. city; married November 3d, 1890, at London, England, to Frank Dudley Leigh, eldest son of Lord Leigh, of Leighstone Abbey, England.


General Edward Griffen Beckwith, 1345, born Cazenovia, N. Y., June 25th, 1818; died Clifton, N. Y., June 22d, 1881; graduated at West Point Military Academy in 1842; participating in the Mexican War; at the battles of Tampico and Vera Cruz; was detailed on the Pacific R. R. Reconnoissance in 1853-4; his scientific reports of that expedition were published by the government; during the War of the Rebellion he served as chief commissary in the 5th army corps; commanded the defenses of New Orleans 1863-4; major U. S. A. February 8th, 1864; brvt. brig,-genl. U. S. A., March 16th, 1865; after the war was employed in the Bureau of Subsistence; (see Roll of Honor); married Cornelia Williamson of Savannah, Ga.; she was living in Washington, D. C. in 1889.

1357. Madeline; graduate Washington College of Elocution 1888; living at Washington, D. C. 1889.

1358. Nelly; married C. E. Fox, U. S. N.


Hezekiah Beckwith, 627, born Lyme, Conn., 1704; died March 12th, 1791; married Lydia Gilbert, born 1707, Lyme, Conn.; died March 13th, 1794.

1359. Eisha; born Lyme, October 12th, 1738; removed to New London, Conn.

1360. Sylvanus.

1361. Nathan; born Lyme, Conn., in 1747.

1362. Ann; married F. Brown, a soldier in the Continental Army.


Sylvanus Beckwith, 1360, born Lyme, May 22d, 1742; carpenter; removed to Standford; died May 30th, 1839; he, as well as his wife’s family, were firm supporters of the cause of the colonies, and bore their parts in the struggle, not only by giving their services in the field, but also by the ready offering of their means; married Amy Sutherland; born 1742; died October 21st, 1817; her family were originally from Scotland, and were allied to the Douglass family of that ilk, and the Sutherlands still bear for their coat of arms the “wild cat.”

1363. Nathan.

1364. Israel; born 1796; died May 4th, 1823.


Nathan Beckwith, 1363, born Standford, September 13th, 1778; placed at the famous Kinderhook Academy, was a school-mate of Martin Van Buren, and graduated as a civil engineer, and with Prof. Joseph Henry, selected and surveyed the route of Erie R. R., and no contemporaneous engineer of the state enjoyed a higher reputation; in the War of 1812 he commanded a battalion of cavalry; in 1824 upon the visit of General Lafayette to N. Y., was marshal of the day at Clermont; he was a Democrat of the Jeffersonian school; the family record states he was a lieutenant in the War of 1812, and was afterward commissioned as colonel of cavalry by Gov. Tompkins; married twice; died at Red Hook, N. Y. March 4th, 1865; married 1st Betsy Gale, December 22d, 1802; born April 14th, 1781; died March 22d, 1838.

1365. Dr. Josiah Gale.

1366. Amy; born June 7th, 1809; died January 1st, 1824.

1367. Edward; born February 19th, 1812; died June 11th, 1821.

1368. Lewis C.

1369. Eliza A.; born at Red Hook, October 3d, 1809; died August 5th, 1843; married 1st, Edwin Knickerbocker, February 26th, 1835; her children by the first marriage were: Edwin, born 1808; died 1875; Edward B., born December 13th, 1836; died March, 1864; Mary E., born February 7th, 1837; married 2d, Dr. T. E. Lossee of Upper Red Hook, N. Y.; by her second marriage they had: Dr, John E. of Upper Red Hook, in 1889; Edward, Harvey.

1370. Clarinda L.; born Red Hook, June 7th, 1816; died August 2d, 1864; married W. Capron, November 18th, 1849; he moved to Pontiac, Mich.; U. S. Vol. Service 1861-65; he died in 1881, from the effects of a bullet wound received at the battle of Fair Oaks; their children were: Nathan, born September 29th, 1841; Ellen, born September 2d, 1843; Mary, born September 3d, 1845; Amy, born April 26th, 1848; Lucy, born March 23d, 1850; Edward, born June, 1852; Carrie, born September 5th, 1857.

1371. Annie S.; born October 22d, 1824; married G. H. Clapp, September 9th, 1845; removed to Phila., Pa.; he died October 11th, 1877; their children were: Emma, born April 20th, 1849; Edward B., born June 16th, 1854; living Phila., Pa., 1889.

1372. George W.

1373. William S.


Dr. Josiah Gale Beckwith, 1365, M. D., born September 4th, 1803, at Standford, N. Y.; graduated at Union College; studied medicine in Solsbury, Conn., and settled in Litchfield, Conn., in 1829; died there March 21st, 1871; he was a successful practitioner; officer of the State Medical Society; nominated for governor; and was elected to the State Legislature several times; married Jane M. Seymore, February 1st, 1831; she was daughter of Moses Seymore of Litchfield; and a niece of Governor Horatio Seymore of N. Y.

1374. Jona S.; born June 15th, 1833; died January 28th, 1837.

1374a. Elizabeth G.; born January 19th, 1835; living Litchfield, Conn., in 1889.

1375. Sarah H.; born April 20th, 1840; Living at Litchfield, Conn., in 1889; unmarried.

1376. Dr, Josiah G.

1377. Dr. George S.


Dr, Josiah Gale Beckwith, 1376, M. D., born at Litchfield, Conn., January 14th, 1838; living there in 1889; married Anne Alsop, January 16th, 1873, of Quebec, Canada.

1378. Josiah Gale; born August 13th, 1874.

1379. Bonney.

1380. Baby.


Dr. George S. Beckwith, 1377, M. D., born Litchfield, May 27th, 1842; resided at Pine Plains, N. Y; died there December 20th, 1890; married Isabel Cohen, October 7th, 1873. of Charleston, S. C.

1381. Jane Seymour.

1382. George S.

1383. Sarah S.

1384. Belle S.

1385. Catherine S.


Lewis Curtis Beckwith, 1368, born Red Hook, N. Y. June 23d, 1807; died at Matteawan, N. Y., April 10th, 1871; married Ameline Capron, January 6th, 1830; daughter of Judge Giles Capron of Upper Red Hook, N. Y.

1386. Giles E. C.

1387. Ellen Elizabeth; born Troy, N. Y., August 26th, 1833; married J. Bently, November 7th, 1872, of Newark, N. J.; living there in 1889; one child, Ellen Capron.

1388. Sarah Kinney; born July 24th, 1835; living at Matteawan, N. Y., in 1889; unmarried.

1389. Emily Savage; born March 6th, 1835; died 1881, unmarried.

1390. John C.; born March 4th, 1842; died 1888, unmarried.

1391. Isaac Bevan.


Giles Edward Capron Beckwith, 1386, born Troy, N. Y. May 23d, 1781; married Helen van Steenburg; removed to Catskill, N. Y.; living there in 1889.

1392. Frocene; married D. Bralley; living at Sing Sing, N. Y. in 1889.

1393. Josephine; born Catskill; living there in 1889.


Isaac Bevan Beckwith, 1391, born December 22d,1844; married twice; his first wife was Frances A. Welch, who died March 20th, 1882; his second wife was Sara E. Hooper; living at Syracuse, N. Y. 1889.

1394. Wallace W.; born at Frankfort, N. Y. February 14th, 1887.

1395. Warren Bevan; born at Frankfort, N. Y., January 27th, 1889.


George W. Beckwith, 1372, born Red Hook, N. Y. June 8th, 1814; died Standford, April 9th, 1881; married Abbey E. Thompson, January 17th, 1843; she was living at Stissing, N. Y., 1889.

1396. Elizabeth R.; born December 19th, 1844; graduate of Vassar College; prof, of Greek at Normal College, N. Y. city, in 1889.

1397. Emma; born March 16th, 1847.

1398. Mary G.; born Standford, N. Y., July 25th, 1849; Living N. Y. city in 1889.

1399. Clarinda L.; born at Standford; married H. Austin; living at Hiawatha, Kans., 1889.

1400. Sarah C.; born July 3d, 1851; died 1862.

1401. Clara; born June 11th, 1863; married Homer E. Austin, February 22d, 1883; they had Grace B., born July 24th, 1884; Willie B., born August 19th, 1887.

1402. Asa; born March 24th, 1864; living Standford, N. Y., 1889; unmarried.

1403. Edward.

1404. Nathan E.; born March 7th, 1870; living at Standford, N. Y. 1889; unmarried.


Edward Beckwith, 1403, born Standford, N. Y. January 14th, 1859; living Hiawatha, Kans., 1889; married Noamie E. McGuilkin, January 21st, 1882.

1405. Abbie E.; born March 26th, 1883.

1406. Annie C.; born March, 1886.

1407. George G.; born March 24th, 1889.


William S. Beckwith, 1373, born Red Hook, January 14th, 1820; farmer; married Ann M. Collyer, March 29th, 1848; born February 8th, 1826; living Red Hook, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 1889.

1408. Alice M.; born August 10th, 1852.

1409. Thomas C.; born November 1st, 1853.

1410. George; born 1855; died 1875, at Pella, Iowa.

1411. Annie G.; born March 14th, 1857; married Armond DePotter, October, 1878; Living in France 1889; he was a colonel in the French Army, now a tourist manager to parties traveling in Europe.

1412. Leilla H.; born January 17, 1860; married A. Bretton Havens; lawyer, January 27th, 1887; living N. Y city 1889.

1413. Willie S.; born October 11th, 1861; removed to Denver, Colo.; living Salt Lake City 1889; married Belle Colon of Michigan, September 9th.

1414. Charles G.; born January 6th, 1864; died 1865


Nathan Beckwith, 1363, by his second wife, Margarette Pratt Pelton; born Dalton, Mass., January 15th, 1807; died January 14th, 1867.

1415. Nathan E.

1416. Eliza Ann.; born September 8th, 1845; married George Ogden, Sr., of Phila., Pa., June 30th, 1880; living at Bridgeton, N. J., 1889.


Nathan E. Beckwith, 1415, born Red Hook, N. Y., April 4th, 1848; living at Los Gates, Cal., 1889; civil engineer; married Alice Black, September 19th, 1878; born July 25th, 1854.

1417. Theodore K.; born July 6th, 1879.

1417a. Ralph Ed.; born September 30th, 1880.

1418. Adelaide; born April 25th, 1882.

1419. Ruth L.; born December 15th, 1883.

1420. Charles Z.; born December 19th, 1886.


John Beckwith, 553, born Waterford, Conn., 1703; died at Lyme, Conn., 1768; married Elizabeth Dart, November 8th, 1744, born East Haddam, August 30th, 1716, and died at Lyme.

1421. John.

1422. Watrus.


John Beckwith, 1421, born at Lyme, Conn., October 19th, 1754; died Poughkeepsie, N. Y., September 12th, 1834; served in the Continental Army; married Chloe Bosworth, January 27th, 1730; born Washington, Conn., November 5th, 1759; died Poughkeepsie, October 9th, 1834.

1423. John.

1424. Watrus.

1425. Nathanial Beckwith; born at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. December 13th, 1781; r moved to N. C. in 1884, and died at Plymouth, November, 1840; unmarried.


John Beckwith, 1423, born Poughkeepsie, July 31st, 1785; M.D.; served in War of 1812; removed to New Berne in 1808, and Raleigh, and thence to Newton, N. C; to Petersburgh, Va.; died N. Y., 1870; married Margarette Stanley.

1426. T. Stanley.

1427. John Watrus.

1428. Catherine; married H. F. Spaulding; living at Riverdale, N. Y., 1889.

1429. Nancy E.; living at Riverdale, 1889.

1430. Cordelia; Living at Riverdale, 1889.


T. Stanley Beckwith, 1426, born Raleigh, N. C. 1814; M. D.; died at Petersburg, Va., in 1884; married Agnus; daughter of Edmund Ruffin, Sr., of Virginia.

1431. Julian R.; C. S. Army; killed at battle of Seven Pines, June 1st, 1862.

1432. Margarette.

1433. Kate D.

1434. Matilda E.

1435. Thomas S.

1436. Edmund R.

1437. John.

1438. Susan; married R. Gillam of Petersburgh, Va.

1439. Agnus; married J. R. Cary of Gloucester, Va.; their children are: Bettie, Willis, Stanley B., Sue B., Agnus R., John R.

1440. Charles M.


Thomas S. Beckwith, 1435, married Eunice; daughter of S. B. Cary of Gloucester, Va.

1441. Samuel C.

1442. Anna F.

1443. Julian R.

1444. Thomas S.

1445. Eunice C.


Edmund R. Beckwith, 1436, of Petersburgh, Va., 1889; druggist; married Mary, daughter of J. White of Warrenton, N. C.

1446. John W. •

1447. Edmund R.

1448. Della S.

1449. Agnus R.

1450. Hugh W.

1451. Mary W.


John Beckwith, 1437, married Katie Lee, daughter of J. E. Edwards of Charleston, S. C.

1452. Agnus R.

1453. Thomas N.

1454. William E.

1455. John Q.

1456. Katie L.

1457. MaryE.


Charles M. Beckwith, 1440, married S. B., daughter of J. R. Fairbanks, of Ferdinando, Florida.

1458. George R. F.


John Watras Beckwith, 1427, born Raleigh, N. C. February, 1831; Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Ga.; died at Atlanta, Ga., November 23d, 1890; married Ella Brockinborough of Va.; died 1886; he graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, in 1852; ordained deacon May 24th, 1854; priest May, 1855; pastor in Wadesboro, N. C. and Anne Arundel, Md.; at breaking out of the Rebellion moved to Mississippi, and thence to Alabama; was rector of Trinity Church, N. O., and was elected from there Bishop of Ga.; received degree of S. T. D., from Trinity in 1867; consecrated bishop in St John’s Church, Savannah, Ga., April 2d, 1868.

1459. John F. B.

1460. Ella.

1461. Bessie.


Wattrus Beckwith, 1424, born Poughkeepsie, N. Y., February 8th, 1791; removed to Newberne, N. C. 1810; practiced law at Elizabeth City, N. C. 1814-15; died Plymouth, N. C. March 10th, 1850; lawyer; married Susan Bailey, January 8th, 1816; born February 6th, 1797; at Pasquaton Co., N. C.

1462. John Bailey; born November 21st, 1816; M. D.; graduated in medicine at University of Md., in 1837; removed to Smithfield, N. C. 1841; living there 1889; no children; married twice; his first wife, Anna G. Thomson, married February 22d, 1849; died July 7th, 1850; 2d wife, Julia M. Saunders, married May 20th, 1856; died March 21st 1859.

1463. Nathaniel.

1464. James L. S.

1464a. Chloe Ann; born April 17th, 1828; died in 1848; unmarried.

1466. Thomas.

1466a. Georgette D.; died in 1834.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 1463, born Pasquaton Co., N. C. February 19th, 1819; lawyer; removed to Hyde Co., N.C., in 1843; died there October 30th, 1886; married Mary E. Wynne, September 13th, 1849.

1466. Noma; born December 14th, 1850; married J. W. Willborn, November 28th, 1878.

1467. Robt. Watrus; born June 27th, 1852; married Mattie Hammond, January 30th, 1884.

1468. Steward J.; born January 23d, 1861.

1469. Norbonne; born 1854; died 1865, from a gunshot wound accidentally inflicted by himself.

1470. Sidney Thomas; born February 6th, 1864; lawyer, practicing at Monroe, N. C. 1889.


James L. S. Beckwith, 1464, born Pasquaton Co., N. C. September 19th, 1824; M. D.; died at Cremer, N. C. March, 1866; graduated in medicine at University of Pennsylvania, in 1854; practiced at Scottshill, N. C. and after at Swifts Creek, where he died; married Evaline Clifton of Raleigh, N. C. in 1855.

1471. Robertson; born 1856; M. D.; graduated at Vanderbilt University; living Charlotte, N. C. in 1889.

1472. Bosworth C.; born 1858; lawyer; living at Raleigh, N. C. in 1889.

1473. Ann Julia; married Mr. Thackston, and was living at Raleigh, N. C. in 1889.

1474. Susan; living with her mother at Raleigh, N. C. in 1889.


Thomas Beckwith, 1465, born Pasquaton Co., N. C. June 9th, 1825; lawyer; practiced law in Plymouth, N. C.; at the breaking out of the war he entered the C. S. Army, serving in the 24th Reg. N. C. Inf., from 1861-63; died January 5th, 1863, from disease contracted during the campaigns in North-west Virginia; married Henrietta T. Phelps, in 1857, at Plymouth, N. C.; she was born in Washington Co., N. C. 1838.

1475. John Percy.

1476. Thomas Lynden; born January 14th, 1858; M. D.; graduated in medicine at College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore, 1882; died February 22d, 1883.


John Percy Beckwith, 1475, born June 24th, 1858; living at Jacksonville, Fla., in 1889; married Sadie W. Boyer, of Anniston, Ala.

1477. Thomas Lyndon; born June, 1885; living at Jacksonville, Fla., 1889.


Watrus Beckwith, 1422, born Lyme, Conn., September 18th, 1754; served in Continental Army, 1776.

1478. John; born 1788, at Lyme, Conn.; moved west.

1479. Stephen.


Stephen Beckwith, 1479, resided at Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y., in 1835; died there; married Narcissa Black.

1480. Philo D.

1481. Mrs. Thompson; living at Dawagiac, Mich., 1889.


Philo D. Beckwith, 1480, born Pike, N. Y. 1824; removed to Dawagiac, Mich., 1844, where he engaged in the manufacture of stoves, amassing a very large fortune entirely through his own exertions; died there January 12th, 1889; married C. M. Scott, in 1844; living at Dawagiac 1889.

1482. Delia; married Ch. Gardner; living at Dawagiac, 1889.


Job Beckwith, 638, born Lyme, May 22d, 1705; married Elizabeth Harvey; born Mass.

1483. Harvey.

1484. Ezekiel.

1485. Job Beckwith; born New London, 1759; soldier Revolutionary war, 1776 to 1778; died Chemung Co., N. Y., in 1853; unmarried.


Harvey Beckwith, 1483, born Lyme, Conn., 1755; removed to Northampton, Mass.; farmer; married Josie Marion, January 17th, 1780; born Mass., October 23d, 1758.

1486. Harris William.

1487. William.


Harris William Beckwith, 1486, born Northampton, Mass., January 18th, 1781; died November 15th, 1818; married Pearly Briggs, January 2d, 1809; born Northampton.

1488. William Harvey; born January 18th, 1810; died March 9th, 1825.

1489. Francis E.

1490. Henrietta; born Northampton, January 6th, 1818; died Dorchester, March 9th, 1819.


Francis E. Beckwith, 1489, born Northampton, September 6th, 1817; settled at Litchfield, Mass.; married Mary Turner, April 16th, 1845; born Pittsfield, Mass.

1491. Francis E.

1492. Theodocia; born Whitinsville, April 9th, 1848; married L. Randall, at Springfield, January 10th, 1873; Living at Springfield in 1889; children: Henry W., born April 24th, 1877; Emma A., born November 2d, 1881; Lora P., born January 18th, 1883.

1493. Henrietta L.; born June 16th, 1852; married J. Pinches, May 14th, 1874; children: John, born April 29th, 1875; Frank W., born September 21st 1876; Charles W., born June 27th, 1882.

1494. Jennie; born Holyoke, August 29th, 1861; married C. F. Moore, January 4th, 1882; children: George T., born July 7th, 1883; Francis E., born October 9th, 1885.


Francis E. Beckwith, 1491, born Whitinsville, February 10th, 1846; married Henrietta S. Miller, May 11th, 1869; born Springfield.

1495. Charles Harris; born August 21st, 1870.

1496. Henry W.; born 1877.

1497. Lora P.; born Hartford, 1875.

1498. Emma A.; born 1881.


William Beckwith, 1487, born February 18th, 1786; died at Dorchester, November 19th, 1823; married Betsy Northy, April 26th, 1808; died Dorchester, June 12th, 1836.

1499. James Harvey; born Scituate, Mass., May 16th, 1809; died at Dorchester, Mass., December 19th, 1831.

1500. Ira Lewis.

1501. David Barnes.

1502. William Henry.

1503. Julia Ann; born at Dorchester, June 7th, 1818; married Sloan; living at Milton, Mass., in 1888.

1504. Clarina Wade; born Dorchester, December 25th, 1820; died August 5th, 1857, in Boston.

1505. Laura A.; born Dorchester, December 26th, 1824; married Sam. Somes; living at N. Attleboro, Mass., in 1889.


Ira Lewis Beckwith, 1500, born Weymouth, Mass., June 24th, 1810; at Providence, R. I., January 9th, 1865.

1516. Henry L.; merchant, Providence, R. I., in 1889.


David Barnes Beckwith, 1501, born Scituate, Mass., January 2d, 1813; died at Dorchester, November 1st, 1837; married Caroline E. Fuller; born Maine; died January 12th, 1875.

1517. David Harvey.


David Harvey Beckwith, 1517, born Dorchester, February 24th, 1836; carpenter and machinist; U. S. Vol. Service 1863-65, 2d R. I. Reg., wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness, May 4th, 1864; and was taken prisoner July, 1864; and made his escape April 5th, 1865; married Susan A. Stone, June 29th, 1862; died May 29th, 1867; married 2d, A. E. Wood, March 27th, 1872.

1518. Minattie C; born September 18th, 1866; graduated from Providence High School, June 29th, 1887; living Providence, R. I., 1889.


William Henry Beckwith, 1502, born Scituate, February 29th, 1816; died Jamaica Plains, in 1860.

1519. Henry; Living at Jamaica Plains, in 1889.


Ezekiel Beckwith, 1485, born at New London, in 1757; moved to Colchester, Conn.; died there; married Elizabeth Fosdick; died New London.

1520. Nathan.

1521. Betsy; married D. Phelps; and died at Salem, Conn.

1522. Sallie; married Fuller; and died at Salem, Conn.

1523. Mercy.

1524. Charity.

1525. Grace.

1526. Fosdick.

1527. Moses.

1528. Ezekiel.


Nathan Beckwith, 1520, born New London, 1765; died at Old Lyme, Conn., January 18th, 1859; married Betsy Spencer; born E. Haddam; died Lyme, December 28th, 1864.

1529. George.

1530. Harriet; born June 2d, 1801; married Seaver; and died at Salem, Conn., in 187_; they had two children: Henry, living at Deep River, Conn., in 1889; and Mary Ann, born February 1st, 1803; married Justin Jewett of New York.

1531. Mary Ann; born February, 1803; married J. Jewett.

1532. William T.

1533. Elizabeth; born September 21st, 1817; married John Kirtland; Living at Saybrook, Conn., in 1889.


George Beckwith, 1529, born Lyme, Conn., September 3d, 1799; died at Horseheads, N. Y., in 1862; married Mary Treadway; born Salem.

1534. Henry; married and living at Park Station, N. Y., 1889.

1535. Mary; married J. Hammond, and was living at Park Station in 1889.


William T. Beckwith, 1532, born at Lebanon, Conn., April 3d, 1813; died at Old Lyme, Conn., June 28th, 1885; married Mary Havens, October 28th, 1848; born Sag Harbor, January 20th, 1819. •

1536. Jennie M.; born Old Lyme, Conn., September 15th, 1853; living there in 1886.

1537. William E.; born Lyme, Conn., November 17th, 1863; living in Erie, Penn., 1889; unmarried.

1538. George C.; born Lyme, Conn., February 3d, 1865; living there 1889; unmarried.


Ezekiel Beckwith, 1528, born New London; removed to Louisville, Ky.; died there; married Jane McDonald, in 1821; born New Jersey, 1801; daughter of Rev. Mr. McDonald, an Episcopal clergyman of New Jersey.

1539. John.

1540. William.

1541. Caroline; married H. McClernan; she was living in St, Louis, in 1889; children: Hannah, married Tom Wyatt; Laura, married G. Curry; Living St. Louis, Mo., 1889; Emma, married Sam Fenn; living Hunters Bottom, Ky., in 1889; Anna, married ______ Smith of Louisville, Ky.; George, living Louisville, 1889.

1542. Lod W.


Lod W. Beckwith, 1542; M. D.; born Campbell Co., Ky., October 26th, 1827; graduated March, 1856, from medical department of the University of Louisville, entered the U. S. Army, in 1861, as surgeon of the 38th Reg. Indiana Volunteers, and served in various capacities until he was mustered out in 1865, was physician to Indiana State Prison South for six years, has been in civil practice at Jeffersonville, Ind., where he was living in 1889; married Emma Jones, October 29th, 1858; born Corydon, Ind., 1839.

1543. William Jones; born October 29th, 1869.

1544. Mitchel Jones; born Nashville, August 4th, 1854.

1545. Jennie; born Nashville, August 4th, 1854.

1546. Emma Jones; born December 4th, 1872,


Thomas Beckwith, 626, born at Lyme, Conn., December 11th, 1711; removed to Bristol, Conn., in 1789; and had six children.

1547. Thomas.


Thomas Beckwith, 1547, born at Lyme, Conn., 1746; farmer; deacon Presbyterian Church; died at Burlington, Conn., 1830; living at Batavia in 1807; at Bristol in 1789; enlisted 1776, in Revolutionary Army, Lay’s Co., Parsons’ Reg., 3d Conn. Line, was at battle of Bunker Hill, re-enlisted, 1777, for two months, re-enlisted, 1778, for four months, drafted, 1778, on the brig Defiance for three months, and served in the privateer service six years.

1548. Flavel.

1549. Parnell; married Dibbell of Hartford.

1550. Ursula; married J. Hart.

1551. Annie; married Crowell of Hartford.

1552. Thomas.

1553. Harvey.


Harvey Beckwith, 1563, born at Burlington, Conn.

1554. Harvey.

1555. Job.


Flavel Beckwith, 1548, born Burlington, June 17th, 1782; died in Nelson Co., Ohio, 1874.

1556. Ralzaman.

1557. Caroline; born September 14th, 1803; married Dr. Foote of Nelson Co., Ohio.

1557a. Edmund; born 1809.

1558. Polly; born March 7th, 1812; married Addie of Burlington, Conn.

1559. Gay R.; born April 5th, 1823; living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1888.

1560. Thomas.

1561. Wolston.

1562. John; born June 16th, 1816; removed to Windham, Ohio.

1563. Seth; born September 3d, 1818; removed to Nelson Co., Ohio.

1563a. Ann; born December 6th, 1820.

1564. Wells E.; born December 26th, 1826; living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; married Aurelia.

1565. Flavel.


Ralzaman Beckwith, 1556, born Burlington, November 17th, 1801; farmer; removed to Genesee, N. Y.; married Eliza Jostin, March 11th, 1834; born March 4th, 1813, at Clifford, Penn.

1566. Flavel.

1567. Diamond; married Dr. Moores of Iowa.

1568. Thomas D.

1569. John.


Thomas D. Beckwith, 1568, born Lakeville, N. Y., February 14th, 1835; to Rochester, N. Y.; married A. D. Rhodes, December 4th, 1866; born June 14th, 1845.

1570. Carrie M.; born January 9th, 1870.

1571. Anson J.; born February 26th, 1872, at Rochester, N. Y.


John Beckwith, 1569, born in Nelson Co., Ohio, August 11th, 1842; married Amanda C. Nelson, November 14th, 1867; living at DesMoines, Iowa, in 1889.

1572. William M.; born September 28th, 1868.

1573. Jessie M.; born September 15th, 1871.

1573a. Andrew N.; born 1877; died 1878.

1574. Royden and Roy, twins; born August 21st, 1881.


Thomas Beckwith, 1560, born Burlington, Conn., December 5th, 1807; removed to Cleveland, Ohio; his first wife was H. Beardsley; born May 1st, 1816; died June 3d, 1843; he was living at Cleveland in 1889.

1575. Hanna A.; born May 1st, 1835.

1576. Dr, Edmund M.

1577. Shelden.

1578. Columbus C.


Dr. Edmund M. Beckwith, 1576, born October 14th, 1836; married Ann Dickerman in 1860; born February 22d, 1838; he moved to Colorado in 1886; to Santa Rosa, Cal., in 1888.

1579. Nellie M.; born Knoxville, Tenn., May 24th, 1860.

1580. Mary; born April 24th, 1861.


Shelden Beckwith, 1577, born December 27th, 1838; removed to Cleveland, Ohio; living there in 1889; manufacturer; married Ann Page, November 14th, 1864.

1581. George S.; living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889.

1582. Fannie; living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889.


Columbus C. Beckwith, 1578, born June 29th, 1842; Living at St Paul, Minn., in 1888; Fargo, N. D., in 1891; married J. A. Sherwin, December 28th, 1865; born June 8th, 1846.

1583. Sherwin C.; born at St. Paul, June 29th, 1868.


Thomas Beckwith, 1560, his second wife was H. L. Panie; born April 16th, 1819.

1584. Harriet; born February 2d, 1819.

1585. Albro M.; born September 10th, 1861.

1586. Alice M.; born September 20th, 1861.

1587. Flavel.

1588. Thomas R.


Flavel Beckwith, 1587, born September 7th, 1850; banker at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; married A. Haight; born January 29th, 1853.

1589. Grace L.; born November 20th, 1883.

1590. Ada M.; born February 27th, 1886.


Thomas R. Beckwith, 1588, born December- 14th, 1857; book-keeper at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1888; married F. D. Romp, May 26th, 1881.

1591. Florence; born June 29th, 1885.


Wolston Beckwith, 1561, born at New Hartford, Conn., February 10th, 1810; removed to Oberlin, Ohio; died there July 19th, 1874; married Maria Taylor, October 21st, 1835; born Tallmadge, Summit Co., Ohio, March 28th, 1817.

1592. Charles F.


Charles F. Beckwith, 1592, born Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio, September 19th, 1839; brought up in the hardware business, afterward a banker at Oberlin, Ohio, in 1889; married Ellen C. Fletcher, August 12th, 1861; born Eden, N. Y. July 23d, 1840.

1593. Louie Maria; born July 20th, 1864.

1594, Charles Clifton; born September 12th, 1868.

1595. Frank Fletcher; born May 27th, 1871.

1596. John Wolston; born June 31st 1875.


Flavel Beckwith, 1565, born June 16th, 1816; removed to Massillon, Ohio; married Emma Kill of Massillon, Ohio.

1597. Sophia; married J. Roberts of Mansfield, Ohio; children: Thomas, Flora, William.

1597a. Sarah; married A. Hoff in 1863.

1598. William F.; U. S. V. S., 1861-65; killed at battle of Rocky Face Ridge, served in Col. McIlvane’s Reg.

1599. Thomas; living at Mansfield, Ohio, in 1888; married Sarah A. Hoff; born March 3d, 1863.

1600. John.

1601. Hiram.


John Beckwith, 1600, U. S. V. S., 1861-5, 102d Ohio, Col. McGlocklen; was living at Mansfield, Ohio, in 1881; married M. E. Massie.

1602. Emma A.

1603. Harva.

1604. Sadie.

1605. Clara.

1606. Olive.

1607. Charlie.

1608. Nellie.


Hiram Beckwith, 1601, married Agnes Stump.

1609. Addie.

1610. Ethel.


Thomas Beckwith, 1552, born at Exeter, N. Y. November 6th, 1789; to McDonough, N. Y.; removed to Ciacinnatus, N. Y., 1850; died there, September 21st, 1860; married Dillamy Comstock; born November 21st, 1787; died at McDonough, November 27th, 1850.

1611. Azubah; born August 9th, 1811; died March 27th, 1853; married Joshua Perkins.

1612. Sephrona; born July 15th, 1816; married Oliver Hutchinson; had four children.

1613. Cordelia; born December 7th, 1820; died August 8th, 1878; married Albert Skillman.

1614. Dellamy; born January 22d, 1825; married David Ellsworth; living in 1889.

1615. Samuel.

1615a. Albert

1616. Harmonious.


Samuel Beckwith, 1615, born at McDonough, January 20th, 1818; died July 22d, 1887; married Sarah Skillman.

1617. Seward; Living at Cincinnatus, N. Y. in 1888.


Harmonious Beckwith, 1616, born McDonough, N. Y., February 14th, 1823; died at Cincinnatus, N. Y. February 12th, 1873; married Mary Skillman, January 1st, 1849; born McDonough, N. Y. August 8th, 1833.

1618. Sarah A.; born November 9th, 1850; married Yokia Wood; living at Cincinnatus, N. Y., in 1889; one child, Estella, born December 27th, 1882.

1618a. Thomas S.; born July 9th, 1854; died 1857.

1618b. Harris B.; born April 13th, 1856; died 1861.

1619. Fidelia; born November 26th, 1853; died 1853.

1620. Ella D.; born March 26th, 1860; married Ralph Harvey, December 24th, 1884; living at Cincinnatus, in 1889; one child Blanche, born June 18th, 1886.

1620a. Benjaman; born March 31st 1867; living at Cincinnatus, 1888.

1620b. Lyman G.; born April 23d, 1869; living at Cincinnatus, 1889.

1621. Devillo J.; born March 15th, 1862; mechanic; married Blanch Brooks, June 10th, 1885; born Cortland Co., N. Y., August 20th, 1868; living Binghamton, N. Y., in 1889.

1622. Harmonious V.

1622a. Nellie J.; born April 8th, 1865; married Will Smith, January 1st 1889.


Harmonious V. Beckwith, 1622, born March 27th, 1858; living at Cincinnatus in 1889; married Alice Council, February 26th, 1885.

1623. Baby; born July 5th, 1889.


Harmonious Beckwith, 1616.

1624. Kittie; born April 8th, 1865; married Will Smith, Jan 1st, 1889.

1625. Benjaman L.; born March 31st, 1867; living at Cincinnatus, 1889.

1626. Luman G.; born April 28th, 1869; Living at Cincinnatus, 1889.


Joseph Beckwith, 625, born Lyme, Conn., 1700; died August 9th, 1764.

1627. Asa.


Asa Beckwith, 1627, born Lyme, Conn., about 1734.

1628. Chauncey.

1629. Wolcot; settled in N. Y.

1630. Reuben.

1630a. Lois; born 1765.

1631. Abigail; born 1759; married De Wolf.

1632. Asa.

1633. Joseph.


Chauncey Beckwith, 1628, born Lyme, Conn.; removed to Bristol, Conn., and died there; married January 27th, 1780.

1634. Chauncey; born Bristol; removed to Akron, Ohio, in 1888.

1635. John; born Bristol; removed to Licking Co., Ohio, 1824.

1636. Enos.

1637. Asa.

1638. Emaline; married Ives; her daughter Ophelia was Living at Bristol in 1889.

1639. Amy; married; her daughter Amanda Carter, living at So, Euclid, Ohio, in 1889.


Enos Beckwith, 1636, born Bristol, Conn.; removed to Licking Co., Ohio, in 1824; died at Martinsburg, Ohio; married Clarissa Hart, June, 1822; died at Sycamore, Ill.

1640. Chauncey B.


Chauncey B. Beckwith, 1640, born Martinsburg, Ohio; died at Sycamore, Ill., August 30th, 1869; married Mary A. Woolsey, March 21, 1855, born Austinsburg, Ohio, May 13th, 1835.

1641. Clara; married Flannery; living at Englewood, Ill., in 1889.

1642. Anna; born 1868; died 1869.

1643. Thomas Welsy.


Thomas Welsy Beckwith, 1643, born November 18th, 1857; dentist, at Sterling, Ill., in 1889; married Hattie K. Tracy, November 5th, 1884, born Spring field, Mass., August 2d, 1859.

1644. Clara Tracy; born August 30th, 1885.

1645. Mary L.; born November 22d, 1886.

1646. John T.; born September 5th, 1888.


Asa Beckwith, 1637, born Bristol, Conn., 1789; re moved to Ohio in 1826; married Sarah Barnes of Bristol.

1647. Eli B.

1648. Hiram.

1649. Dewitt.

1650. Orlando; born Ohio; died 1864, of disease contracted in the U. S. Vol. Service; married Harriet Wilson, in 1854, of Zanesville.

1651. Charles B.; born in Ohio; died in 1856.

1652. Sarah; married George Moore; living at Newark, Ohio, in 1859.


Eli Bartholomew Beckwith, 1647, born Bristol, February 21st 1823; died Westminister, Md., June 22d, 1881; married Sarah A. Howard, at Zanesville; living at Baltimore, Md., 1889.

1653. Ariana; born Newark, Ohio, in 1853; married February, 1888, and moved to Flagstaf, Arizona, in 1889.

1654. Frederick M.; born Baltimore, Md., in 1855; died Zanesville, Ohio, in 1877.

1655. William R.; born Baltimore, Md., in 1856; married Marie McCarthy of Chicago, Ill.; living at New York city in 1889.

1656. Charles Barnes; born 1864; died 1865.

1657. Ella Cole; born Zanesville in 1863; died 1864.

1658. Alice; born 1866; died 1875.


Reuben Beckwith, 1630, born Cloverache on the Hudson, November 10th, 1762; died near Cleveland, Ohio; married Elizabeth Utley, born Cloverache on the Hudson, October 13th, 1768; died Cleveland, Ohio.

1659. David.

1660. Wolcot; born December 31st, 1789; died Oneida Co., N. Y.

1661. Charlotte; born February 15th, 1791; married Tallmadge of Blissfield, Ohio.

1662. Polly; born June 19th, 1795; married; and died in Mich.

1663. Martha; born July 21st, 1797; married Saulsbury.

1664. Lemuel.

1665. Henry; born August 11th, 1799; died unmarried.

1666. Betsy; born February 24th, 1804.

1667. Lucy; born May 11th, 1811.

1668. Nelson; born July 3d, 1806; died in Mich.

1669. Saxton.


David Beckwith, 1659, born at Lyme, Conn., February 15th, 1787; died at Warrensville, Ohio.

1670. David.

1671. Letta.


Lemuel Beckwith, 1664, born Westonville, Oneida Co., N. Y., April 18th, 1793; removed to Tyantig, Ontario, in 1832; married Betsy Hicks, in 1861, born at Rutland, Vt., November 8th, 1793; died at Cobden, Ill.

1672. Martha A.; born February 17th, 1817; died August 17th, 1828.

1673. Mary; born May 14th, 1821; married H. B. Barton, September 19th, 1839; living at Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1889.

1674. George.

1675. Sandford W.; born at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N. Y., March 17th 1830; pomologist; living at Cobden, Ill., in 1889; married Mary Swan, February 14th, 1854, born Westonville, N. Y., November 30th, 1830; no children.

1676. Joseph.

1677. Henry N.

1678. Maremus.


George Beckwith, 1674, born N. Y. State, May 18th, 1818; resided at Tweed, Ontario; married J. A. Provort in 1840, born Canada, November 30th, 1816; living at Shannonsville, Ont, in 1889.

1679. Marshall; living at Cobden, Ill., 1889.

1680. Mallissa A.

1681. Elizabeth J.

1682. Uriah Eldridge.

1683. John P.


John Percival Beckwith, 1683, born November 15th, 1849; carriage wood-worker; Living at Chicago, Ill., in 1889; married Kate E. Eberhart, October 18th, 1876, born at Chicago, Ill., October 11th, 1857.

1684. Anna F.; born June 29th, 1877.

1685. George; born August 16th, 1878.

1686. Henry A.; born November 13th, 1879.

1687. Edward J.; born October 21st, 1821.

1688. Charles E.; born January 13th, 1883.

1689. Mary E.; born May 25th, 1886.


Joseph Beckwith, 1676, born Sidney, Ont., June 30th, 1832; living at London, Ont., in 1889; married Oriana Bushnell, 1858, born in England, March 4th, 1841.

1690. Jenette M.; born 1860; married and Living in London, Ont., 1889.

1691. Frank; born 1862; married.

1692. Luella; born 1867.

1693. Amelia; born 1869.

1694. Laura; born 1872.

1695. Florence; born 1874.

1696. Dudley; born 1877.


Henry Nelson Beckwith, 1677, born Canada, June 20th, 1835; carpenter and house joiner; living at Selby, Ont., in 1889; married Flora Fraser, January 11h, 1864, born Lansdale, Ont., March 4th, 1841.

1697. Lewis; born October 19th, 1864.

1698. Lemuel Nelson; born February 22d, 1866.

1699. Ellen; born October 23d, 1867.

1700. Franklin; born November 4th, 1868.

1701. Christian; born October 7th, 1871.

1702. Norman A.; born October 29th, 1873.

1702. Malcolm F.; born June 20th, 1877.

1703. Sabra; born June 15th, 1879.


Maremus Beckwith, 1678, born at Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y. December 25th, 1822; gardener; married Aluria Wyman, March 10th, 1849, born Ontario, Prince Edward Co., Canada, November 25th, 1822; Living Sharon ville, Ont., in 1889.

1704. Louisa; born August 10th, 1848.

1705. Betsy J.; born June 14th, 1850.

1706. Maremus B.; born March 11th, 1852; living Central City, Dakota, in 1889.

1707. Millburn; died October 2d, 1857.

1708. Martha A.; born April 14th, 1856.

1709. Walter S.; born September 15th, 1853; living Central City, Dakota, in 1889.

1710. Aluria M.; born May 12th, 1858.

1711. Chauncey W.; born January 12th, 1862; living Central City, Dakota, in 1889.

1712. Laura J.; born June 15th, 1864.


Saxton Beckwith, 1669, born August 12th, 1801, in Oneida Co., N. Y.; married Sally Burgess.

1713. Susan; married Main.

1714. Martha; married Dakin.

1715. Warden; married Sarah Peck.

1716. Millisa; married Ellis.

1717. Lucy; married J. McKinney.

1718. Harriette; married Linderman.

1719. Henry.

1720. Daniel.

1721. Esquire.


Henry Beckwith, 1719, born in 1840; removed to Mansfield, Ohio; U. S. V. S., 1861-66; married J. C. Guest, September 15th, 1865.

1722. Bertram H.; born September, 1866.

1723. Charlie E.; born September 18th, 1875.

1724. Freddy C.; born January 26th, 1880.


Daniel Beckwith, 1720, born Monroe, Ohio; U. S. V. S., 1861-65; married H. Peck in 1867.

1725. Inez.


Esquire Beckwith, 1721; U. S. V. S., 1861-64.

1726. Levi

1727. Eddie.

1728. Ernest.

1729. Florence.

1730. Eva.

1731. Jane.

1732. Chauncey.


Asa Beckwith, 1632, born in N. Y. State; settled in N. Y.

1733. Joseph.

1734. Ira.

1735. Polly.

1736. David.

1737. Patience.

1738. Eleanor.


Joseph Beckwith, 1633, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1749; died 1834; married Mrs. Esther W. Wait nee Daniels, born in 1765.

1739. Hepsibah; born 1799; married F. Champion.

1740. Harriet; born 1807; married J. Haynes.

1741. Richard Beckwith.


Richard Beckwith, 1741, born Lyme, Conn., in 1786; soldier of the War of 1812-14; married Free love Smith; died at New London, Conn.

1742. Leonard.

1743. Amanda; married Crocker.

1744. Lucrissia; married Demison of New London.

1745. Francis D.


Francis D. Beckwith, 1745, born Waterford, Conn., April 28th, 1810; married Nancy A. Howe, November 4th, 1832, born Delhi, N. Y. September 14th, 1813.

1746. George T.

1747. Thomas A.

1748. Jeannette C.

1749. Horace.

1750. Anson J.

1751. Nathan.

1752. Orrin Wolcott.


Orrin Wolcott Beckwith, 1752, born Waterford, Conn., February 14th, 1838; steamboat pilot; married twice; first wife was Ellen M. Sistaire, whom he married October 30th, 1860, born Groton, Conn., March 1st, 1838; married 2d, Aluira S. Burrows, born March 7th, 1835.

1753. Tressa S.; married Frank Edgecomb, September 30th, 1883.

1754. Orrin P.

1755. Lottie H; married Wm, H. Trail, March 14th, 1889.


Elijah Beckwith, 632, born at New London, 1716; married Joanna Watrous.

1756. Elijah.

1757. Lydia; born October 23d, 1752.

1758. Joanna; born October 23d, 1752.

1759. Hezekiah; born September 12th, 1754.

1760. Stephen.

1761. George.

1762. Samuel.


Elijah Beckwith, 1756, born New London, 1750; died 1780; married Sally Miller of Lyme, Conn.

1763. Joanna; died 1828; married Sabin K. Smith.

1764. A daughter; adopted by a family in Vermont.

1765. Joseph M.


Joseph M. Beckwith, 1765, born Vermont, 1773; carpenter; died Watertown, N. Y., 1878.; married Sally in 1766, his cousin, daughter of Ezra Beckwith of Lyme, Conn.; she died at St Lawrence Co., N. Y., in 1846.

1766. Lydia J.; born Lyme, Conn., February 4th, 1807; married D. Lessee, February 10th, 1828; he died; married 2d, Nathan Noyes, September 10th, 1849; she was Living at Marble Rock, Iowa, in 1889; children: Daniel Lessee, born March 24th, 1831; married Laura Cooper of Watertown, N.Y.; living there in 1889; Hiram, born March 3d, 1834.

1767. Hiram; born Lyme, February 28th, 1809; a sailor; died at New London, August 29th, 1829.

1768. Alfred.

1769. Jeremiah.

1770. Elijah.


Alfred Beckwith, 1768, born Lyme, Conn., September 25th, 1811; farmer; died at Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. Y., January, 1877; married Armenia Wood in 1833, born St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. February 11th, 1815.

1771. Annie; married Hiram Ellis; living Clayton, N. Y., in 1889.

1772. Harriette; married Peck; living at Plessis, N. Y., in 1889.

1773. Orion; born Lyme, Conn., March 20th, 1851; living at Otto Lake, Mich., in 1889; married Sylvia Turner.

1774. Hiram.


Hiram Beckwith, 1774, born St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., January 13th, 1850; farmer at LaFargeville, N. Y. in 1889; married Dora S. Buskirk, November 15th, 1871; born at Clayton, N. Y., December, 1849.

1775. Earl N.; born March 4th, 1875.

1776. Edith M.; born September 10th, 1877.

1777. Grace J.; born May 31st, 1888.


Jeremiah Beckwith, 1769, born Lyme, Conn., November 23d, 1814; distiller at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; 1st wife, Charlotte Jones; married 2d wife, August 14th, 1851; born February 16th, 1838; died Cleveland, Ohio, June 27th, 1872.

1778. Charles G.; born Clayton, N. Y., 1851; died at Fort Missoula, Montana, in 1883; unmarried.

1779. Lonon; born Canada West, February 29th, 1855; married John A. Riggs, March 12th, 1886; he died November 2d, 1887; she was living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889; one child: Charles Howard, born Cleveland, Ohio, September 17th, 1883.

1780. William M.; carriage painter; Living at Denver, Colo., in 1889; married Edith Cramer, September 16th, 1886.

1781. Edgar J.; machinist at Montreal, Canada, in 1889; unmarried.


Jeremiah Beckwith, 1769, married Harriette Shelden, 2d wife.

1782. Shelden; U. S. V. S.; killed in battle.

1783. Jenks; farmer in Kansas.

1784. Augusta; married William Kelly of Rodman, N. Y.


Elijah Beckwith, 1770, born March 20th, 1817; living at La Fargeville, N. Y.; married twice; 1st wife, Betsy Hinds; by his 2d wife, Pheodore E. Shelden, born October 7th, 1826, he had the following children:

1785. Mary L.; born April 20th, 1840; married Layfelt; living at Marble Rock, Iowa, in 1889.

1786. Ellen E.; born July 5th, 1855; married Lew Leach; living at Perch River, N. Y., in 1889.

1787. Martha L.; born September 6th, 1843.

1788. Charles R.; born September 13th, 1842.

1789. Gilbert; born July 22d, 1846.

1790. Norman E.; born April 11th, 1852.

1791. Willard C.; born September 27th, 1848; farmer at La Fargeville, 1889.

1792. Alvin W.; born April 11th, 1852; married Georgiana Drury.


Stephen Beckwith, 640, born Lyme, Conn., August 10th, 1709; died at Hartford, 1788; ensign of Train Band of Hartford; he married Hannah Newton, May 17th, 1742; died at Lyme, Conn., May 16th, 1746.

1793. Cyrus G.; born October 18th, 1743; captain 2d Reg. N. Y. Line in the Continental Army.

1794. Jerusha; born May 16th, 1746.


Stephen Beckwith, 640, married Jerusha Watrous, December 16th, 1747; born 1730; died 1796.

1795. Jeysie.

1796. Jerusha.

1797. Azubah; married Jessie Peck.


Jeysie Beckwith, 1795, born Lyme, Conn., 1753, then “Chesterfield Society;” served in the Continental Army; died 1840; married Esther Smith of Montville; died 1838 at Lyme, Conn.

1798. Betsy; died unmarried.

1799. Elijah.

1800. Nathan.

1801. Ezra; born Lyme; removed to Bloomfield; died in Wis.; married Parnol Crane of Rochester, N. Y.

1802. Sylvanus.

1803. Nathaniel.

1804. Jeysie.

1805. Israel.


Sylvanus Beckwith, 1802, born Lyme, Conn., February 14th, 1787; removed to Bloomfield, N. Y; died Cassopolis, Mich., February 24th, 1829; married Lydia H. Goold, February 12th, 1809; born Lyme, Conn., November 23d, 1792; died at Dawagiac, Mich., September 15th, 1875.

1806. Hattie; living at Dawagiac, Mich., in 1889.

1806a. ______; married James Sullivan; living Dawagiac, Mich., in 1889.

1807. Walter.


Walter G. Beckwith, 1807, born at West Bloomfield, N. Y. January 8th, 1810; died at Cassopolis, Mich.; married Eliza A. Lee, May 22d, 1838; born at Bloomfield, December 2d, 1811.

1808. Frank L.

1809. Edwin N.


Frank L. Beckwith, 1808, born at Cassopolis, Mich., March 10th, 1844; died September 30th, 1876, at Dawagiac, Mich.

1810. Fred L.; living at Dawagiac, Mich., in 1889.

1811. E. Blanch; living at Dawagiac in 1889.


Edwin N. Beckwith, 1809, born at Cassopolis, October 21st, 1847; farmer; married C. L. Sullivan, August 6th, 1869; born Horicon, Wis., February 1st. 1850.

1812. Charles G.; born at Dawagiac, April 19th. 1870.

1813. Walter G.; born at Dawagiac, November 29th, 1871.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 1803, born Lyme, Conn.; died at Bloomfield; married Clarissa Guthrie, in 1816; born Mass.

1814. Watts.


Watts Beckwith, 1814, born at Bloomfield, June 8th, 1825; living at Daytonia, Fla., in 1889; married A. Gilkey, November, 1869; born N. H., in 1832.

1815. Charles Gilkey; died young.


Jeysie Beckwith, 1804, born at Lyme, Conn., 1790; died 1829; married Obiah Rogers; died aged 90, March 3d, 1822.

1816. Laura; married Seth Crocker.

1817. Azubah; married E. Atwood, and moved to Cal.; she died August 7th, 1881.

1818. Henry F.; living at Providence, R. I., in 1889.


Israel Beckwith, 1805, born Lyme, Conn., May 2d, 1794; died September 21st, 1859; married Eunice Hilliard in 1819; died May 28th, 1884.

1819. Eliphalet

1820. Elias H.


Eliphalet Beckwith, 1819, born May 13th, 1821; died January 30th, 1886; married Sarah A. Rathburn.

1821. Albert; born April 8th, 1851; Living at Norwich, Conn., in 1889; not married.


Elias H. Beckwith, 1820, born at Norwich, Conn., June 23d, 1823; merchant; married M. J. Davis, January 4th, 1862; living Norwich, Conn., in 1889.

1822. William W.; born at Norwich, June 23d. 1863; married Lillian W. Sears, November 7th, 1866.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 639, born Lyme, Conn., January 6th, 1707.

1823. Niles.

1824. Jabez.


Niles Beckwith, 1823, born Lyme, Conn., in 1753; removed to Lempster, N. H. (Sullivan County); soldier in the Continental Army; during one of the battles he had a narrow escape — “a ball cut the knot of his cravat;” died at Unity, N. H. in 1821.

1825. Warren.

1826. Byron.

1827. Bethuel.

1828. Lauren.

1829. Lucinda.

1830. Clarissa; married Caleb Sales; 2dly, married Holt; their children were: Louisa, Roxanna, Oscar.

1831. Polly; married Hodge of Lempster; children: Chester, Roulle.

1832. Betsy; married Moses Cooper of Greenfield.

1833. Esther; married Fuller of Sutton.

1834. Nelson; died young.


Warren Beckwith, 1825, born Lempster, N. H. August 20th, 1779; farmer; died in 1830; married Statira Redding, February 15th, 1805; born July 12th, 1780; died Lempster, August 11th, 1839.

1835. Charles G.

1836. Joseph W.

1837. Lucinda; born at Lempster, October 10th, 1809; died October 17th, 1850; married Charles Bignall of Ackworth; children; Mary, Henry, Helen, Mary, Hattie P.

1838. Harriett C.; born August 26th, 1819; died November 16th, 1880; married 1st, J. P. Bignall, August 11th, 1839; their children: Thomas W., born August 3d, 1840; U. S. Vol. Service, 1861-4; killed battle of Gettysburg; Parmelia S., born November 16th, 1843; married George B. Alexander; living Gilsum, N. H. 1889; Lusylva A. born June 1st, 1846; married Henry Temple; Charles P., born November 6th, 1851; living West Swansey, N. H., 1889; married Lucy T. Brown; after Bignall’s death she married Asa E. Howe, August 20th, 1839; the children by this 2d marriage were: Austin L., born July23d, 1858; George C. born May 3d, 1860; Johnny A. D., born July 23d, 1862.

1839. Esther P.; born February 14th, 1825; died April 4th, 1873; married James P. Reed; children: Albert H., Darwin H., Edwin W., Abbie A., Edah C.

1840. Sarah A.; born March 7th, 1813; died April 4th, 1874; married Chapin Burt of Hillsboro, N. H.; children: Sarah Ann, Alwidda, Milan, Hattie.

1840a. Huldah; born August 15th, 1817; died August 18th, 1817.

1840b. Statira; born August 3d, 1818; died young.

1841. Thomas A.

1842. Silas S.

1842a. Lucy S.; born April 19th, 1821; died young.


Charles G. Beckwith, 1835, born July 16th, 1805; married Fanny Badger; born at Peterboro, N. H.

1843. John W.

1844. Nancy.

1845. Stephen H.


Joseph W. Beckwith, 1836, born at Lempster, N. H. October 11th, 1807; died June 13th, 1872; mar ried five times; 2d, married to Pauline Cummins of Unity; 5th, married to Rebecca Pierce, November 5th, 1859; born at Hancock in 1809; removed to Gilsum, N. H., where she died; 1st, married Erminia J. Buswell.

1846. Edward S.

1847. Emma S.


Joseph W. Beckwith, 1836, 3d wife, Sarah L. Palmer of Bradford, N. H.

1848. Kirk.

1849. Francis A.; born at Welton, October 26th, 1844.


Joseph W. Beckwith, 1836, 4th wife, Belinda Brown of Mt. Vernon, Mass.

1850. Henry S.


Henry S. Beckwith, 1850, born at Bennington, December 26th, 1846; married Jennie Welch, January 20th, 1875.

1851. Lena; born August 12th, 1876.


Thomas A. Beckwith, 1841, born at Lempster, December 29th, 1811; married Ellen Patterson.

1852. Martin W.

1853. Thomas A.

1854. Silas S.

1855. Ellen M.

1856. Emma J.

1857. William H.

1858. Charles F.

1859. Edwin W.

1860. George O.

1861. Freddy C.


Silas S. Beckwith, 1842, born at Lempster, N. H., April 11th, 1816; removed to Claremont, Dodge Co., Minn., in 1856; farmer; living there in 1889; married Electa Reed, April 14th, 1840; born Langdon, N. H., July 8th, 1816.

1862. Darwin O.; born Lempster, N. H. July 16th, 1841; died December 19th, 1847.

1862a. Amelia Z.; born Lempster, N. H., May 4th, 1844; died May 6th, 1844.

1862b. Ruth L.; born Lempster, N. H., December 23d, 1845; died January 22d, 1847.

1862c. Ruth N.; born Lempster, N. H. October 7th, 1847; married J. L. Clark, November 18th, 1845; living Herrick, Knox Co., Neb., in 1889; he was a ranchman; their children: Iness C. born December 17th. 1869; Edwin M. born November 10th. 1871; Orrin L. and Warren, twins, born October 9th, 1874; Elmer A., born September 4th, 1877; Elwood L., born April 21st 1879; Jennie P., born April 9th. 1881.

1863. Edith E.; born at Ackworth, December 8th, 1851; married E. A. Chapman, September 8th, 1872; living at Philomath, Oregon, in 1889; their children are: Welma E., born August 11th, 1873; Athol O., born July 13th, 1875; Leo E., born July 9th, 1879; Winnie E., born July 13th, 1884.

1864. Cornelia E.; born at Charlestown, N. H., September 11th, 1856; married F. G. Clark, March 29th, 1874; living at Corvallis, Oregon, in 1889; their children are: Merton F., born May 26th, 1876; Guy A., born August l7th, 1880.

1865. Jennie F.; born at Claremont, Minn., July 5th, 1860; was cashier of the W. U. T. Co., at St Paul, Minn., in 1889.

1866. Albro E.

1866a. Pamelia; married Byron Alexander; children: Frank E., Hattie.

1866b. Abbie A.; married Elmer E. Dodge; one child: Bertha.

1867. Ormond W.


Albro E. Beckwith, 1866, born at Lempster, January 5th, 1850; married Clara Pierce, November 28th. 1872; born July 26th, 1853; farmer; living at Cheney, Dodge Co., Minn., in 1889.

1868. Florence E.; born January 13th, 1874.

1869. Myra E.; born January 22d, 1876.

1870. Lauraette B.; born September 26th, 1881.

1871. Leslie May; born May 3d, 1884.


Ormond W. Beckwith, 1867, born Lempster, May 1st, 1854; married Nellie G. Ryder, October 28th. 1883; born March 16th, 1846; ranchman; they were Living at Cornwallis, Oregon, in 1889.

1872. Frederick A.; born February 14th, 1885; died August 8th, 1885.

1872a. Charles A; born July 16th, 1887.


Byron Beckwith, 1826, born Lempster, N. H.; married Candace Hurd, daughter of Justin Hurd of East Haddam, June 4th, 1806; born June 7th, 1781; died January, 1859.

1873. Elvira; born in 1811; died in 1839; married J. Buckminister of Methuem, Mass.

1874. Diana; born 1813; died 1825.

1875. Harriette S.; born Lempster, 1815; died 1829.

1876. Emeline; born Unity, 1818; married Spencer.

1877. Polly E.

1878. John Bethuel; born at Lempster.


Bethuel Beckwith, 1827, born October 10th, 1783; died at Alstead, January 17th, 1808; married twice; 1st wife, Betsy Davis; died Lempster in 1809; 2d wife, a sister of his first wife.

1879. Linus Niles.

1880. Betsy D.; born August 12th, 1812; married B. Davis.

1881. Lucy A.; born 1814; died 1872; married D. Tifft.

1882. Esther M.; born 1826; died 1846.

1883. Margarette; born Alstead in 1826; married O. Inman of R. I.

1884. Amanda; born 1828; married J. Spaulding of Wilson Co., Wis.

1885. Salmon C; born at Marlow, July 1st, 1816.

1886. John.

1887. Ezra N.


Linus Niles Beckwith, 1879, born at Alstead, N. H., August 19th, 1811; died at Alstead, February 19th 1880; married 1st wife, Eliza A. Davis, October 16th. 1835; born Barry, Mass., February 16th, 1816.

1888. Albert D.

1889. Ransom E.

1889a. Addison; Living Boston, Mass., in 1889.

1889b. Addie.

1889c. Hattie.

1890. Henry H.

1891. George A.; born Weston, Vt., January 22d, 1843; U. S. V. S., 1861-5; wounded at battle of Fredericksburg; died in hospital, May 12th, 1864.

1892. Eliza A.; born at Weston, Vt, 1845; died at Alstead, 1865.

1893. Milan N.; born August, 1848; U. S. V. S., 2d Reg. Vt. Vol.; living in 1889, at Nashua, N. H.; married Ruth E. Dodge, July 9th. 1870.

1894. Nelson B.; born at Weston; living in 1889, at Chester, Penn.; married C. Beebee. 1850; died 1875.


Albert D. Beckwith, 1888, born Lempster, February 22d, 1837; U. S. V. S., 2d Reg. Vt Vol., 1861-5; wounded at battle of Fredericksburg; married Amelia Lincoln, October 15th, 1870; Living Bellows Falls, Vt., in 1889.

1895. Ernest C.; born at Alstead in 1872.

1896. Edna; born at Alstead, September 29th. 1878.


Ransom E. Beckwith, born at Lempster in 1838; died at Nashua in 1878; married Lizzie White.

1897. Lucania; born Florida in 1876.


Henry H. Beckwith, 1890, born at Marlow, June 20th, 1841; contractor and builder; married Eliza A. Townsend, June 15th, 1874; born at Alstead, May 29th, 1850; living at Keene, N. H. in 1889.

1898. Willard H; born October 14th, 1876.

1899. Ella M.; born July 27th, 1880.


Lauren Beckwith, 1828, born at Lempster, January 13th, 1787; farmer; married Sally Dutton of Lempster.

1900. Thomas.

1901. Gillman.

1902. Byron.


Jabez Beckwith, 1824, born in East Haddam, Conn., 1768; died November 10th, 1871; removed to Jilsum, N. H., and then to Lempster; they came on horseback through a wilderness by a pathway of blazed trees with the bed and bedding and other things for their log cabin, and with them their two-year-old daughter Sally; they drove a cow along, “which was their living;” until he could raise his own corn he had to go to Charlestown for his grain; surveyor, county clerk, State representative of Sullivan Co, 12 years, and was appointed colonel of militia; married Elizabeth Hurd; born East Haddam, Conn., in 1772; died October 6th, 1849.

1903. Sally; born Jilsum, October 8th, 1799; married Eli Hull, and lived at Keene; she died age 79.

1904. Diadiama; married Asa Way, and had four sons and six daughters.

1905. Betsy; married Erastus Newton of New port, N. H.; a farmer; had three sons, all graduates of college, and were lawyers practicing at Hanover, N. H., and Burlington, Vt.; one daughter who lives at the old homestead at Newport, N. H.

1906. Nathaniel.

1907. Jabez.

1908. Martin.


Jabez Beckwith, 1907, married Catherine Putnam of Charlestown, N. H.

1909. ______.

1910. Emeline; married at Lowell, Mass.

1911. Angeline; married Newton of Lowell, Mass.

1912. Mary C.; married Putnam of Lempster.


Martin Beckwith, 1908, born at Lempster, N. H. April 28th, 1780; died May 27th, 1881; State representative five years, a democrat, captain of militia; married Tirzah Judd, February 26th, 1808; born South Hadley, Mass., February 26th, 1782; died September 6th, 1858; he was a very large man, and “on muster day in full uniform and riding a fine horse always created a sensation; ” he commanded the escort when Gov. Hill was inaugurated and went to Concord; several years before his death he became blind, and walked the streets of Lempster alone with aid of his cane, and lived to be one hundred and one years of age.

1913. Rev. Hiram.

1914. Homer.

1915. Tirzah M.; born January 22d, 1819; died September 13th, 1858; married D. J. Burnham of Farmington, Mass.

1916. Elizabeth; born February 7th, 1817; died 1881; married John Piatt of Manchester, Me.

1917. Caroline; born July 12th, 1811; Living at Lempster in 1889; unmarried.

1918. Edson Leroy; born August 22d, 1813; died August 22d, 1818.


Rev. Hiram Beckwith, 1913, born May 21st, 1809; minister; married Hannah R. Moore of Shelby, N. Y. September 8th, 1836; living at Spring Lake, Mich., in 1888.

1919. Andrew.

1920. Libby; married Rev. Mr. Cross; Living at Springfield, Ill., in 1889.

1921. Ruth; married J. B. Hancock, October 20th, 1881, of Grand Haven, Mich.

1922. Luez; married Morrison; living at Chicago, Ill., in 1889.


Andrew Beckwith, 1919, living at Spring Lake, Mich., in 1889; lumber merchant.

1923. Hiram.


Homer Beckwith, 1914, born January 1st, 1813; married Mary Ann Sutton, November 1st, 1842; born February 15th, 1824.

1924. Edson L.

1925. Martin; born June 24th, 1849; removed to Lempster; married M. Blake of Derby, Vt., November 15th, 1877; born September 8th, 1850; Living in 1888, on the old homestead.


Edson Leroy Beckwith, 1924, born March 27th, 1848; removed to Manchester; died July 4th, 1886; married Betsy Cahill, at Boston, September 6th, 1874; died July 29th, 1879.

1926. _______; born at Boston, April 17th, 1875; living in 1889, on the old homestead.


Benjamin Beckwith, 645, born at New London, Conn., January 13th, 1679.

1927. Phineas,


Phineas Beckwith, 1927, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1701; married Phoebe Wait, September 21st, 1734; died October 28th, 1791.

1928. Phineas.

1929. Lois; born December 13th, 1735; married M. Parsons in 1764.

1930. Sarah; born August 6th, 1738; died unmarried in 1841.

1931. Elizabeth; born August 12th, 1742; died May 8th, 1768; married Sylvanus Smith.

1932. Richard; born November 28th, 1739; died June 16th, 1810; married Lucy Griswold, 1st wife; 2d, married Mary Wood.

1933. Sarah; born July 28th, 1745; died 1780; unmarried.

1934. Marvin; born Lyme, Conn., December 16th, 1746; died June 21st 1815; removed to New London; lawyer; married 1st, Patty Jones; died March 5th, 1804; married 2d, H. Saltonstal; died July 10th, 1808; married 3d, Nancy Farmer; died April 11th, 1857.


Phineas Beckwith, 1928, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1735; sailor; enlisted in Revolutionary Army in 1777; sergeant 1777; ensign in 1781; married Huldah; born 1739.

1935. Lois; born 1759.

1936. Stephen.

1937. ______.

1938. ______.

1939. ______.


David Beckwith, 607, born at New London, Conn.; settled in New York city, N. Y.; enlisted in Continental Army in 1776.

1940. Fannie; married Morgan of Westfield, Mass.

1941. Livonia; married Garretson.

1942. Eliza; married Carpenter.

1943. Sally.

1944. Richard Bebee.


Richard Bebee Beckwith, 1944, born New York city; removed to Baltimore, Md., in 1832; ship builder; married Elizabeth Coumer; born in Wales.

1945. Henry C.

1946. John; U. S. V. S., 2d Md. Reg., participated in twenty-two engagements; was living at National Soldiers’ Home, Virginia, in 1889.

1947. David G.

1948. Horace.

1949. Mary; married Todd of Phila.


Henry C. Beckwith, 1945.

1950. James; living at Baltimore in 1889.


David G. Beckwith, 1947, born New York city; removed to Baltimore, Md., in 1836; married Mary Edgerton of Baltimore.

1951. Ida; married R. Bradley.

1952. Molly; married L. Benjamin of Md.

1953. Emma S.; school teacher; living at Baltimore, Md., in 1889.

1954. Ella V.

1955. Fannie.

1956. Thomas R.


Horace Beckwith, 1948, born New York city, January 5th, 1828; removed to Baltimore, Md.; married Margarette Hayes, October 6th, 1861; born at Ann Arundell Co., Md., April 27th, 1840.

1957. Wm, Franklin; living Baltimore, Md., 1889; unmarried.

1958. Mary F.; unmarried.

1958a. Ida E.; unmarried.

1959. Margarette E.; unmarried.

1960. Roselle E.; unmarried.

1961. Sarah L.; unmarried.

1962. Horace J.; died August 26th, 1882.

1963. George W.; living Baltimore, Md., 1889; unmarried.

1964. Charles E.; living Baltimore, Md., 1889; unmarried.

1965. Samuel P.; living Baltimore, Md., 1889; unmarried.

1966. Annie V.; Living Baltimore, Md., 1889; unmarried.

1967. Richard Burnside; born at Baltimore, Md., March 18th, 1862; canmaker; living there in 1889; unmarried.


Richard Bebee Beckwith, 1944, by his 2d marriage.

1968. Franklin; living in Md., in 1889.

1969. Eliza; married Hubbard of Md.


Jonah Beckwith, 587, born Conn., in 1716; returned to England and settled in London and died there.

1970. Jonah.


Jonah Beckwith, 1970, born at London 1746; died there; buried in Old St, Luke’s Church, London.

1971. Joseph.


Joseph Beckwith, 1971, born November 11th, 1776, at St, Mary’s Stairway, London; married Jane Pittard, June 20th, 1800; married and born at St Mary’s, Islington, London.

1972. Joseph; died unmarried.

1973. Mary A.; died unmarried.

1974. Jane; married Mr. Mollett, and is now living in London.

1975. Henry; living at Bedford ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

1976. George.


George Beckwith, 1976, born September 6th, 1816, at Wilderness Row, London; by occupation a clerk; removed to Erie, Penn.; married Marianne Wigaman, February 4th, 1846; born London, England.

1977. Thomas D.; born at Erie, Penn., November 15th, 1846.

1978. J. Henry; born at Brooklyn, N. Y., March 24th, 1849.

1979. Jane; born at Brooklyn, November 29th, 1851; married Cuzner.

1979a. Minnie; born January 26th, 1852; married Smith.

1980. Polly; born September 26th, 1854; married Slater.

1981. Minnie; born January 26th, 1852; married Smith.

1982. George; born Brooklyn, February 14th, 1859.

1983. James P.; born December 31st, 1865.


David Beckwith, 592a, born Lyme, Conn., in 1742; removed to Geneseo, Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1829; farmer; enlisted in Continental Army 1776-9, Miller’s Co., De Voos’ Reg., Mass. Line; wounded during the war; died at Attica, N. Y. in 1834; married Abigail, daughter of Capt. Whiting; born Lyme, Conn., in 1757.

1984. Jonathan; removed to Cayuga Co., N. Y. and died there.

1985. William.

1986. David.

1987. Perry Green.

1988. Warren.

1989. Richard; died unmarried.

1990. Polly; born 1795; died at Barry Co., N. Y., March, 1887; married Noah Bowker.

1991. Huldah; born 1802; married Brown of Ohio.


William Beckwith, 1985, born at Norwalk. Conn., in 1796; enlisted War of 1812, in Gale’s Co.; died at Merfork, Branson Co., Ohio, in 1861; married Anne Herrick in 1819; born 1798; died 1883.

1992. Alonzo; died unmarried.

1993. Marian; married Dr, Nelson of Ann Arbor, Mich.

1994. William; inventor.

1995. Dr. David H.; M. D.; born 1826, in Ohio; living at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889.

1996. Dr. Ephraim.

1997. Dr. Seth R.


Dr. Ephraim Beckwith, 1996; M. D.; born 1830; settled at Columbus, Ohio; married Fannie Forest.

1998. Dr. Edwin F.

1999. Whitney C; living at Detroit, Mich., in 1889; lawyer; married M. A. Gaylord.

2000. Charies P.; student at Ann Arbor in 1889.


Dr. Edwin F. Beckwith, 1998, living at Munn, Mich., in 1889; married Kate Burr.

2001. Alice.

2002. Baby.


Dr. Seth R. Beckwith, 1997; M. D.; mining expert and speculator, in Ohio and Colo.; living at Elizabeth, N. J., in 1889.

2003. L. C.; Living at Maiden Lane, N. Y., in 1889.

2004. Dr. Tifft; living at Elizabeth, N. J., in 1889.


David Beckwith, 1986, from Attica, N. Y., removed to Alexander, N. Y.; married Sybell Hodges.

2005. Susan; married Smith; living at Kalama zoo, Mich., in 1888.

2006. Chaucey.

2007. Fanny.

2008. Lenassa.

2009. William.

2010. Eliphalet.

2011. Elmira.

2012. John.

2013. David.

2014. Mary Ann.

2015. Dexter T.


Dexter Tiffany Beckwith, 2015, born at Attica, Wyoming Co., N. Y., in 1823; farmer; living Wyoming Co., in 1888; married Sarah A. Wood, March 9th, 1848; born Attica, N. Y., September 18th, 1825.

2016. Clara Louda; born August 2d, 1855.


Perry Beckwith, 1987, born at Hartford, Conn., in 1796; enlisted in Revolutionary Army 1814, served in Grierson’s Co., Porter’s Reg., New York Line; died at New Lyme, Ohio; married 1st wife, Delia Springster, in 1824; born Lyme, Conn; died New Lyme, Ohio.

2017. Perry G.


Perry Green Beckwith, 2017.

2018. Dr. Nelson; dentist at New York city in 1888.

2019. Halsey P.; living in Jefferson Co., in 1888.


Perry Green Beckwith, 1987, married 2d wife, Rock well; born Lyme, Conn.; died New Lyme, Ohio.

2020. Alvin.

2021. Edward C.

2022. Ezra M.

2023. Samuel R.

2023a. Esther.

2024. Elijah.


Elijah Beckwith, 2024, born Lyme, Conn.; removed to New Lyme, Ohio; married Sarah Partridge; born Gustavus, Ohio, March, 1800.

2025. Fanny P.

2026. Joana.

2027. Sarah V.

2028. William; living at Colebrook, Ohio, in 1888.

2029. George W.; living West Williamsfield, Ohio, in 1888.

2030. Elijah P.

2031. Alva R.


Alva R. Beckwith, 2031, born at New Lyme, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, July 14th, 1838; merchant there in 1889; married Joanna Dodge, December 18th, 1849; born New Lyme, January 7th, 1879.

2032. Altha A.; born December 20th, 1852.

2033. Flora A.; born September 6th, 1858.

2034. Alva A., Jr.; born February 28th, 1870.


Warren Beckwith, 1988, born Geneva, Cayuga Co., N. Y. September 6th, 1799; farmer; removed to Kalamazoo, Mich., in 1806; died there April, 1863; married in Attica, N. Y., to Mary Tyrell in 1824; she was living at Kalmazoo, Mich., in 1889.

2035. Charles.

2036. Henry.

2037. Phoebe J.; married M. J. McPoor; living at Detroit, Mich., in 1889; had one son, Arthur, who died young.

2038. Helen; married Harry Wells of Kalamazoo.


Hon. Charles Beckwith, 2035, born at Alexander, N. Y. July 9th, 1825; removed to Kalamazoo with his parents in 1836; entered Michigan University 1845; graduated 1849; studied law at Holly Springs, Miss.; and practiced his profession in Buffalo from 1854 until 1877; was then made judge of the Superior Court of Buffalo, and finally made chief judge, was living in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1889; married Harriet Dodge, May 12th, 1849.

2039. Mary R.

2040. Jessie Lee.

2041. Fanny L.


Henry Beckwith, 2036, removed to Kalamazoo, Mich.; farmer.

2042. Ray, an artist; living at Kalamazoo, Mich., in 1889.


Benjamin Beckwith, 691.

2043. Alonzo S.


Alonzo S. Beckwith, 2043, born at Hartford, Conn.; moved to Providence, R. I., in early married life, and returning to Hartford, there engaged in financial operations, and was a prominent business man of that place; married Laura Moseley Clark of Hartford.

2044. William C.

2045. Laura C.

2046. Charles.

2047. Henry Clark; died August, 1883; married Clara Brownell, niece of Bishop Brownell of Hartford, Conn.

2048. Charlotte G.; married Daniel R. Crouse of Utica, N. Y.


William Clark Beckwith, 2044, M. D.; died October 7th, 1868; married Jane, daughter of Dr. Leprelette S. Miller. Dr. Beckwith practiced medicine in Rochester, N. Y., from 1851-55; then removed to Providence, R. I.; entered into partnership with his father-in-law, Dr. Miller, and was living there in 1889.

2049. William L.

2050. Walter; died young.


William L. Beckwith, 2049; living at Providence, R. I., in 1889; married Emily Jones; died July 1st, 1887.

2051. Lorania C.; born April 5th, 1887.


Charies Beckwith, 2046; died October, 1884; 1st wife married, Kate Seymour.

2052. Kate; married Strickland; living at St. Paul, Minn., in 1889.


Charles Beckwith, 2046; married 2d, Hannah Boyd Miller, granddaughter of Dr. Nathaniel Miller of Franklin, Mass.

2053. Charles.

2054. Chariotte.

2055. Richard.


Josiah Beckwith, 591, born Lyme, Conn., in 1742; married Mehetible Parsons.

2056. Andrew.

2056a. Joel.

2056b. Joshua.

2057. Richard P.

2057a. Mehitable; b. Lyme; m. Nathan Tinker, February l7th, 1780; he died April, 1792; children: Laurana, born August 24th, 1780; Allen, born December 30th, 1781; Elizabeth, born July 18th, 1783; Jonathan, born June 14th, 1785; Anna, born June 31st, 1788; Mary, born December 3d, 1790; Nathan, born September 30th, 1792; married Eunice Wade.


Andrew Beckwith, 2056, born Lyme, Conn., in 1767; removed to Alstead, and had nine children; married Catherine Shouler.

2058. Benjamin B.

2059. Simon Brooks; born at Alstead; removed to Ticonderoga; married Livonia Dart; born January 26th, 1780.


Benjamin Brooks Beckwith, 2058, born at Alstead, June 10th, 1786; died July 10th, 1831; married Joanna Chapin; died at Alstead, February 19th, 1856.

2060. Alfred.

2061. Olinda; born May 8th, 1810; married B. M. Metcalf, June 9th, 1835.

2062. Oliver; born at Walpole, April 11th, 1816.

2063. Rizpah; born at Hillboro, April 25th, 1821.

2064. Silas; born November 1st, 1818; married and removed to California in 1888.

2065. Edna; born May 6th, 1820; removed to Salt Lake City; married J. H. A. Young; and became a Mormon.


Richard P. Beckwith, 2057, born at New London, Conn., 1776; died at Lyme, Conn.; married Mary Phillips in 1796; born and died in Lyme.

2066. Abel; settled at Hamburg, Conn.

2067. Joel; his descendants were living at Lyme, Conn.; died Chatham, N. Y., in 1886.

2068. Richard; died at Sag Harbor.

2069. Josiah.

2070. John S.; Living at Lyme, Conn., in 1889.

2071. Andrew.


Andrew Beckwith, 2071, born Lyme, Conn., 1797; died Aledo, Ill., August 31st 1872; married Nancy J. Hudson, March 29th, 1820; born Lyme, 1799; died 1871.

2072. Seth Lee.

2073. John B.

2074. Richard E.

2075. William H.

2076. Alfred P.; living at Lyme in 1889.

2077. Louisa; married Daniels of Harlem, N. Y.

2078. Mary L.; married Lord of Hamburg, Conn.

2079. Sarah E.; married Robbins.

2080. Harriette C.; married S. C. Amberson; living at Minneapolis, Minn., in 1889.

2081. Angelina; living at Hamburg, Conn., in 1889.

2082. Ann Maria.


Seth Lee Beckwith, 2072, born at Lyme, Conn., in 1820; sea captain; retired from sea life and entered into the boat-building business, and was living at San Francisco in 1889; married Abbey Jane Le Pard, May 24th, 1846; born at New London, Conn., November 9th, 1820.

2083. Ida Jane; born February 2d, 1857; married J. McFarland; living at . San Francisco, Cal.

2084. George Lee; born January 14th, 1856.

2085. Frederick A.; born November 1st, 1859; died young.


John B. Beckwith, 2073, born Lyme, Conn., December 18th, 1824; was in the grocery business at Tulare, Cal., in 1889; married Jennette E. Brown, August 5th, 1855; born Lyme, Conn., October 5th, 1832.

2086. Nellie; born at Tulare, Cal., March 28th, 1857.

2087. Kate; born 1860; Living at Tulare in 1889.


Richard E. Beckwith, 2074, born at Lyme, Conn., December 13th, 1831; merchant; living at Fresno, Cal., in 1889; married Ellen L. Brown, November 8th, 1856; born at Lyme, Conn., April 8th, 1836.

2088. Alice Rose; born June 14th, 1863.

2089. Grace; born March 5th, 1865.

2090. Eva D.; born June 25th, 1867.

2091. Frank; born January 15th, 1869.

2092. Edna S.; born September 3d, 1875.


William H. Beckwith, 2075, born at Lyme, Conn., April 27th, 1838; living in Saybrook, Ill., in 1888; married Lavinia Cheney, June 11th, 1863, daughter of Hon. W. H. Cheney; born Cheney’s Grove, Ill., May 19th, 1844.

2093. W. Cheney; born at Saybrook, Ill., March 2d, 1867; merchant at Chicago, Ill., in 1889; unmarried.


Stephen Beckwith, 1760, born New London, Conn., September 22d, 1760; died in New York; married ______ York; born Stonington, Conn.; died March, 1863, age 97; daughter of ______ York, who was in the Revolutionary Army and at the Indian Massacre of Wyoming Valley.

2094. George.

2095. Dan.

2096. Hiram Jefferson.

2097. Sebaken.

2098. Hadley.

2099. Minor York.


Dan Beckwith, 2095, born Flushing, Penn.; died Danville, Ill.; deputy U. S. surveyor; founder of Danville; was colonel of the Illinois Mounted Rangers in Blackhawk War; married May J. Williams; born Franklin Co., Penn.; died Danville.

2100. Laura; married Mott; living Chicago, Ill., in 1889.

2100a. Malissa; married Lamon; a daughter May living in Danville, Ill., in 1886.

2101. Hiram W.


Hiram Williams Beckwith, 2101, born at Danville, Ill.; author of “Historic Notes of the North-west Territory,” and other local historical and aboriginal works; practicing law at Danville in 1889; married Emily Reeder, March 24th, 1857; born Oneida Co., N. Y. September 19th, 1832.

2102. Clarence H; born at Danville, June 30th, 1869.

2103. Will.


Will H. Beckwith, 2103, lawyer; born at Danville, March 1st, 1858; married Lynne Williams, December 3d, 1884; born April 22d, 1862; living at Danville in 1889.

2104. Sella G.; born September 6th, 1885.

2105. Dan Williams; born December 25th, 1886.


Minor York Beckwith, 2099, born New York, 1798; moved to Michigan in 1836, where he died in 1854; married ______ Edwards in 1824; born about 1800 in Massachusetts; her father was in the Revolutionary Army, participating in the battle of Bunker Hill.

2106. Mary Eugene.

2107. Mortimore Edwards.


Mortimore Edwards Beckwith, 2107, born Wayne Co., N. Y. 1826; learned the ship-carpenter’s trade in Milwaukie, Wis.; worked at that business until 1873; was in business for himself in Racine from 1850 to 1860; in Grand Haven, Mich., from 1860 to 1873; in 1873 he was in Duluth, building dredges for the N. P. R. R. Co.; in 1881 he entered business in La Crone, Wis., as a commission agent and dealer in second-hand goods; he married twice; his first wife was Helen Bonman of Racine, Wis.; she died in 1872, leaving eight children; his second wife was Julia E. Selby, who was born at Blue Earth, Wis.

2108. Harriet

2109. Eugenia.

2110. Evangeline.

2111. Ella.

2112. Clarebell.

2113. Frank; Living Winona, Minn., in 1889.

2114. Fred W.; merchant at Sioux Falls, Iowa, in 1889.


Nathaniel Beckwith, 1906, born Lempster, N. H.; married Eunice Parkhurst; they died within one week of each other at Unity, N. H., in 1830.

2115. Lawson; his children were Living at or near Longraont, Colo., in 1886.

2116. George.

2117. Oscar.

2118. Aira; married C. A. Moore, Rutland, Vt.; children: C. A. Moore, Rutland, Vt.; Geo, C. Moore, Weathersfield Bow, Vt.; Mrs. J. H. Butler and Mrs. Hiram Parker, Lempster, N. H.

2119. Lucy.

2120. Eunice.

2121. ______.

2122. ______.

2123. Ransom P.


Oscar Beckwith, 2117.

2124. Helen; married Kent; living at Eldora, Iowa, in 1889.


Ransom Parkhurst Beckwith, 2123, born Unity, N. H., about 1817; resided at Lempster, N. H.; married Emily L. Parker, May 13th, 1849; born Goshen, N. H., July 2d, 1827.

2125. Hira Ransom; living at Claremont, N. H., in 1889.

2126. Walter P.


Walter Packer Beckwith, 2126, born Lempster, N. H., August 27th, 1850; superintendent of schools at Adams, Mass., in 1889; married Mary L. Sayles, December 23d, 1879; born Adams, Mass., April 26th, 1856.

2127. Francis Sayles; born August 11th, 1881.


Clark Beckwith, 1016, born Conn., August 6th, 1810; moved to Cairo, N. Y.; married Eliza Curtis, April 20th, 1833; born February 25th, 1813.

2128. Celestia; married Hyde; living N. Y. city in 1889.

2129. Eugenia; married H. Bogardus; living Coxsackie, N. Y., in 1889.

2130. Janet.

2131. Devillo.

2132. Calvin.

2133. Zanoni.


Zanoni Beckwith, 2133, born Cairo, N. Y., November 10th, 1842; hotel proprietor and insurance broker at Cairo in 1889; married Adel Stewart, November 6th, 1868; born Cairo, February 28th, 1844.

2134. Maude; born April 18th, 1871.


Nathan Beckwith, 633, born Lyme, Conn., in 1718; moved to New York.

2135. Ransom.

2136. Joseph.

2137. Elijah.


Ransom Beckwith, 2135, born Herkimer Co., N. Y. August 12th, 1747; married Abadiah Putnam; born in Mass.

2138. Ransom.

2139. Ethan; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y. 1793; died there, April 25th, 1856.

2140. Son; whose descendants were living in Herkimer Co. in 1889.

2141. Volney.


Ransom Beckwith, 2138, born Herkimer Co., N. Y. October 25th, 1791; died in Nebraska; married Anna Perkins, April 25th, 1812; born Lake George, N. Y. July 11th, 1798; Living in 1887.

2142. Delight; born July 12th, 1813; married Israel Burts, January 19th, 1842, of Sartwell Creek, Potter Co., Penn.

2143. Jabez C.; born July 31st, 1816; married Anna M. Landinburge, November 18th, 1833.

2144. Ransom; born December 7th, 1817; living at Smeethsport, McKeens Co., Penn., in 1888; married Elizabeth Landinburge.

2145. Samuel P.

2146. Simion; born May 6th, 1822; married Elizabeth Palmer, May 6th, 1844.

2147. John L.; born June 20th, 1824; married Lucinda Harwood, June 1st, 1844.

2148. Asher M.; born September 17th, 1829; U. S. V. S., 1861-5; wounded at battle of Gettysburg; died in hospital.

2149. Mary C; born February 18th, 1827.

2150. Thankful; born December 15th, 1828.

2151. Olive L.; born April 12th, 1834.

2152. Joel B.; born November 27th, 1831.

2153. Nathaniel; born August 12th, 1836.

2154. Daniel C.; born May 1st, 1841.


Samuel P. Beckwith, 2146, born January 27th, 1820; farmer. Farmers Valley, Penn., in 1888; married Rebecca Robbins, December 4th, 1841.

2155. Mary Ann; born September 20th, 1845; married R. Ellis, February 23d, 1867.

2156. Charles H.; born February 22d, 1852; married Ella Day, November 22d, 1872.

2157. Fannie; born February 5th, 1853; married L. Steinbauer, February 23d, 1876.

2158. Henrietta; born February 6th, 1863; married J. Stull, February 23d, 1876.

2159. Juliette; born December 11th, 1855; married H. Resler, February 23d, 1876.

2160. Westley; born November 23d, 1857; married Martha Coraghan, May 1st, 1883.

2161. Rebecca J.; born May 12th, 1860; married B. Stull, October 27th, 1882.

2162. Elmer E.; born May 8th, 1862; married Minnie Thomas, October 22d, 1886.

2163. Mystie A.; born October 22d, 1867; married M. F. Wright, October 20th, 1886.


Volney Beckwith, 2141, born Herkimer Co., N. Y., February 1st, 1814; removed to Ottawa, Ill.; carpenter and builder; living at Harding, Ill., and died at Ottawa, Ill., April 23d, 1861; married Mary A. Piper, January 23d, 1833; born Herkimer Co., November 3th, 1816; died Ottawa, Ill., November 22d, 1865.

2164. Edwin Buckingham; born Herkimer Co., N. Y. December 23d, 1834; removed to Harding, Ill.; married E. Kauffelt, February 25th, 1855; living Marseilles, Ill., in 1889.

2165. Daniel.

2166. Manly V.; born October 24th, 1843; died at Ottawa, Ill., September 29th, 1858.

2166a. Morgan A.; born April 17th, 1845; died August 14th, 1846.

2166b. Mary P.; born April 30th, 1847.

2167. Andrew D.; born July 11th, 1848; died August 23d, 1848.

2168. Morgana; died August 14th, 1846.

2169. Mary P.; born April 30th, 1847; married J. M. Kagy of Ottawa, Ill., September 19th, 1865; he died; she was living Bozeman, Montana, in 1889.


Dan Beckwith, 2165, born Herkimer Co., N. Y., October 27th, 1836, on the ground of the great Indian massacre; U. S. Vol. Service 1861-4; carpenter and builder; married Rachel Josephine Ford, July 5th, 1854; born Lowell, Mass., October 5th, 1838.

2170. Jessie Fremont; born October 9th, 1856; married Thomas F. Robinson, at Ottawa, Ill., May 20th, 1879; he died at Ottawa, Ill., May 31st, 1884; their children are: Jessie L., born at Springfield, Ill., October 12th, 1880; Volney A. born Springfield, Ill., March 14th, 1882; Thomas P., born at Denver, Colo., February 4th, 1883; Charles W., born Denver, Colo., February 4th, 1883; Albert Roy, born Ottawa, Ill., August 22d, 1884.

2171. Charles Sumner; born Ottawa, December 31st, 1858; married at Ottawa to Jessie Rowe, October l7th, 1882.

2172. Clara Bell; born Ottawa, May 11th, 1862; died September 30th, 1862.

2173. Mabel Adelia; born Ottawa, Ill., May 11th, 1862; living at Chicago, III, in 1889.


Elisha Beckwith, 1359, born Lyme, Conn., October 12th, 1738; removed to New London, Conn.

2174. Ezra.

2175. Samuel.


Ezra Beckwith, 2174, born Lyme, Conn.; sea captain; was drowned at sea in 1820; married twice; 1st wife, Naomi Haynes.

2176. Sally; born Lyme, Conn., July 16th, 1786; died Lawrence Co., N. Y. January 5th, 1849; married Joseph M. Beckwith, No. 1765.

2177. Jeremiah.


Jeremiah Beckwith, 2177, born Lyme, Conn., 1790; died Rome, Ashtabula Co., Ohio; married Esther; born Lyme, Conn., December 9th, 1810; died Rome, Ohio.

2178. Mary Ann.

2179. Priscilla F.

2180. Polly M.

2181. Josiah M.

2182. Ezra G.


Josiah M. Beckwith, 2181, born New Lyme, Ohio, July 20th, 1814; married ______ Harrington, October 10th, 1843; born Girard, Penn., May 7th, 1825.

2183. Franklin G.

2184. Elisha J.


Elisha J. Beckwith, 2184, born Rome, Ohio, August 4th, 1849; carriage-maker. South Lyme, Ohio, in 1889; married Smith, May 12th, 1871; born Colebrook, October 30th, 1852.

2185. Jerry M.; born July 4th, 1886.


Ezra G. Beckwith, 2182, born New Lyme, Ohio; removed to Plattsville, Wis.; married Gertrude Brockaway, December 23d, 1855; born Orangeville, Ohio, March 4th, 1846.

2186. Harry G.; born Plattsville, November 4th, 1867; living there in 1889.

2187. Clara; born Plattsville, November 4th, 1867; living there in 1889.

2188. Priscilla.

2189. Mariah.

2190. Mary.

2191. Kate.


Ezra Beckwith, 2174, by his second wife, Clarissa Mack; they moved to Niantic, Conn.; he had the following children:

2192. Elisha.

2193. Ezra.

2194. Anson.

2195. Albert.

2196. Noma.

2197. Clarissa.

2198. Austin.

2199. Phœbe.

2200. Freelove.

2201. Nancy; born 1816; living at Niantic, Conn., in 1889; married Jeremiah Rush.

2202. Charles.

2203. Samuel.


Charles Beckwith, 2202, born New London, Conn., 1783; died Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y.; married Betsy Nichols, October 20th, 1822; died Chenango Bridge, N. Y.

2204. Eli.

2205. George W.

2206. Benjamin.

2207. Charles D.; was living at Frenchtown, Missoula Co., Montana, 1885.

2208. Elias W.

2209. Delia D.

2210. Ruth A.; married Wilmot; was living at Chenango Bridge, N. Y., 1885.

2211. Nathan B.


Nathan B. Beckwith, 2211, born Windsor, N. Y. January 19th, 1827; married Mary C. Dibble, October 20th, 1847; born Fulton, N. Y., August 12th, 1828.

2212. Kate M.

2213. Jennie A.

2214. Charles Nathan; born Windsor, N. Y. June 27th, 1863; hotel clerk. New York city, in 1889.


Samuel Beckwith, 2203, born Marlow, N. H. 1797; when four years old his father moved to Niantic, Conn., in 1801; married Jennie Church; born Lyme, 1799.

2215. Samuel; living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2216. Lorenzo; Living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2217. William; living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2218. Ezra; living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2219. Louisa; living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2220. Belinda; Living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2221. Fannie; living Niantic, Conn., in 1889.

2222. Theresa M.; born Niantic, June 9th, 1831; married Benjamin I. Beebee, January 9th, 1850; he died; she was living at Niantic in 1889; their children: James P., born December 17th, 1852; William C. born March 26th, 1864; Bertie L., born October 17th, 1869; Mary F., born December 26th, 1872; John E., born December 15th, 1878.


Anson Beckwith, 960, born Bristol, Conn., September 7th, 1803; carriage manufacturer; died February 27th, 1866; married twice; his first wife was Emily Peck; married July 20th, 1825; born Bristol, Conn., March 9th, 1805; died July 16th, 1861; married 2d, Amelia F. Schubert; born Germany, July 13th, 1831.

2223. Eleanor Eunice; born Bristol, June 8th, 1828; married July 10th, 1849 to H. K. Hotchkiss; living Ansonia, Conn., in 1889; children: William H., born April 17th, 1851; married Mary F. Benehor, July 10th, 1876; Emily Bell, born November 2d 1857; married October 20th, 1881, to William A. Fellows.

2224. Robert Anson; born Bristol.

2225. Sidney Schubert; born Bristol.

2226. James Gaylord; born Bristol.


Robert Anson Beckwith, 2224, born September 8th, 1834; photographer; resided in Norwalk, Conn., died there in June, 1871; married Helen J. Hayes, January 29th, 1862.

2227. Helen C.; born Norwalk, December, 1862; living Meriden, Conn., in 1889.

2228. Sarah E.; born Norwalk; died in infancy.


Sidney Schubert Beckwith, 2225, born August 18th, 1853; book-keeper; died December 5th, 1883; married Lizzie Atkins of Norfolk, Conn., in 1873.

2229. Elenor E.; born September 18th, 1874.

2230. Florence A.; born October 1st 1877.

2231. Sidney A; born February 21st, 1880; died December 3d, 1883.

2232. Jessie; born May 29th, 1883; died December 10th, 1883.


James G. Beckwith, 2226, born May 6th, 1855; an engineer by profession; married Carrie Terry of Bristol in 1873.

2233. Inez M.; born June 28th, 1874.

2234. Harry R.; born July 25th, 1877.


Nathan Richard Beckwith, 874; his second wife, Caroline Davenport, was living in 1889; they had the following children:

2235. Appleton.

2236. Frank.

2237. Nathan.

2238. Francis P.


Francis P. Beckwith, 2238, born Dubuque, Iowa, April 3d, 1847; married Augusta Waldeck, June 14th, 1847.

2239. Georgia Augusta; born Toledo, Ohio, May 4th, 1877; living at Findlay, Ohio, in 1889.

2240. Carl William; born Toledo, March 1st, 1871; Living at Findlay, Ohio, in 1889.

2241. Nathan R.; born Toledo, June 1st, 1871; Living at Findlay, Ohio, in 1889.

2242. Jessie Hartha; born Sylvania, Ohio, January 9th, 1868; clerk; living at Toledo, Ohio; unmarried in 1889.


Francis Beckwith, 849, born Lyme, Conn., 1774; settled in Utica, N. Y.; married Sarah Ried, August 10th, 1796; born 1774.

2243. Ried.

2244. John.

2245. Charles.

2246. Lyman.


Ried Beckwith, 2243, born Lyme, Conn., October 9th, 1796; died Utica, N. Y; married Sarah Welch; born and died in Conn.

2247. Samuel.

2248. William.

2249. Wesley.

2250. Francis.

2251. Sarah.

2252. James L.


James Lafayette Beckwith, 2252, born Utica, N. Y., May 18th, 1824; removed to Chicago, where he was living in 1889; married Cinderella Noyes in 1845; born Danville, Vt., April 7th, 1825.

2253. Francis W.; born May 14th, 1847; died September 15th, 1875.

2254. James A.


James A. Beckwith, 2254, born June 19th, 1849; was in the insurance business in Chicago, Ill., 1889; married Mary Glover, May 28th, 1880; born Scotland, Canada, October 11th, 1859.

2255. Beatrice; born April 19th, 1882.

2256. Francis L.; born November 20th, 1883.

2257. James L.; born January 15th, 1886.


Lyman Beckwith, 2246, born Utica, N. Y. 1798; farmer, Otisco, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; died 1832; married Martha Watson.

2258. Betsy Ann.

2259. Marcus D. L.


Marcus D. Lafayette Beckwith, 2259, born January 27th, 1832, at Ludlowville, N. Y.; married Sarah J. Brady, born Scotland, Canada, June 29th, 1834.

2260. Mary E.

2261. Sarah J.

2262. Emma; married Edward Lyons; living Five Corners, N. Y. in 1889.

2263. Lafayette.

2264. Jay; living Forest Home, Tompkins Co., N. Y

2265. Frank.

2266. Lafayette.

2267. Leroy L.


Leroy L. Beckwith, 2267, born Freeville, N. Y., March 25th, 1853; conductor on Northern Central Ry.; living Elmira, N. Y., in 1889; married Eva A. Sperry; living N. Y., 1875; born Tompkins Co., N. Y. August 15th, 1854.

2268. Frederick Clark; born January 30th, 1879.

2269. Lena Sperry; born August 29th, 1881.


Nathan Beckwith, 633, possibly the Nathan who was born in Lyme, Conn., in 1718, and moved to Waterford, where he died; married Naomi Winchell; born Waterford 1720; daughter of Isaac and Naomi Winchell; and had one son.

2270. Isaac.


Isaac Beckwith, 2270, possibly the Isaac who was born at Waterford, Conn.; enlisted in 1777 in the Continental Army for three years in Capt. Danon’s Co., 1st Reg., Conn. Line, and was at the battle of Bunker Hill; died in 1798; married Grace Edgecomb.

2271. Lydia; married Joshua Woodburn; left five children; son Charles was a Presbyterian minister and settled at Auburn, N. Y.

2272. Jesse.

2273. Naomi; married John Mitchell; left several children living in Bozosah; daughter Louisa married Weldon.

2274. Joshua.

2275. Grace; died unmarried.

2276. Charles.


Jesse Beckwith, 2272.

2277. Edgecome; has descendants living at New London and vicinity.

2278. Caroline; married.

2279. Sallie; married Abner Reed of Windham; children: Thomas, living Willimantic, 1889; Chester, Living at Windham, 1889; Robert, who enlisted in the U. S. V. S., and was killed in battle.


Joshua Beckwith, 2274, born Waterford, Conn., March 14th, 1760; settled in Greene Co., N. Y; died at Calais, Vermont, March 7th, 1813; married Bethia Parkhurst, born March 19th, 1767, at Williston, Vt; died there.

2280. Matilda; born April 17th, 1787.

2281. Martin.

2282. Betsy; born January 10th, 1796.

2283. Joseph; born April 10th, 1798.

2284. John P.; born January 25th, 1800.

2285. Nathan; born February 8th, 1803.

2286. Perrin; born June 24th, 1805.

2287. Enos P.

2288. Josephus; born February 27th, 1812; died January 3d, 1813.


Martin Beckwith, 2281, born Calais, Vt, July 4th, 1792; married Hannah Latham in 1815; born Pelham, Mass., May 18th, 1790.

2289. Susan.

2290. Laura.

2291. David L.; settled at Burlington, Vt

2292. Almira M.; settled at Burlington, Vt.

2293. George W.; born Chazy, N. Y., May 18th, 1829; postmaster at Burlington, Vt., in 1889; married Julia Hyde, February 13th, 1860; born Grand Isle, Vt.; July 7th, 1836; no children.


Enos P. Beckwith, 2287, born July 7th, 1807; died July 21st, 1833; married Clarissa Lewis at Plattsburg, N. Y., September 7th, 1828; she afterward married Baruch Beckwith of Beekmantown.

2294. Sarah Maria; born at Williston, N. Y., March 10th, 1832; married S. H. Downing of Beekmantown, December 31st, 1855; children: Carrie I., born April 6th, 1857; Henry S., died 1861; Frank, died 1862; Frank, born August 2d, 1864; Charles A., born January 22d, 1869; Robert C. born July 11th, 1870.


Charles Beckwith, 2276, born Waterford, Conn., in 1781; he worked week days at his trade of a carpenter, and, as he was a regularly constituted Methodist preacher, “preached on Sundays from town to town;” died at Windham; married Sally Palmer, August 28th, 1808; born Windham, 1781;daughter of Enos Palmer and Jerusha Webb, his wife, who was a descendant of Stephen Webb of Boston.

2295. Mary; born July 14th, 1811; married Alex Crandall, April 14th, 1836; children: Charles B., enlisted in U. S. Vol. Service, 1862, and was killed at the battle of Port Hudson; Amos G., living at South Wind ham in 1889.

2296. William Erl.

2297. Nancy; born October 18th, 1815; died 1874; married J. L. Weaver, August, 1836; daughter Emily; born July 9th, 1857; died 1864.

2298. Susan; born May 16th, 1818; married Lyman Jordan, August, 1844; children: Rev. D. A., presiding elder M. E. Church, Providence, R. I., in 1889; Charles B., music teacher. Providence, R. I., in 1889; Julius, Annette, Lottie, Lyman, Flora, Jennie.

2299. Sophia; born May 16th, 1820; married Norman Melony, September 10th, 1848; born March 27th, 1817; children: George W., born February, 1850; lawyer at Willimantic, Conn., in 1889; Flora, born October 21st, 1859.

2300. Charles Wesley.

2301. Enos Palmer; born September 8th, 1828; died 1862; married in 1854 to Marita Smith.

2302. Sarah; born November 26th, 1827; married G. F. Braman; living at Willimantic in 1889.


William Erl Beckwith, 2296, born Windham, September 15th, 1813; removed to Groton, Conn.; married twice; his first wife, Sophia Hewit, he married November, 1865.

2303. William H.; born July, 1837; living at Groton, Conn., in 1886.


William Erl Beckwith, 2296, married 2d wife, Rebecca Halloway, in 1840; she was born in Rhode Island.

2304. Charles W.


Charles Wesley Beckwith, 2303, born Groton, July 12th, 1847; U. S. V. S. 1861-65; officer Engineer Corps U. S. Reserves Marine; died December 19th, 1889, at Newport, R. I.; married Ellen Bailey of New London, Conn., in 1846.

2305. William G.; born April 8th, 1876.

2306. McAuther; died young.


Charles Wesley Beckwith, 2300, born July 4th, 1822; married in 1851 to Charlotte Bass; they had four children.

2307. Fred.; civil engineer Lehigh Valley R. R. Co.; living at Plainfield, N. Y., in 1889.


James Beckwith, 663, born at Coeymans, N. Y., June 1st 1796; died January, 1885; married his cousin, Mary A. Hyde of Lisle, N. Y., August 28th, 1825; born January 22d, 1799; living at Cazenovia in 1858; enlisted in the U. S. Army, War of 1812, and served in Capt. Underwood’s Co. until 1814.

2307. Lydia Ann; born September 18th, 1826; married Henry Tuttle, December 25th, 1844; died September 22d, 1884; left one daughter, Florence E., born May 18th, 1850; married Frank Evans in 1872; residing in Shawano, Wis., in 1889.

2308. Elizabeth Dudley; born December 22d, 1827.

2309. Julia Maria; born July 19th, 1829; married Paul Saleteski, March 30th, 1851; died February 12th, 1875; living Peoria, Ill., 1889; children: Ada B., born March, 1864; married Daniel Shane, December, 1871; living Pontiac, Ill., 1889; Elizabeth H., born January, 1855; married George Carrol, October, 1882; James B., born February 25th, 1860; married in St, Charles, Minn., January, 1884.

2310. Sarah Emeline; born December 30th, 1850; married John Snow, November 9th, 1873; 2d husband, Hiram Ward, March 19th, 1872; living in Cazenovia, a widow, in 1889.

2311. James Roswell; born December 23d, 1832; married Catherine Watrous, December 23d, 1861; lawyer, judge of circuit court; living New Orleans, La., in 1889.

2312. Calvin Hyde.

2313. Mary Anna; born September 25th, 1836; married James Woodfin, of Virginia, June 7th, 1867; children: Madora, born July 3d, 1860; married Fred Powers, in 1878; Edmund P., born October, 1863; married 1886; Elizabeth H. born 1866; married Robert Putney, in April, 1886; James, born 1868; Minnie, born October 25th. 1878.


Calvin Hyde Beckwith, 2306, born November 29th. 1824; married Mary Louise Newland, October 31st. 1867.

2314. Francis A.; born July 27th, 1868.

2315. Emma L.; born September 22d, 1872.


Joshua Beckwith, 2050, born New London, Conn., October 9th, 1778; was drafted into the Revolutionary Army; settled and died in N. Y. State.

2316. Oscar; born in New York about 1806; died March 3d, 1888, leaving several children who were living in Mass. and N. Y.


Jason Beckwith, 614, born New London, Conn.; married Naomi Caulkins.

2317. Benjamin F.

2318. Jason T.

2319. Regus.

2320. Betsy; married D. J. Kearney; children: Jason, Gilbert, Warren, Abbie, married W. E. Boster of Hartford, Conn.


Benjamin F. Beckwith, 2317, married Eunice Edgar.

2321. Annie E.

2322. Minnie; died young.


Jason Beckwith, Jr., 2318, born 1823; married H. F. Sisson.

2323. Alice; born 1850; married W. Learned; living New London, 1889.

2324. Hattie.

2325. Dr. Fred. J.; born 1859; practicing physician; died New London, Conn., in 1889; married E. H. Blodgett in 1885; born Pawtucket, R. I.


Seth Beckwith, 600, born New London, Conn., 1755; died Montville, Conn., in 1839; enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1778, Captain Ropes’ Co. for one year; re-enlisted in 1779, for four months; married Esther Lead in 1781; born 1762.

2326. Esther; born 1782.

2327. Joseph; born 1785.

2328. Rupel; born 1788.